Zoes Kitchen Menu Prices

Craving farm-fresh Mediterranean fare but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further than Zoe’s Kitchen, where you can enjoy Mediterranean classics made from scratch using high quality ingredients without emptying your wallet.

From fluffy, mouthwatering pitas to perfectly charred kabobs bursting with flavor, Zoe’s Kitchen offers an array of Mediterranean staples and specialties for prices that won’t lead to sticker shock.

Whether you’re in the mood for their chicken kabob plate served over saffron rice for just $10.99, or you want to feast on their Lamb Gyro pita sandwich stuffed with marinated, fire-grilled lamb for only $8.99, Zoe’s Kitchen has budget-friendly options to satisfy your Mediterranean food cravings.

Browse their menu of salads, plates, pitas, kabobs, sides and kids meals, all ranging from just $3.99 to $11.99, to discover Mediterranean food with prices as beautiful as the sunny Greek isles.

At Zoe’s Kitchen, savoring scratch-made Mediterranean cuisine doesn’t have to drain your wallet – their artfully prepared dishes and affordable prices deliver an exceptional value for Mediterranean fare made the right way.

Zoes Kitchen Menu Prices In 2024


Cauliflower Rice$12.59
Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowl$13.91
Salmon Califlower$16.91
Steak Kabob Cauliflower Rice$17.15


Chicken Salad Sandwich$11.99
Falafel, Lettuce, Tomato$11.27
Steak Stack$12.23
Spicy Grilled Chicken$12.23
Chicken Salad$11.39


Spinach Feta$9.39


Grilled Chicken Fingers$7.19
Chicken Salad Sandwich$6.71
Cheese Quesadilla$7.19
Chicken Quesadilla$6.59
Pasta Bowl$6.59
Salmon Kabob$7.79
Shrimp Kabob$7.79


Crispy Chickpeas$2.63
Side Pita Chips$2.39
Braised White Beans$4.19
Deep River Chips$2.39
Roasted Vegetables$4.19
Turmic Rice$4.19
Side Greek Rice$5.99


Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.59
Yaya’s Chocolate Cake$4.79


Juices + Teas$3.59
Soft Drink$3.59
Still Water$2.99
Regualr Drink$3.23
Sparkling Water$2.99


Spicy Aioli$0.95
Lemon Herb Tahini$0.95
Salsa Verde$0.95

Famous Fresh Tube Cakes

1 Pint Hummus$11.39
Bottle Of Zoes Greek Dressing$5.99
1/2 Pint Hummus$7.43
Chicken Salad Slice$4.79
Pasta Salad$4.19


Spicy Chicken$15.11
Kabob Combo$17.63

Boxed Lunches

Chicken Kabobs$14.39
Chicken Salad Sandwich$11.99
Greek Chicken Pita$13.19
Steak Kabobs$18.23


Classic Greek$11.27
Tossed Greek$11.27


Harissa Salmon$15.59
Rustic Lamb$14.63
Greek Chicken$13.19


Mediterranean Chicken$13.79
Falafel & Salad$12.83
Hummus & Salad$12.23


Chicken & Orzo$7.09
Tomato Bisque$6.83
Mediterranean Lentil$17.51
Lentil Soup$7.91


Avocado Smash$9.11
Classic Hummus$5.79
Basil Pesto Hummus$5.89
Spicy Hummus$5.89
Hummus Trio$7.69
Hummus Trio with Falafel$9.19

Feed the Family

Kabobs Family Dinner$81.59
Small Kabob Family Meal$64.79
Large Kabob Family Meal$69.59
Small Med Chicken Family Meal$64.79
Large Med Chicken Family Meal$69.59
Mediterranean Chicken Family Dinner$76.79
Rollup Family Meal (Small)$61.19
Rollup Family Meal (Large)$65.19

About Zoes Kitchen

Long before Mediterranean fare was trendy, Zoe Cassimus had a vision to bring the bright, fresh flavors of Greece and beyond to her hometown of Homewood, Alabama.

In 1995, Zoe’s lifelong passion for scratch cooking inspired her to open the first Zoe’s Kitchen alongside her son Marcus Cassimus, aiming to provide wholesome, Mediterranean-inspired dishes made from high-quality ingredients.

Zoe’s innate talent for balancing bold flavors quickly won over customers seeking an authentic alternative to typical fast food. As word spread of their standout lamb kabobs, fluffy pitas, and crave-worthy hummus beyond Homewood, Zoe’s Kitchen steadily expanded across the Southeast.

Even after Marcus took the reins following Zoe’s passing in 2002, the brand remains committed to Zoe’s legacy by prepping dishes from scratch daily using fresh veggies, cage-free eggs, and lean, humanely raised meats.

Although Zoe never lived to see the rapid growth of her 300+ store empire – now based in Plano, Texas – her hands-on approach to Mediterranean cooking continues to shape the scratch-made soul of Zoe’s Kitchen.

After nearly 30 years, Zoe’s founding ethos of delivering feel-good food full of fresh Mediterranean flavor thrives in every hummus bowl and hot-off-the-rotisserie chicken served daily.

FAQs On Zoes Kitchen

1. What is the price range for meals at Zoe’s Kitchen?

Zoe’s Kitchen menu prices range from $3.99 for sides and kids meals up to $11.99 for plate entrees. Most menu items fall between $6.99 to $9.99, making Zoe’s a budget-friendly option for fresh, Mediterranean fare.

2. Are there any budget meal options under $10 at Zoe’s?

Yes, Zoe’s Kitchen has several filling meals for under $10. Some affordable choices are the chicken kabob plate with rice and a salad for $9.99, the falafel roll-up sandwich for $6.99, and the lentil soup & side Greek salad combo for just $8.99.

3. What are some of the higher-priced menu items at Zoe’s?

Some of Zoe’s pricier menu options include the grilled salmon entree at $11.99, the roast beef & cheese pita at $9.99, and the grilled chicken gyro salad at $10.99. However, most plates and pitas stay under $10.

4. Does Zoe’s Kitchen offer any discounts or deals?

A4. Yes, Zoe’s Kitchen offers several ways to save. You can sign up for their e-club for exclusive discounts and a free birthday reward. Students also get 10% off with a valid ID. Zoe’s also offers catering packages and family bundles at discounted prices.

5. Can I order Zoe’s Kitchen for delivery?

Zoe’s Kitchen provides delivery through third-party services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub in many areas. Delivery fees and minimum order amounts vary by location. Check the Zoe’s Kitchen website or delivery app to see if delivery is available near you.

Final Words

At Zoe’s Kitchen, you can savor the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean without breaking the bank. Their commitment to scratch cooking shines through in every crave-worthy bite, from their juicy chicken kabobs to their velvety hummus.

Zoe’s manages to balance fresh, high-quality ingredients with affordable prices for Mediterranean dishes you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

Whether you opt for a fluffy falafel pita sandwich for just $6.99 or a hearty lamb gyro salad for only $10.99, you’ll walk away satisfied without the bill leading to sticker shock.

Considering most menu items range from just $3.99 to $11.99, Zoe’s Kitchen offers an accessible way to incorporate more Mediterranean cuisine into your regular lunch and dinner rotation.

So next time you’re seeking farm-fresh flavor on a budget, turn to Zoe’s Kitchen for an array of Mediterranean staples from pitas to plates, salads to sides, all made from scratch and easy on your wallet.

With artfully prepared food and pleasing prices, Zoe’s Kitchen delivers an exceptional value on Mediterranean fare done right.

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