Taco King Menu Prices

Discover the world of “Taco King Menu Prices,” where delicious tacos meet unbeatable value. In a culinary landscape where cost and quality often clash, Taco King masterfully blends affordability with exceptional taste.

This guide isn’t just about savoring mouth-watering tacos; it’s an insightful look into how Taco King marries flavor with budget-friendly options.

Understanding Taco King’s menu pricing is crucial for taco lovers and smart diners alike. We delve into what makes their offerings stand out in the fast-food scene, not just in terms of price but also in the quality and variety they provide.

Join us as we explore Taco King’s unique pricing strategy, ensuring you enjoy a delectable, wallet-friendly dining experience. Get ready to make informed choices that turn a simple meal into an economical gastronomic delight.

Taco King Menu Prices In 2024


Rice & beans$4.95
Pint of salsa$3.50
Pint of Pico de Gallo$4.00
Chicken & Rice$11.75
Half Avocado$2.25
Side of Tortillas$1.25
Chile Toreado$1.00


Can Sodas$1.00
Fruit Nectar Jumex$2.50
2 Ltr Soda$2.95
HorchataSmall – $2.45
Large – $2.75
6 pack Soda$5.95


Fried Ice Cream$3.95

A La Carte

Veggie Burrito$8.25
Enchiladas2 Enchiladas – $7.55
Small Soft Burrito$3.95
2 Small Soft Burrito – $7.55
Large Soft Burrito – $7.95
Large Soft Meat Burrito – $7.75
Deluxe Burrito$8.45
Taco Burrito$9.25


Special Taco$4.25
2 Special Tacos – $8.25
3 Special Tacos – $11.25
4 Special Tacos – $13.95
Halibut Taco$5.25
2 Halibut Tacos – $10.50
3 Halibut Tacos – $13.50
Shrimp Taco$5.25
2 Shrimp tacos – $10.50
3 Shrimp tacos – $13.50
Mexican Taco$4.25
2 Mexican Tacos – $8.25
3 Mexican Tacos – $11.25
4 Mexican Tacos – $13.95
Carnitas taco$3.50
2 Carnitas Tacos – $8.25
3 Carnitas Tacos – $11.25
Gringo Taco$3.75
2 Gringo Tacos – $6.75
3 Gringo Tacos – $9.75
4 Gringo tacos – $10.95
Make it a combo$12.00
Tijuana Taco$4.25
2 Tijuana Tacos – $8.25
3 Tijuana Tacos – $11.25


Combo Dinner$12.25


King Burriro$12.25
Deluxe Burrito$11.95



Tostadas & Salads

Queen Tostada salad$9.25
Taco Salad$8.25
Deluxe Tostada$7.75
Green Salad$6.25


Chicken Soup$11.95
Chile Verde bowl$11.95


Grilled Quezadilla$7.50
Grilled Mexican Quezadilla$10.75
King Fries$11.50
Bean dip$5.25

About Taco King

You might not know the inspiring story behind Taco King, a tale rooted in passion and culinary innovation. The founder, a visionary with a profound love for authentic Mexican cuisine, embarked on this journey, laying the cornerstone of Taco King.

It all started in a small, vibrant kitchen where the fusion of traditional recipes and modern flavors came to life. From its inception, Taco King distinguished itself.

The founder’s expertise in Mexican culinary traditions shaped a menu that wasn’t just about eating; it was about experiencing a culture. Each taco, bursting with flavors, was a tribute to the founder’s heritage, an homage to the rich, culinary legacy of Mexico.

As Taco King grew, it remained anchored in its core values: authenticity, quality, and innovation. The founder’s relentless pursuit of perfection meant only the freshest ingredients graced the kitchen, a practice that became a trademark of Taco King’s success.

Witnessing the evolution of Taco King, you’re seeing more than just a business expanding; it’s a story of a dream realized. The founder’s vision transformed a humble taco stand into a culinary empire, without losing sight of its roots.

Each bite at Taco King is not just a meal; it’s a journey through the rich tapestry of flavors meticulously woven by its founder. So, as you savor your next taco from Taco King, remember, you’re partaking in a legacy, a dream that started in a small kitchen and grew to capture the hearts of taco lovers everywhere.

FAQs On Taco King

1. What Range of Prices Can I Expect at Taco King?

At Taco King, affordability meets quality. Expect a pricing spectrum that accommodates every budget, with tacos starting at a pocket-friendly rate. From classic favorites to gourmet specials, the menu is designed to offer a diverse selection without compromising on quality. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, Taco King’s price range caters to all without breaking the bank.

2. Does Taco King Offer Special Deals or Discounts?

Absolutely! Taco King values its customers and frequently rolls out special deals and seasonal discounts. Keep an eye on their website or sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on the latest offers. From combo meals to special weekday discounts, Taco King ensures you enjoy your favorite tacos while making the most of your dining budget.

3. How Does Taco King Ensure Quality at Competitive Prices?

Taco King’s commitment to quality, despite competitive pricing, hinges on sourcing fresh, local ingredients and maintaining efficient kitchen practices. Their expert chefs blend traditional techniques with innovative recipes, ensuring each taco is a culinary masterpiece. This approach allows Taco King to offer high-quality meals at prices that delight their customers.

4. Are There Any Premium Items on the Taco King Menu and What are Their Prices?

For those seeking a gourmet experience, Taco King offers premium menu items featuring exotic ingredients and unique flavor combinations. These special tacos are priced slightly higher, reflecting the quality and rarity of the ingredients used. However, Taco King ensures these gourmet options remain accessible and reasonably priced.

5. Can I Find Nutritional Information and Pricing Details Online?

Taco King provides comprehensive nutritional information alongside pricing details on their website. This transparency allows you to make informed choices based on dietary preferences and budget. Whether you’re counting calories or planning a meal within a specific budget, all the information you need is just a click away.

Final Words

Taco King Menu Prices stand as a testament to the brand’s commitment to blending culinary excellence with affordability. This unique approach in the fast-food industry highlights Taco King’s dedication to providing a diverse range of flavors that cater to every palate while keeping a keen eye on budget-friendliness.

The carefully curated menu, infused with both traditional and innovative offerings, ensures that every diner experiences the joy of quality Mexican cuisine without the strain on their wallet.

Taco King’s ability to deliver such value is a result of meticulous sourcing of ingredients, culinary expertise, and a customer-centric business model.

This thoughtful pricing strategy does not just cater to the economical diner but also enriches the culinary landscape by making quality food accessible to all.

Taco King thus redefines the fast-food experience, offering a harmonious balance between cost and quality, a balance that resonates deeply with today’s discerning and budget-conscious consumers.

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