Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices

Unearth the exotic delights of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe, where tantalizing flavors meet affordability in a fusion dance of palate-pleasing magic.

With our exquisitely curated menu selections, you’re not merely savoring a smoothie, you’re embarking on a voyage of nutritional discovery, immersed in the symphony of fresh fruits and power-packed superfoods.

But don’t let the gourmet experience fool you; our prices are as pleasantly surprising as our unique blends! As the costs of healthy living continue to spiral, our focus remains firmly planted in offering quality at wallet-friendly prices, proving that extravagance needn’t be extravagant.

Within the elegantly-crafted list of our Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu, each item serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to merge luxury with thrift.

Catering to all the health-conscious gourmands out there, we present you an insider’s guide to our spectacular Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices.

Digest the delicious details, relish the affordability, and uncover the secret of smart indulgence. With us, savor the tropical summer vibes, no matter what the season!

Stay tuned as we blend the facts into a smoothie of scintillating insight, proving that cost-effective can co-exist with delectably nutritious!

Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices In 2024


Turkey Bacon Ranch$7.79
Ultimate Club$7.79
Chicken Caprese$7.79


Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla$5.99
Three Cheese Quesadilla$4.99
Three Cheese Chicken Quesadilla$5.99


Caribbean Jerk Bowl$7.79
Buffalo Chicken Bowl$7.79
Thai Chicken Bowl$7.79
Hummus Veggie Bowl$7.79
Baja Chicken Bowl$7.79
Supergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl$7.79


Peanut Butter Crunch Flatbread$5.29
All American Wrap$3.49
Southwest Wrap$3.49


Big Kahuna Kid’s Combo (12oz)$7.49
Big Kahuna Kid’s Combo (24oz)$7.48
Cheese Quesadilla$3.99
Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla$4.99
Ham & Cheddar Wrap$3.99
Turkey & Cheddar Wrap$3.99
12 Oz Chocolate Chimp$3.49
12 Oz Lil Limeberry$3.49
12 Oz Jetty Junior$3.49
24 Oz Chocolate Chimp$5.49
24 Oz Lil Limeberry$5.49
24 Oz Jetty Junior$5.49


Maple Kissed Sweet Potatoes$1.99
Jalapeño Corn$1.99
Kale & Apple Slaw$0.99
Whole Fruit$1.29

Large Party Orders

Smoothie Bundle$37.00
Add a Smoothie Cooler$5.00
Signature Wrap Bundle (12 Wraps)$90.00
Signature Sandwich Bundle (12 Sandwiches)$90.00


Lipton Pure Leaf Sweet Tea$2.49
Lipton Pure Leaf Unsweet Tea$2.49
Gatorade Blue$1.99
Gatorade Orange$1.99
Gatorade Propel – Kiwi Strawberry$1.99
Bubly Grapefruit$1.59
Bubly Lime$1.59
Life Water 700ML$2.99


Citrus Hawaiian Wrap$7.79
Caribbean Jerk Wrap$7.79
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.79
Thai Chicken Wrap$7.79
Hummus Veggie Wrap$7.79
Baja Chicken Wrap$7.79
Supergreen Caesar Chicken Wrap$7.79


Chipotle Chicken Club$5.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch$5.99
Chicken Pesto$5.99

Fruit Blend Smoothies

Starfruit Smoothie$5.99
Dragon Fruit Smoothie$5.99
Sunrise Sunset ™$5.49
Jetty Punch ™$5.49
Kiwi Quencher ®$5.49
Paradise Point ™$5.79
Mango Magic ™$5.49
Blimey Limey ™$5.49
Pomegranate Plunge ™$5.99
Blueberry Bliss™$5.49

Tropical Treats

Bahama Mama™$5.99
Peanut Butter Cup ™$5.99
Beach Bum ™$5.99
Mocha Madness ™$5.99

Balanced Fusion Smoothies

Peanut Paradise ™$5.99
Chia Banana Boost ®$5.99
Triple Berry Oat ™$5.99
Lean Machine ™$5.99
Acai Berry Boost$5.99

Super Veggie Smoothies

Island Green®$5.99
Detox Island Green®$5.99
Avocolada ™$6.49

Featured Products

Starfruit and Citrus Hawaiian Wrap Combo$11.48
Dragon Fruit and Citrus Hawaiian Wrap Combo$11.48
Starfruit Smoothie$5.99
Dragon Fruit Smoothie$5.99
Citrus Hawaiian Wrap$7.79
Maple Kissed Sweet Potatoes$1.99
Jalapeño Corn$1.99

Pair and Save

Smoothie and a Flatbread$9.98
Smoothie and a Wrap$11.58
Smoothie and a Sandwich$11.58
Smoothie and a Quesadilla$9.98
Smoothie and a Bowl$11.58
Smoothie and Breakfast$9.28

About Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Dive into the vibrant roots of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe, an epicurean oasis sprung from the brilliant minds of Eric Jenrich, Delora Jenrich, and David Walker.

This culinary triad began their flavorful journey back in 1993, planting the seeds for what would evolve into an esteemed empire of over 1,150 locations.

Nestled in the bustling heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the headquarters buzzes with the energy of more than 2,000 dedicated employees. Each of them toil relentlessly to uphold the vision of our founders, imbuing every smoothie with the rich heritage of our brand.

Through the shifting sands of time, the Tropical Smoothie Cafe has stood tall, embodying a triumphant testament to innovation and resilience.

The journey wasn’t merely about carving a niche in the market; it was about redefining the blend between health, taste, and affordability. It’s a promise that resonates in the essence of every delicacy we whip up.

As we flip through the history of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe, we witness not just the chronicles of a business, but the evolution of a gourmet revolution that’s left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape.

Every milestone narrates a tale of perseverance, and each location is a chapter in our expanding global story. Each employee breathes life into our ethos, carrying forward our legacy of crafting culinary masterpieces that woo palates without bruising wallets.

In essence, the history of Tropical Smoothie Cafe isn’t bound by dates and figures. It’s a living, breathing saga, a testament to the tireless quest for perfection that we strive for, with every smoothie blended, every customer served, and every new store opened.

Here’s to our journey, our growth, and the tantalizing future that lies ahead!

FAQs On Tropical Smoothie Cafe

1. “What are the price ranges for smoothies on the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu?”

Revel in the fusion of taste and affordability at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Their smoothie prices range from a pleasantly surprising $4 to a mere $6, allowing customers to indulge in tropical delights without straining their wallets.

2. “Does the Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu cater to dietary preferences and restrictions?”

Yes, they do! Embracing diversity in tastes, the Tropical Smoothie Cafe is sensitive to various dietary preferences and restrictions. From vegan options to gluten-free choices, they assure a gastronomic adventure for everyone.

3. “Do the prices on the Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu vary by location?”

While the commitment to affordability remains unwavering across all locations, slight price variations may occur due to regional factors. Rest assured, the commitment to blending quality with affordability is an absolute constant.

4. “What is the best way to stay updated on changes to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu prices?”

For real-time updates on menu changes and prices, consider subscribing to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe newsletter. You can also follow their official social media channels for the latest news.

5. “Do the Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu prices reflect good value for money?”

Absolutely! Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s commitment extends beyond blending exquisite smoothies. The mission is to provide customers with high-quality, nutritious, and flavorsome options at reasonable prices, ensuring they get the best value for their money.

Final Words

Unveiling the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Prices has been an expedition of gastronomic revelations. We’ve dived deep into the world where lavish flavors mingle with prudent prices, a world that Tropical Smoothie Cafe has mastered impeccably.

Each smoothie is a testament to their dedication in fusing nutrition, flavor, and affordability. Their unwavering commitment reflects a profound understanding of their patrons’ desires for healthy and wallet-friendly indulgence.

This wisdom, laced in every offering, paves the way for an epicurean experience that doesn’t compromise on the vibrancy of taste or the robustness of health.

As we conclude this journey, remember that the Tropical Smoothie Cafe stands as a paragon in the realm of gourmet smoothies, relentlessly redefining the harmony between quality and affordability.

Here, every sip brings you closer to a world where luxury is accessible, and wellness isn’t extravagant. It’s an invitation to savor the tropical vibes, one affordable smoothie at a time.

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