Planet Smoothie Menu Prices

Embark on a fascinating exploration into the cosmos of divine tastes with Planet Smoothie, a trailblazer in the realm of refreshing, healthful beverages.

Synonymous with innovation, Planet Smoothie redefines the boundaries of flavor, marrying an eclectic mix of fruits and proteins in a delectable dance that delights the taste buds, without shocking your wallet.

It’s not just about quenching thirst; it’s a lifestyle choice advocating wellness, without compromising on taste. Why are Planet Smoothie’s menu prices relevant to you?

Simple. They unlock an affordable passport to a universe of health-centric, mouth-watering refreshments that don’t break the bank. From fitness enthusiasts seeking protein-packed boosts, to fruit lovers craving a tropical escape, Planet Smoothie’s menu prices act as an inviting gateway, fueling journeys towards healthier living.

Offering an intriguing blend of value, quality, and tantalizing taste, the meticulously curated menu is a testament to Planet Smoothie’s commitment to delivering an exceptional experience – one smoothie at a time. So, step forward, seize the moment, and let your palate embark on a voyage of discovery.

Planet Smoothie Menu Prices In 2024


22 oz32 oz44 oz
Matcha Libre$6.99$7.99$9.49
Road Runner$6.99$7.99$9.49
Java the Nut$6.99$7.99$9.49
Mango Passion$6.99$7.99$9.49
Chocolate Elvis$6.99$7.99$9.49
Grape Ape$6.99$7.99$9.49


22 oz32 oz44 oz
Big Bang$6.99$8.49$9.69
Chocolate Chimp$6.99$8.49$9.69
Lean Green Extreme$6.99$8.49$9.69
Peanut Butter Power Up$6.99$8.49$9.69
Mr Mongo$6.99$8.49$9.69
Orange Push Up$6.99$8.49$9.69

Kids Smoothie Bowls

12 oz
Captain Kid Jr$4.99
Cosmic Cocoa$4.99
Groovy Grape$4.99
Kittle Lunar$4.99
Berry Strawberry$6.99

Meal Replacement

20 oz32 oz44 oz
Chocolate Gains$7.49$8.99$10.49
Peanut Butter Pinch$7.49$8.99$10.49
Passion Berry Flex$7.49$8.99$10.49

Smoothie Bowls

Rio Bowl$7.99
Amazon Kick Bowl$7.99
Day Break Crunch Bowl$7.99
Nutty Brazillian Bowl$7.99
Two To Mango Bowl$7.99
Dragon Fruit Beach Bowl$7.99


22 oz32 oz44 oz
Almond Mocha Jolt$7.49$8.99$10.99
Dragon Tropi- Kale Twist$7.49$8.99$10.99
Rio Berry Bliss$7.49$8.99$10.99
Pineapple Tropi-Kale Twist$7.49$8.99$10.99
Muscle Up Buttercup$7.49$8.99$10.99
Amazon Kick$7.49$8.99$10.99
PB Dragon Fruit Riptide$7.49$8.99$10.99

Planet Lite™

22 oz32 oz44 oz
Lunar Lemonade$6.49$7.99$9.49
Berry Bada-Bing$6.49$7.99$9.49
Strawberry Colada$6.49$7.99$9.49
2 Piece Bikini$6.49$7.99$9.49
Leapin’ Lizard$6.49$7.99$9.49
Mediterranean Monster$6.49$7.99$9.49
Crazy Bee$6.49$7.99$9.49

Planet Favorites

22 oz32 oz44 oz
The Last Mango$6.49$7.99$9.49
Captain Kid$6.49$7.99$9.49
Twig & Berries$6.49$7.99$9.49
Vinnie Del Rocco$6.49$7.99$9.49
Mountain Man Crunch$6.49$7.99$9.49

New & Featured

22 oz32 oz44 oz
All Shook Up$9.99$9.99$9.99
Immunity Ignitor$9.99$9.99$9.99
Polka Dot Bikini$9.99$9.99$9.99

Join the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Donation To Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation$1.00

About Planet Smoothie

Initiated from a single brilliant idea, the Planet Smoothie story is a narrative steeped in innovation, tenacity, and a passion for wellness. In the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, the revolutionary concept of Planet Smoothie was born, brought to life by the vision of Martin Sprock in 1995.

This marked the inception of a saga that continues to shape the beverage industry. With 125 locations sprawling across the United States, Planet Smoothie’s headquarters stand proudly in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The expansion has been remarkable, mirroring the brand’s ever-growing dedication to bring refreshing, health-centric beverages closer to you.

Imagine, from one man’s dream in Georgia to becoming a national sensation – Planet Smoothie continues to redefine what a smoothie can be, all while maintaining its core ethos and charm.

Each location serves as a testament to Planet Smoothie’s enduring commitment to providing nutrient-rich, flavorsome beverages that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The journey so far, spanning over 28 magnificent years, is just a glimpse of the brand’s potential to revolutionize the way we perceive and consume smoothies.

As you step into any of the Planet Smoothie locations, you’re not just entering a store, but becoming part of a rich legacy that blends taste, health, and affordability in one delectable package.

Every sip you take echoes the vision and relentless drive of Martin Sprock, the man who dared to change the game one smoothie at a time. Join us as we continue this exhilarating journey of taste and wellness.

After all, Planet Smoothie isn’t just about smoothies, it’s about creating a healthier, flavorful world.

FAQs On Planet Smoothie

1. “What makes Planet Smoothie’s menu prices a standout in the smoothie industry?”

Planet Smoothie’s menu prices are meticulously structured, striking a perfect balance between affordability and quality. They reflect the brand’s dedication to offering healthful, flavorsome beverages without imposing a hefty price tag, thus catering to a wide spectrum of consumers.

2. “Do the Planet Smoothie’s menu prices vary across different locations?”

While Planet Smoothie strives to maintain a uniform pricing policy, minor variations might occur depending on the geographical location and operational costs. Rest assured, the brand ensures the prices remain competitive, providing unparalleled value.

3. “How does Planet Smoothie justify its menu prices?”

Planet Smoothie’s menu prices encapsulate not just the beverage, but an entire healthful experience. They use premium ingredients, innovate constantly, and focus on delivering a diverse menu that suits varied tastes and dietary needs – all of which contributes to the pricing.

4. “Are there any special discounts or offers included in the Planet Smoothie’s menu prices?”

Planet Smoothie often hosts seasonal promotions and offers for their valued customers. Keep an eye on their official website or social media platforms for the latest updates and savor their delightful smoothies at potentially reduced prices.

5. “How often does Planet Smoothie revise its menu prices?”

Planet Smoothie, like any dynamic entity, revises its menu prices periodically to reflect the cost of raw materials, inflation, and other market dynamics. However, the primary focus remains providing customers with an exceptional value-for-money experience.

Final Words

In the constellation of healthful beverages, Planet Smoothie sparkles as a celestial body of choice, taste, and value. Their commitment to bridging the gap between wellness and affordability is embodied in the Planet Smoothie menu prices.

Herein lies the magic: a symphony of flavors that don’t just satiate your taste buds but do so without burdening your wallet. Every item on the menu is an invitation to embark on a healthful journey, one delicious sip at a time.

From the humble beginnings to the zenith of industry recognition, Planet Smoothie remains a steadfast beacon of innovative, nutrient-rich, and affordable refreshments.

Ultimately, it’s not merely about buying a smoothie; it’s about investing in a lifestyle choice, one that marries wellness, taste, and value. It’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of a healthier, flavorful world – all summed up in Planet Smoothie menu prices.

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