Peter Luger Menu Prices

Unveiling the essence of a culinary icon, we immerse you in the story behind Peter Luger’s menu prices. A realm where prime cuts of steak, meticulously aged and cooked to perfection, are more than a mere indulgence—they are an unforgettable experience.

Despite these high stakes, why do gourmands, both locals and globetrotters, justify the extravagant price tag? The secret lies in the nuanced blend of heritage, culinary mastery, and the relentless pursuit of quality, making each dish an exemplary showcase of gastronomic excellence.

No longer are we merely dining; we are participating in a timeless tradition etched in the heart of New York’s culinary narrative. This saga of unrivaled flavors transcends beyond the confines of a plate, pushing boundaries of what we perceive as value in fine dining.

Let’s embark on this journey, unveiling the true worth of the Peter Luger experience, where every dollar spent carves a memorable imprint on your palate.

Witness the synergy of tradition and innovation, where menu prices serve as a testament to unwavering quality and a rich, century-old legacy. Let’s unravel the mystery behind the seemingly steep Peter Luger menu prices—because true flavor, dear readers, is priceless.

Peter Luger Menu Prices In 2024

Coffee & Tea

Coffee, Decaf, or Tea (Lunch)$2.50
Coffee, Decaf, or Tea (Dinner)$3.50
Irish Coffee$12.95
German Coffee$12.95


Served with Homemade “Schlag” (Whipped Cream)
Apple Strudel$11.95
Chocolate Mousse$11.95
Key Lime Pie$11.95
Ice Cream$11.95
Cheese Cake$11.95
Fruit Tarts$11.95
Pecan Pie$11.95
Fresh Fruit$11.95
Luger’s Special “Holy Cow” Hot Fudge Sundae$12.95

Lunch Specials

Served with potato & vegetable of the day until 3:45 pm
Pot Roast – Monday$16.95
Roast Prime Rib of Beef (USDA Prime) – Tuesday through Friday$32.50
Filet of Sole (Lamb & Fish) – Tuesday & Friday$23.95
Chicken (Home Style) – Wednesday$19.95

Daily Lunch Specials

Served daily until 3:45 pm
Lamb chops (2 Pc.)$26.95
Grilled salmon w/ potato & vegetable of the day$22.95
Luger-Burger with fries$18.90
Luger-Burger with cheese$16.45
Chopped Steak (USDA Prime)$18.95
Luger-Burger with Bacon$20.95

Main Courses (Dinner)

Single steak$51.95
Rib Steak$54.95
Steak (for 2)$103.90
Steak (for 3)$155.85
Steak (for 4)$207.80
Lambchop (2 pcs. )$52.95
Grilled Atlantic salmon$28.95
Filet of sole (lamb & fish)$29.95

Vegetables & Sides

French fries (for 1)$6.95
French fries (for 2)$11.95
German fried potatoes (for 2)$12.95
Baked potato with sour cream$6.95
Broccoli (for 2)$9.95
Creamed spinach (for 2)$10.95
Onion rings (for 2)$11.95

Salad Dressing, Toppings, & Extras

Add crumbled blue cheese$5.95
Add chopped bacon$4.95
Russian dressing.75
Garlic French dressing.75
Vinaigrette dressing.75
Blue cheese dressing.75


Sliced tomatoes (for 2) with Luger’s Sauce$14.95
Sliced tomatoes & onions (for 2) with Luger’s sauce$14.95
Luger’s Sizzling Bacon (By the slice)$4.95
Shrimp Cocktail (4)Market price
Shrimp cocktail (6)Market Price
Caesar Salad with Grated Pecorino Romano$13.95
Iceberg Wedge Salad$16.95
Mixed Green Salad$10.95

About Peter Luger

In 1887, New York City’s dining landscape changed forever. A visionary named Peter Luger, hungry for excellence, laid the cornerstone of what was destined to become an iconic steakhouse.

His unyielding dedication to quality quickly garnered attention, establishing a reputation that resonated throughout the city’s dining scene.

Fast forward a century and a half, and Peter Luger’s establishment still commands unparalleled reverence. The ethos, still rooted in Peter Luger’s original vision, emphasizes providing a unique, memorable dining experience.

It’s a gastronomic journey interwoven with New York’s culinary history—proof of a legacy that has stood the test of time. Luger’s tradition of sourcing only the best quality beef, following a meticulous aging process, and preparing each steak to perfection remains unaltered.

The dining room, with its old-world charm, echoes tales of a time gone by, and the sizzling steaks carry forth the legacy of their founder.

At Peter Luger’s, you’re not just buying a meal; you’re investing in an experience steeped in heritage, craftsmanship, and unyielding commitment to quality.

This saga, which began in 1887, continues to seduce the palates of discerning diners worldwide, serving as a testament to the vision of its founder and the timeless allure of a truly great steak.

Every visit to this legendary establishment serves as a chapter in this ongoing epic of flavor, tradition, and a passion for the exceptional.

FAQs On Peter Luger

1. Why are the prices at Peter Luger’s higher than most steakhouses?

The Peter Luger experience stands on three pillars: supreme quality, culinary mastery, and century-old tradition. The premium pricing reflects their unyielding commitment to providing the finest hand-selected, dry-aged steaks, and a unique dining atmosphere that is a true testament to the New York dining heritage.

2. How does the menu at Peter Luger’s justify its price point?

Beyond offering mouthwatering steaks, Peter Luger’s menu embraces a holistic dining journey, steeped in a rich legacy. Each dish, from the sizzling Porterhouse to the indulgent German Fried Potatoes, is carefully crafted to ensure an unmatched gastronomic experience worth every cent.

3. Does the steep price of the Peter Luger menu ensure a better dining experience?

Absolutely. At Peter Luger’s, each dollar spent translates into a masterfully curated experience that goes beyond food. You are not just paying for a meal, but investing in a culinary journey that marries heritage, craftsmanship, and top-tier service.

4. Are there affordable options on the Peter Luger menu?

Peter Luger’s commitment to quality extends across their menu, including the more affordable options. While the renowned steaks carry a higher price tag, the restaurant offers an array of choices that accommodate different budgets without compromising the quintessential Luger experience.

5. Is dining at Peter Luger’s worth the high prices?

The value derived from dining at Peter Luger’s extends beyond the financial aspect. It’s an investment in a culinary narrative interwoven with New York’s history, a celebration of prime cuts, and an ode to an enduring legacy. In this light, the experience stands as priceless.

Final Words

Stepping into the heart of this narrative, we’ve traversed the unique intersection of quality, tradition, and culinary mastery that justifies Peter Luger Menu Prices.

It’s a realm where your investment pays dividends in the form of an extraordinary dining experience, steeped in a legacy that has withstood the test of time.

The seemingly high prices are not mere numbers; they’re an affirmation of an unwavering commitment to exceptional gastronomy, where every cent committed reciprocates in unforgettable flavors and cherished memories.

This isn’t just about satisfying your palate—it’s about engaging in a tradition that transcends generations. So, let your culinary voyage be guided not by price tags, but by the pursuit of a timeless dining experience.

After all, the essence of Peter Luger’s remains unbound by the limitations of monetary value, fostering an intimate encounter with epicurean excellence that is truly priceless.

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