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If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy alternative to fast food, look no further than Robeks Restaurant. At Robeks, you’ll find a wide variety of smoothies, juices, and salads to fit your every need.

And with locations all across the country, it’s easy to find a Robeks near you. So next time you’re on the go, be sure to stop by your local Robeks and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal!

If you love healthy food that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, then you’ll love Robeks. Their menu has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a hearty meal.

And the best part is that everything is made fresh to order using only the finest ingredients. So next time you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious meal, be sure to check out Robeks!

Robeks is a chain of restaurants that specialize in healthy smoothies and juices. They also have a food menu with a variety of healthy options. Robeks is a restaurant chain that specializes in healthy eating. smoothies, and juices.

All of the food is fresh and made to order. The smoothies are made with real fruit and juices, and they have no added sugar. Robeks is a great place to eat if you are looking for a healthy meal option.

They also offer a wide variety of food items, including wraps, salads, sandwiches, and bowls. Their menu is always changing and evolving to meet the needs of their customers.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a complete meal, Robeks has something to offer everyone. Check out Robeks Menu Prices.

Robeks Menu Prices In 2024

Wellness Smoothies

Age Buster$7.99$8.99
Super Green$7.99$8.99
Dr. Robeks$7.99$8.99

Fresh Juices

Root To Stem$6.89$8.59$10.29
Cool Cucumber$6.89$8.59$10.29


Acai Strawnana Berry Bowl$9.29
Acai Tropical Mango Bowl$9.29
Nutty Acai Bowl$9.29
Green Bliss Bowl$9.29
Acai Especial Bowl$9.29
Almond Delight Bowl$9.29

Wellness Shots

2 OZ3 OZ
Wheatgrass Shot$4.19$5.69
Lemon Ginger Shot$4.19$5.69
Turmeric Shot$4.19$5.69


BYO Smoothie
[Make Your Own Customized Smoothie]
BYO Juice
[Make Your Own Customized Juice]

Low-Calorie Smoothies

Active Apple$5.79$6.89$8.19
Berry Reboot$5.79$6.89$8.19
Lean Green$5.79$6.89$8.19

Classic Smoothies

Strawnana Berry$5.59$6.79$7.79
Polar Pineapple$5.59$6.79$7.79
Passionfruit Cove$5.59$6.79$7.79
Big Wednesday$5.59$6.79$7.79
Mahalo Mango$5.59$6.79$7.79
Raspberry Romance$5.59$6.79$7.79
Berry Brilliance$5.59$6.79$7.79
South Pacific Squeeze$5.59$6.79$7.79
Pina Koolada$5.59$6.79$7.79

Performance Smoothies

800 LB Gorilla$8.29$9.29
P-Nut Power Plus$8.29$9.29
Muscle Max$8.29$9.29
Nuts About Protein$8.29$9.29
Naturally Coffee$8.29$9.29

Acai Smoothies

Acai Energizer$7.99$8.99
Emperor Acai$7.99$8.99
Awesome Acai$7.99$8.99

Superfood Smoothies

Hero’s Garden$7.09$8.19$9.29
Mango Turmeric Madness$7.09$8.19$9.29
Berry Beneficial$7.09$8.19$9.29
Queen of All Greens$7.09$8.19$9.29

About Robeks

In conclusion, Robeks restaurant company is a great place to get healthy smoothies and juices. The company was founded in 1996 by David Robertson in Los Angeles, California, United States.

If you are ever in the area, be sure to check out Robeks! Robeks is a smoothie and juice. Who had the idea to create a restaurant that served healthy food options made with fresh fruits .

The menu at Robeks includes smoothies, juices, acai bowls, The company’s slogan is “Eat Better. Feel Better. Live Better. Robeks Restaurant is a chain of smoothie and juice bars that was founded in 1996.

The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and has over 80 locations . Robeks offers a variety of healthy menu options including smoothies, juices, salads, wraps, and bowls.

The restaurant is known for its fresh ingredients and unique flavor combinations. Robeks has a long history of providing healthy options to its customers. The company also offers a number of healthy snacks, such as yogurt and granola.

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