Pizza Ranch Menu Prices (Updated: September 2023)

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Pizza Ranch Restaurant is a popular spot for food in the area. It has a casual atmosphere and offers pizza, sandwiches, and salads.  The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner.

Meal, then Pizza Ranch is the place for you! The restaurant has a wide variety of pizza options to choose from, so there’s sure to be something that you’ll love.

Plus, the restaurant’s food menu offers a variety of other menu items as well, so there’s sure to be something on the menu that will satisfy your appetite.

So if you’re looking for a delicious pizza meal or just some good eats in general, then head on over to Pizza Ranch! Pizza Ranch is a restaurant that serves pizza and other food items.

The restaurant has a menu with items such as chicken fingers, onion rings, and hamburgers. The restaurant also has a salad bar with items such as lettuce, tomatoes, and croutons.

Pizza Ranch is a restaurant that is known for its pizza. The menu features different types of pizza, such as pepperoni, ham and cheese, and Hawaiian. Other items on the menu include salads, pastas, and appetizers.

Pizza Ranch is a restaurant that specializes in pizza. Their food menu features different types of pizzas, including cheese, pepperoni, and Hawaiian. They also have salads, desserts, and drinks. Check out pizza ranch menu prices.

Pizza Ranch Menu Prices In 2023

Specialty Pizzas

BBQ Chicken$8.99$12.99$14.99
Stam Pede$8.99$12.99$14.99
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo$8.99$12.99$14.99
Buffalo Chicken$8.99$12.99$14.99
Sweet Swine$8.99$12.99$14.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch$8.99$12.99$14.99
Tuscan Roma$8.99$12.99$14.99
Bacon Cheeseburger$8.99$12.99$14.99

One Topping Pizzas

Camadian Bacon$6.99$10.99$14.99
Garlic Cheese$6.99$10.99$14.99
Italian Sausage$6.99$10.99$14.99


Coca-Cola 20 oz.$1.99
Coca-Cola 2 Litre$2.99


Cactus Bread$5.99$7.99$9.99
Fruit Dessert Pizza$6.99$8.99$11.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.99

The Country’s Best Chicken

2 Pc Dinner3 Pc Dinner4 Pc Dinner
Chicken Dinners$7.49$8.49$9.49

Ranch Wraps

BBQ Chicken Wrap$7.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.99
Chicken Bacon Wrap$7.99
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.99


Garden Salad$4.49
Chef Salad$5.49
Chicken Fiesta Salad$5.49
Taco Salad$6.49


Mashed Potatoes and Gravy$2.99$7.49$13.99
Ranch Potato Wedges$3.99
Ranch Chips$3.49
Green Beans$2.99$7.49$13.99


Cheesy Ranch Stix$4.99$7.99$9.99
Chicken Fries$4.99


Traditional Wings$9.49$7.99
Boneless Wings$7.99$14.99

About Pizza Ranch

In conclusion, Pizza Ranch is a company with a rich history that was founded by two ambitious and hardworking individuals. Today, the company continues to thrive and serve delicious pizza to its customers.

If you’re looking for a great pizza restaurant, be sure to check out Pizza Ranch. Pizza Ranch is a restaurant that has been around since the 1970s. It is located in Amarillo, Texas and it specializes in pizza.

The pizzas at Pizza Ranch are unique because they are made with a variety of toppings. Some of the toppings that can be found on a pizza at Pizza Ranch include barbecue chicken, bacon, ranch dressing, and green chilies.

Pizza Ranch is a restaurant that has been around since 1978. It is located in Amarillo, Texas and it specializes in pizza. The owners are third-generation restaurateurs.

They have operated the restaurant continuously since 1978 and they continue to make the pizza by hand. Pizza Ranch is a restaurant that was founded in 1978 in Wichita, Kansas.

The restaurant is known for its pizza and ranch sauce. Pizza Ranch was founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas by brothers Roy and Dan Pizza.

The restaurant grew quickly and opened locations in other Midwestern cities. In the early 1990s, Roy and Dan sold the company to a group of investors who operated it as a family-owned business.

In 2007, the company was sold again to a private equity firm, which made numerous changes to the business. In 2016, the company went public and is now owned by DineEquity, a national restaurant chains investment firm.

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