Slim Chickens Menu Prices 2023 (Recently Updated)

This article covers Slim Chickens Menu Prices 2023 in depth. We’ve gathered all of the most up-to-date and complete menu prices from the official websites.

This chain is known for its fresh, delicious chicken dishes. And there’s something for everyone on the menu, whether you’re looking for a salad, sandwich, wrap, or plate of chicken wings.

So if you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned comfort food, head to Slim Chickens. Looking for a delicious, chicken-centric meal? Look no further than Slim Chickens!

This chain restaurant boasts a variety of menu items to choose from, all guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. From tenders and sandwiches to salads and sides, there’s something for everyone at Slim Chickens.

So next time you’re in the mood for some finger-licking good chicken, be sure to check out Slim Chickens! Slim Chickens Restaurant prides itself on its chicken menu. For those looking for a light meal, the restaurant offers salads and soups.

The sides menu features french fries, onion rings, and coleslaw. If you’re in the mood for some delicious chicken, then you need to head to Slim Chickens. This restaurant is known for its chicken dishes, and they have a wide variety of options on their menu.

Whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich, wrap, salad, or even just some chicken tenders, Slim Chickens has something for everyone. And don’t forget to try one of their signature sauces – you won’t be disappointed! Check out Slim Chickens Menu Prices.

Slim Chickens Menu Prices In 2023


Gallon Tea$4.99
Gallon Lemonade$8.99


Jar Dessert$4.99


Mac & Cheese$2.49
Potato Salad$2.49
Ranch Chips$2.49
Side Salad$2.99
Fried Pickles$4.99
Fried Okra$4.99
Fried Mushrooms$4.99
Extra Sauce$.29

Sandwiches & Wraps

Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich Plate$6.99
Smokey Cheddar Wrap Plate$8.49
Buffalo Wrap Plate$8.29
Wrap Plate$8.29


Slim’s Salad$8.49
Buffalo Blues Salad$8.49

Sweet & Savory

Chicken & Waffles$7.99

Kids Meals

Kid’s Tender Meal (2 Tenders)$4.39

Tenders & Wings

3 & 3 Plate$9.99
5 & 5 Plate$11.99


6 Wing Plate$9.49
8 Wing Plate$10.99
Wings Only10 Wings – $10.99
20 Wings – $20.99


Chick’s Plate (3 Tenders)$6.99
Classic Plate (4 Tenders)$7.69
Slim’s Plate (5 Tenders)$8.69
Hungry Plate (7 Tenders)$10.99
Tenders Only10 Tenders – $12.99
20 Tenders – $23.99

About Slim Chickens

In conclusion, Slim Chickens is a restaurant company that has a rich history dating back to 2003. The company was founded by Greg Smart, Tom Gordon, and Ryan in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and has since grown to become a well-known name in the restaurant industry.

If you’re ever in the mood for some delicious chicken, be sure to check out Slim Chickens! The first Slim Chickens opened in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2003, Slim Chickens is a restaurant chain specializing in chicken wings and tenders.

The company has since expanded to over 100 locations across the United States. Slim Chickens is known for its fresh, never frozen chicken and made-from-scratch sauces and sides.

The menu features a variety of chicken wings, tenders, and sandwiches, as well as salads, wraps, and rice bowls. Slim Chickens is continuing to expand nationwide and shows no signs of slowing down.

The restaurant is known for its fresh, made-to-order chicken dishes as well as its wide selection of dipping sauces. In addition to chicken fingers, wings, and tenders, Slim Chickens also offers salads, wraps, and sides such as french fries and mashed potatoes.

In addition to its regular menu items, Slim Chickens also offers a variety of seasonal and limited-time dishes. Slim Chickens’ menu features chicken tenders, wings, and salads.

The restaurant also offers a variety of dipping sauces, including ranch dressing, honey mustard, and barbecue sauce. In addition to its restaurants, Slim Chickens also has a franchise program that allows businesses to open their own Slim Chickens location.

You’ve already gone over the full Slim Chickens Menu Prices 2023, in which we discussed the most up-to-date menu and pricing. We hope you found this information useful and if we have missed any information you can let us know in the comments below.

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