Zoup! Menu Prices

Savor the unexpected charm of Zoup’s menu prices, a refreshing twist in the dining lexicon where quality meets affordability. Zoup stands as a culinary beacon for the savvy diner, blending nourishing soups with a price point that respects your budget.

Each selection from their diverse menu promises a journey of flavors that respects the diners’ desire for transparency and value. Zoup’s dedication to gastronomic excellence is evident in every bowl, capturing the pragmatics of modern nutrition without the sting of extravagant costs.

Their menu, a semantic map of tastes and savings, is carefully designed to satisfy the epicurean yet economical patron. This post offers a seasoned narrative on how Zoup presents its clientele with a harmonious balance of price and pleasure, a testament to their mastery of the culinary arts within the constraints of frugality.

Engage with the richness of their offerings and the lean pricing, an intersection where this post promises no compromise.

Zoup! Menu Prices In 2024



Dessert & Sides

Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.65
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.65
Chocolate Chunk Brownie$1.95
Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips$1.79
Kettle Chips$1.39
Jalapeno Tortilla Chips$1.79
Extra Sourdough$0.45
Extra Multigrain$0.45
Extra French$0.45

KidZ MealZ!

Kidz Soup & Sandwich$4.95


Chicken ToscanaWhole Sandwich$7.75
Chicken ToscanaHalf Sandwich$6.50
Maple Ham & BaconWhole Sandwich$7.50
Maple Ham & BaconHalf Sandwich$5.75
Pesto 3 CheeseWhole Sandwich$6.75
Pesto 3 CheeseHalf Sandwich$4.75
Southwest TurkeyWhole Sandwich$7.50
Southwest TurkeyHalf Sandwich$5.75
Tuna Salad With Lemon & CapersWhole Sandwich$6.95
Tuna Salad With Lemon & CapersHalf Sandwich$4.95
Turkey ClubWhole Sandwich$7.75
Turkey ClubHalf Sandwich$6.50
Quinoa Veggie WrapWrap$6.25


CobbWhole Salad$7.75
CobbHalf Salad$6.25
AsianWhole Salad$7.50
AsianHalf Salad$5.75
Chicken CaesarWhole Salad$6.95
Chicken CaesarHalf Salad$4.95
GreekWhole Salad$6.75
GreekHalf Salad$4.75
Lemon Caper TunaWhole Salad$7.75
Lemon Caper TunaHalf Salad$6.50
Loco BurritoWhole Salad$7.50
Loco BurritoHalf Salad$5.75
SonomaWhole Salad$7.25
SonomaHalf Salad$5.25
Power QuinoaWhole Salad$7.75
Power QuinoaHalf Salad$5.25

12 Award Winning Soups

Chicken PotpieSide (8 oz.)$4.65
Chicken PotpieCup (12 oz.)$5.95
Chicken PotpieBowl (16 oz.)$7.25
Chicken PotpieExtra Large (32 oz.)$11.95
Chicken PotpieBread Boule$6.95
Broccoli CheddarSide (8 oz.)$4.75
Broccoli CheddarCup (12 oz.)$6.20
Broccoli CheddarBowl (16 oz.)$7.35
Broccoli CheddarExtra Large (32 oz.)$12.35
Broccoli CheddarBread Boule$6.95
Chicken FajitaSide (8 oz.)$4.75
Chicken FajitaCup (12 oz.)$6.20
Chicken FajitaBowl (16 oz.)$7.35
Chicken FajitaExtra Large (32 oz.)$12.35
Chicken FajitaBread Boule$6.95
Dragonfire Noodle BowlSide (8 oz.)$4.25
Dragonfire Noodle BowlCup (12 oz.)$5.25
Dragonfire Noodle BowlBowl (16 oz.)$6.35
Dragonfire Noodle BowlExtra Large (32 oz.)$10.25
Dragonfire Noodle BowlBread Boule$6.95
MulligatawnySide (8 oz.)$4.25
MulligatawnyCup (12 oz.)$5.25
MulligatawnyBowl (16 oz.)$6.35
MulligatawnyExtra Large (32 oz.)$10.25
MulligatawnyBread Boule$6.95
Lobster BisqueSide (8 oz.)$5.25
Lobster BisqueCup (12 oz.)$6.75
Lobster BisqueBowl (16 oz.)$7.95
Lobster BisqueExtra Large (32 oz.)$13.50
Lobster BisqueBread Boule$6.95
French OnionSide (8 oz.)$4.50
French OnionCup (12 oz.)$5.65
French OnionBowl (16 oz.)$6.95
French OnionExtra Large (32 oz.)$11.20
French OnionBread Boule$6.95
Italian Pasta & VegetablesSide (8 oz.)$4.25
Italian Pasta & VegetablesCup (12 oz.)$5.25
Italian Pasta & VegetablesBowl (16 oz.)$6.35
Italian Pasta & VegetablesExtra Large (32 oz.)$10.25
Italian Pasta & VegetablesBread Boule$6.95
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliSide (8 oz.)$4.65
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliCup (12 oz.)$5.95
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliBowl (16 oz.)$7.25
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliExtra Large (32 oz.)$11.95
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliBread Boule$6.95
Mexican ChickenSide (8 oz.)$4.65
Mexican ChickenCup (12 oz.)$5.95
Mexican ChickenBowl (16 oz.)$7.25
Mexican ChickenExtra Large (32 oz.)$11.95
Mexican ChickenBread Boule$6.95
Roast Garlic Chicken KaleSide (8 oz.)$4.65
Roast Garlic Chicken KaleCup (12 oz.)$5.95
Roast Garlic Chicken KaleBowl (16 oz.)$7.25
Roast Garlic Chicken KaleExtra Large (32 oz.)$11.95
Roast Garlic Chicken KaleBread Boule$6.95

About Zoup

In the culinary mosaic of Farmington Hills, a revolution simmered in 1997 when Eric Ersher, the founder, and CEO, stirred the pot of innovation at 28555 Orchard Lake Road.

You’re now part of Zoup‘s legacy, a venture that transformed the humble soup from a simple appetizer to the star of the dining experience.

Under Ersher’s stewardship, Zoup captured hearts with a blend of nourishing broths and a flair for the entrepreneurial spirit, positioning itself as a household name.

It’s a story where every ladle of soup served is a narrative of quality, care, and the warm embrace of a meal that feels like home. Zoup’s history speaks directly to you—a savvy diner with an appreciation for a brand that’s as committed to culinary artistry as it is to forging connections with its community.

This tale of growth and gastronomic passion ensures that every visit to Zoup isn’t just a meal; it’s an experience woven into the fabric of its origin.

FAQ On Zoup

1. What distinguishes Zoup’s menu pricing strategy from other soup-centric eateries?

Zoup forges a unique blend of culinary precision and pricing acuity, establishing a distinctive market position. By harmonizing handcrafted soup selections with an accessible pricing model, Zoup caters to a diverse clientele seeking gastronomic delight without fiscal fret. This meticulous approach positions Zoup’s pricing in a class of its own, offering transparency and value in a competitive landscape.

2. How often does Zoup update its menu prices, ensuring alignment with market trends and ingredient costs?

In response to the dynamic interplay of market forces and supply chain factors, Zoup meticulously recalibrates its menu prices. This ensures patrons enjoy the freshest ingredients at the most reasonable costs, a testament to Zoup’s commitment to providing steadfast value and culinary excellence in equal measure.

3. Does Zoup offer a tiered pricing structure for individual and bulk orders to accommodate various customer needs?

Zoup’s menu architecture features a tiered pricing system, thoughtfully crafted to suit the single diner as well as groups seeking communal dining experiences. Whether it’s an individual’s craving or a corporate event’s requirement, Zoup extends scalable options that resonate with budget and appetite alike.

4. Are there seasonal fluctuations in Zoup’s menu prices reflective of the seasonal availability of ingredients?

True to the rhythm of nature’s bounty, Zoup’s pricing exhibits subtle variations to mirror the ebb and flow of seasonal produce availability. This strategy not only celebrates the season’s freshest ingredients but also underlines Zoup’s philosophy of sustainability and cost-effective culinary practices.

5. Can patrons anticipate the same menu prices across all Zoup franchises, or are there regional variations?

Zoup ensures consistency in its menu offerings across the board, yet acknowledges regional market distinctions. Patrons can anticipate a core pricing structure with slight adjustments, which are finely tuned to align with local economic climates and ingredient sourcing logistics, ensuring a balance between uniformity and local market integration.

Final Words

Zoup Menu Prices serve as a testament to the brand’s dedication to merging culinary finesse with economic sensibility. This carefully crafted pricing strategy champions the dual ethos of affordability and premium quality, delivering a robust dining experience that caters to the palate and the wallet.

Zoup’s adherence to value, without sacrificing the integrity of flavor, reflects a deep understanding of the consumer landscape, ensuring every spoonful resonates with their commitment to excellence.

By navigating the intricate balance of cost and quality, Zoup’s menu pricing elevates the dining narrative, inviting patrons to indulge in a gastronomic journey that’s both accessible and exceptional.

As Zoup continues to refine its offerings, the dedication to providing guests with a harmonious blend of taste and value remains the cornerstone of their identity—a philosophy that other aspiring culinary ventures can look to emulate.

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