Pick Up Stix Menu Prices

In the culinary world, where the essence of Pan-Asian flavors is often intertwined with hefty price tags, Pick Up Stix stands as a beacon of exception.

This revered establishment, a cornerstone in the gastronomic community, offers a menu where authenticity doesn’t mean breaking the bank. A dive into Pick Up Stix Menu Prices reveals an ensemble of dishes curated with passion, precision, and the promise of affordability.

But why does this pricing paradigm deserve your discerning eye? The narrative woven by these prices resonates deeply with those seeking unmatched value without compromising on taste.

This isn’t merely about cost-effectiveness; it’s a testament to a brand’s commitment to its patrons. By seamlessly merging gourmet experiences with sensible pricing, Pick Up Stix challenges the status quo, urging you to experience dining that celebrates both the wallet and the senses.

Journey with us, then, into a realm where flavor meets value, and every dish tells a story.

Pick Up Stix Menu Prices In 2024

Shrimp & Salmon Entrees

Crispy Honey Shrimp$11.99
Crispy Firecraker Shrimp$11.99
Gralic Shrimp$11.99
Kung Pao Shrimp$11.99
Shrimp and Vegetables$11.99
Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp$11.99
Grilled Alaskan Teriyaki Salmon$11.99
NEW! Spicy Korean Shrimp$11.99
NEW! Thai Basil Cashew Shrimp$11.99

Tofu Entrees

Crispy Honey Tofu$10.99
Firecrackere Tofu$10.99
House Special Tofu$10.99
Kung Pao Tofu$10.99
Sweet and Sour Tofu$10.99
Thai Coconut Curry Tofu$10.99
Tofu and Broccoli$10.99
Tofu and Vegetables$10.99
Garlic Tofu$10.99
General’s Orange Tofu$10.99
Vegetable Feast Dark$10.99
Vegetable Feast Dark$10.99
Teriyaki Tofu$10.99
NEW! Thai Basil Cashew Tofu$10.99

Rice and Noodles

Thai Basil Noodles$5.99
Egg Fried Rice$5.99
Pad Thai Noodles$1.49
Side of White Rice$1.49
Side of Brown Rice$1.49


Gourmet Fudge Brownies$3.49
Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies$3.49

Beef Entrees

NEW! Spicy Korean Beef$10.99
Beef and Broccoli$9.89
House Special Beef$10.39
Kung Pao Beef$9.89
Mongolian Beef$9.89
Thai Basil Cashew Beef$9.89

Chicken Entrees

NEW! Spicy Korean Chicken and Shrimp$10.99
NEW! Thai Basil Cashew Chicken$10.99
Thai Coconut Curry Chicken$10.99
Garlic Chicken$10.99
Chicken and Vegetables$10.99
Grilled Bourbon Chicken$10.99
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables$10.99
General Orange Chicken$10.99
Firecracker Chicken$10.99
Kung Pao Chicken$10.99
House Special Chicken$10.99
Crispy Honey Chicken$10.99
Sweet and Sour Chicken$10.99


Signature Chinese Salad with Chicken or Tofu$11.99
Signature Chinese Salmon Salad$11.99

Wonton Soup

Medium Wonton Soup$4.69
Large Wonton Soup$7.99


Cream Cheese Wontons 3p$3.29
Cream Cheese Wontons 6p$6.29
Chicken Egg Roll$2.89
Asian Lettuce Wraps$9.29

About Pick Up Stix

In 1989, nestled within the vibrant streets of Laguna Hills, California, the culinary vision of Charlie Zhang blossomed into what we now know as Pick Up Stix.

It wasn’t merely a restaurant; it became a culinary beacon, encapsulating authentic Pan-Asian flavors. Charlie didn’t just set up an eatery; he forged a legacy.

Within the bustling realm of Laguna Hills, Pick Up Stix swiftly became more than a local treasure. With its rapid growth and unwavering commitment to quality, today, over 1,000 dedicated employees craft mouth-watering delicacies across more than 70 prime locations.

Imagine a brand that, in just a few decades, transformed from a singular vision to an empire. This isn’t just a business success story; it’s a testament to Charlie’s passion and dedication.

Whenever you savor a dish from Pick Up Stix, remember, you’re not merely tasting food; you’re partaking in a rich history, seasoned with ambition, sprinkled with innovation, and served with love.

So, next time you’re in one of their outlets, take a moment to appreciate the journey behind every bite.

FAQs On Pick Up Stix

1. How has the Pick Up Stix menu pricing strategy evolved over the years?

Since its inception in 1989, Pick Up Stix has consistently prioritized its patrons by striking a fine balance between affordability and gourmet quality. As market dynamics shifted, the brand has adroitly adjusted its pricing models, ensuring they resonate with both the culinary craftsmanship they offer and the evolving expectations of their clientele. Not merely driven by inflation or market trends, their pricing reflects their commitment to quality ingredients, culinary innovation, and unmatched service.

2. What distinguishes Pick Up Stix menu prices from its competitors in the Pan-Asian segment?

Pick Up Stix stands out in the Pan-Asian culinary landscape by offering a distinctive blend of authenticity, culinary artistry, and value. Their prices, while competitive, underscore the brand’s dedication to sourcing premium ingredients and maintaining consistent taste profiles, setting them a cut above the rest.

3. Are there seasonal variations in the Pick Up Stix menu prices?

While the core pricing remains relatively stable, Pick Up Stix often introduces limited-time offerings and seasonal specials. These curated dishes, influenced by fresh, seasonal ingredients, might exhibit price fluctuations based on the rarity and quality of ingredients used.

4. How does Pick Up Stix maintain its balance between affordability and premium quality in its menu pricing?

The brand’s ethos revolves around offering impeccable Pan-Asian delicacies without compromising on quality. Leveraging strategic sourcing, bulk procurement of prime ingredients, and efficient operational processes, Pick Up Stix succeeds in presenting a menu that’s both wallet-friendly and palate-pleasing.

5. With the expanding number of locations, has there been any regional differentiation in Pick Up Stix menu prices?

Pick Up Stix takes pride in maintaining consistent pricing across its locations. However, minor variations might arise due to regional taxation, operational costs, and localized market dynamics. Despite these nuances, the brand ensures that every patron experiences the same value proposition, irrespective of the location.

Final Words

In the expansive realm of Pan-Asian culinary offerings, Pick Up Stix has crafted its niche, not just with delectable dishes but with a strategic approach to its menu pricing.

Delving into the intricate matrix of Pick Up Stix menu prices provides a fascinating look into a brand’s unwavering commitment to value, quality, and customer satisfaction.

By melding affordability with gourmet standards, they’ve exemplified how culinary artistry need not be exorbitantly priced. As discerning diners, recognizing and appreciating this meticulous balance becomes pivotal.

It’s not just about paying for a meal; it’s about investing in an experience, a legacy, and a promise that every dish, every ingredient, and every flavor has been curated with precision.

In this dynamic market, where choices abound, such transparent pricing strategies underline why Pick Up Stix continues to be a preferred choice for many.

So, the next time you savor their offerings, remember the depth, value, and passion that the price reflects.

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