Papa Murphy’s Menu Prices

In the swirling world of take-and-bake pizzas, one name stands like a beacon, Papa Murphy’s. With a versatile menu curated to satiate your pizza cravings, Papa Murphy’s also ensures you’re not breaking the bank.

This is where we will unveil the secret behind Papa Murphy’s tempting menu prices, transforming your pizza nights into a gourmet feast minus the exorbitant costs.

Famed for its fresh ingredients and dough made from scratch daily, this pizza salon is an undeniable leader in delivering a sizzling, at-home dining experience.

But how do they maintain those enticing prices? Our insightful exploration will shed light on this intriguing question. This isn’t merely about a menu and its prices.

We’re diving into an epicurean journey that brings forth the unique combination of quality, flavor, and affordability that Papa Murphy’s champions.

With every slice and every dollar, unravel the astute strategy that makes this pizza salon your go-to choice for a delicious, budget-friendly treat. Gear up for a flavorful revelation!

Papa Murphy’s Menu Prices In 2024

Stuffed Pizzas

5-Meat (16″)$20.00
5-Meat (14″)$18.00
Chicago-Style (16″)$20.00
Chicago-Style (14″)$18.00
Chicken Bacon (16″)$20.00
Chicken Bacon (14″)$18.00
Big Murphy’s (16″)$20.00
Big Murphy’s (14″)$18.00

Create Your Own Pizza

Create Your Own (16″) – Original$17.00
Create Your Own (16″) – Thin Crust$17.00
Create Your Own (16″) – Stuffed$17.00
Create Your Own (14″) – Original$14.00
Create Your Own (14″) – Thin Crust$14.00
Create Your Own (14″) – Stuffed$14.00
Create Your Own (14″) – Pan$14.00
Create Your Own (12″) – Original$11.00
Create Your Own (12″) – Gluten-Free$13.00
Create Your Own Half & Half Pizza (16″) – Original Crust$15 – $ 19
Create Your Own Half & Half (14″) – Original Crust$13 – $ 17
Create Your Own Half & Half Pizza (16″) – Thin Crust$13 – $ 16
Create Your Own Half & Half Pizza (14″) – Thin Crust$11 – $ 15


Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad$5.99
Garden Salad$5.00
Chicken Caesar Salad$6.00
Club Salad$6.00

Sides & Desserts

Scratch-Made 5-Cheese Bread$5.00
Classic Cheesy Bread$4.00
Mini Murph Cheese$4.00
Mini Murph Pepperoni$4.00
Garden Salad$5.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$4.00
Cinnamon Wheel$4.00
S’mores Bars$6.00


Pepsi (2 Liter)$2.50
Diet Pepsi (2 Liter)$2.50
Sierra Mist (2 Liter)$2.50
Mug Root Beer (2 Liter)$2.50
Mountain Dew (2 Liter)$2.50
Soft Drink (20 oz.)$1.50

Crustless Pizzas – Keto Friendly

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza (7″ x 9″ Tray)$14.00
Create Your Own Crustless$15.00
Papa’s All Meat$15.00
Papa’s Favorite$14.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke$14.00
Gourmet Vegetarian$13.00

Signature Pizza

Cowboy (16″) – Original$18.00
Cowboy (16″) – Thin Crust$16.00
Cowboy (14″) – Original$16.00
Cowboy (14″) – Thin Crust$15.00
Cowboy (14″) – Pan Crust$16.00
Cowboy (12″) – Original$15.00
Cowboy (12″) – Gluten Free$16.00
Papa’s Favorite (16″) – Original$19.00
Papa’s Favorite (16″) – Thin Crust$17.00
Papa’s Favorite (14″) – Original$17.00
Papa’s Favorite (14″) – Thin Crust$16.00
Papa’s Favorite (14″) – Pan Crust$17.00
Papa’s Favorite (12″) – Original$16.00
Papa’s Favorite (12″) – Gluten Free$16.00
Murphy’s Combo (16″) – Original$19.00
Murphy’s Combo (16″) – Thin Crust$17.00
Murphy’s Combo (14″) – Original$17.00
Murphy’s Combo (14″) – Thin Crust$16.00
Murphy’s Combo (14″) – Pan Crust$17.00
Murphy’s Combo (12″) – Original$16.00
Murphy’s Combo (12″) – Gluten Free$17.00
Chicken Garlic (16″) – Original$18.00
Chicken Garlic (16″) – Thin Crust$16.00
Chicken Garlic (14″) – Original$16.00
Chicken Garlic (14″) – Thin Crust$15.00
Chicken Garlic (14″) – Pan Crust$16.00
Chicken Garlic (12″) – Original$15.00
Chicken Garlic (12″) – Gluten Free$16.00
Papa’s All Meat (16″) – Original$19.00
Papa’s All Meat (16″) – Thin Crust$19.00
Papa’s All Meat (14″) – Original$17.00
Papa’s All Meat (14″) – Thin Crust$16.00
Papa’s All Meat (14″) – Pan Crust$17.00
Papa’s All Meat (12″) – Original$16.00
Papa’s All Meat (12″) – Gluten Free$16.00
Classic Italian (16″) – Original$18.00
Classic Italian (16″) – Thin Crust$16.00
Classic Italian (14″) – Original$16.00
Classic Italian (14″) – Thin Crust$15.00
Classic Italian (14″) – Pan Crust$16.00
Classic Italian (12″) – Original$15.00
Classic Italian (12″) -Gluten Free$16.00

Gourmet Delite

Chicken Bacon Artichoke (16″) – Original$18.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (16″) – Thin Crust$16.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (14″) – Original$16.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (14″) – Thin Crust$15.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (14″) – Pan Crust$16.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (14″) – Original$15.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (14″) – Gluten Free$16.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (16″) – Original$18.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (16″) – Thin Crust16.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (14″) – Original$16.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (14″) – Thin Crust$15.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (14″) – Pan Crust$16.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (12″) – Original$15.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (12″) – Thin Crust$16.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (16″) – Original$18.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (16″) – Thin Crust$16.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (14″) – Original$16.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (14″) – Thin Crust$15.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (14″) – Pan Crust$16.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (14″) – Original$15.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (14″) -Thin Crust$16.00
Thai Chicken (16″) – Original$18.00
Thai Chicken (16″) – Thin crust$16.00
Thai Chicken (14″) – Original$16.00
Thai Chicken (14″) – Thin Crust$15.00
Thai Chicken (14″) – Pan Crust$16.00
Thai Chicken (12″) – Original$15.00
Thai Chicken (12″) – Gluten Free$16.00

Classics & Specials

XLNY Giant Pepperoni & Ground Sausage – Special$10.00
XLNY Giant Pepperoni – Special$10.00
XLNY 3-Cheese – Special$9.00
Cheese Pizza (16″) – Original$14.00
Cheese Pizza (16″) – Thin Crust$12.00
Cheese Pizza (14″) – Original$12.00
Cheese Pizza (14″) – Thin Crust$11.00
Cheese Pizza (14″) – Pan$13.00
Cheese Pizza (12″) – Original$11.00
Cheese Pizza (12″) – Gluten Free$13.00
Pepperoni Pizza (16″) – Original$16.00
Pepperoni Pizza (16″) – Thin Crust$13.00
Pepperoni Pizza (14″) – Original$13.00
Pepperoni Pizza (14″) – Thin Crust$12.00
Pepperoni Pizza (14″) – Pan$13.00
Pepperoni Pizza (12″) – Original$12.00
Pepperoni Pizza (12″) – Gluten Free$13.00
Hawaiian Pizza (16″) – Original$17.00
Hawaiian Pizza (16″) – Thin Crust$14.00
Hawaiian Pizza (14″) – Original$14.00
Hawaiian Pizza (14″) – Thin Crust$13.00
Hawaiian Pizza (14″) – Pan$14.00
Hawaiian Pizza (12″) – Original$13.00
Hawaiian Pizza (12″) – Gluten Free$14.00
The Papa’s Perfect Pizza (16″) – Original$16.00
The Papa’s Perfect (16″) – Thin Crust$14.00
The Papa’s Perfect (14″) – Original$14.00
The Papa’s Perfect (14″) – Thin Crust$12.00
The Papa’s Perfect (14″) – Pan$13.00
The Papa’s Perfect (12″) – Original$12.00
The Papa’s Perfect (12″) – Gluten Free$14.00

Meal Deals

Kids’ Favorite Special$23.00
Family Feast Special$30.00

New Featured Items

All-Star Bundle$28.00
Buffalo Ranch Chicken (16″)$18.00
Buffalo Ranch Chicken (14″)$15.00
Buffalo Ranch Chicken (12″)$14.00
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad$5.99

About Papa Murphy’s

Picture this, the year is 1981. Amidst the bustle of the culinary world, a visionary named Robert Graham hatches a brilliant concept. Driven by a love for pizza and an entrepreneurial spirit, he lays the foundation of Papa Murphy’s in the heart of Vancouver, Washington.

An idea crafted to revolutionize the way you perceive pizza, this venture takes off with a thunderous roar, changing the culinary landscape forever.

Flash forward to today, and Papa Murphy’s is not just a name, but an iconic brand with an impressive presence spanning across 1500+ locations.

From a humble beginning to a colossal pizza empire, Papa Murphy’s is a testament to Graham’s insightful business acumen and relentless dedication.

Today, the legacy continues, carrying forward the founding ethos of freshness, quality, and affordability, served hot, right out of your oven.

But the essence of Papa Murphy’s isn’t just the locations, or the laudable journey it’s traversed. It is a story that rings loud in every dough kneaded, every topping spread, and every pizza baked at home.

A narrative steeped in delivering unparalleled culinary experiences without compromising value. So, the next time you savor a slice of Papa Murphy’s, remember, you’re partaking in a piece of history, seasoned with resilience and garnished with success.

FAQs On Papa Murphy’s

1. What distinguishes Papa Murphy’s menu prices from other pizza chains?

Papa Murphy’s has honed the art of providing top-tier quality while maintaining surprisingly affordable prices. They achieve this by focusing on the take-and-bake model, eliminating the overhead costs associated with maintaining a full-service restaurant. Hence, they pass these savings on to customers, allowing you to enjoy a gourmet pizza experience without burning a hole in your wallet.

2. How does Papa Murphy’s maintain consistent quality despite the affordable prices?

Adhering to a meticulous approach, Papa Murphy’s ensures exceptional quality by sourcing fresh ingredients and crafting their dough from scratch daily. Even with their affordable pricing, they refuse to compromise on the quality and taste, resulting in a culinary masterpiece every time.

3. Are there any special offers available to make the Papa Murphy’s menu prices more cost-effective?

Indeed, Papa Murphy’s regularly offers exciting deals and discounts. From mid-week specials to seasonal promotions, these offers provide an even more cost-effective way to enjoy their delicious pizzas.

4. Does Papa Murphy’s provide customizable options within their budget-friendly menu prices?

Yes, customization is a cornerstone of Papa Murphy’s service. You can tailor your pizza to your preference while enjoying the same wallet-friendly prices, showcasing their commitment to delivering a personalized dining experience.

5. Are all items on Papa Murphy’s menu priced the same across all their locations?

While Papa Murphy’s strives to maintain consistency, slight variations in menu prices may occur due to regional factors or local ingredient availability. Nevertheless, their commitment to affordability remains steadfast across all their locations.

Final Words

In the realm of take-and-bake pizzas, Papa Murphy’s has indelibly carved its niche. Their masterstroke lies in crafting a harmonious balance between tantalizing tastes and wallet-friendly fares.

The affordability of Papa Murphy’s menu prices, fused with their unyielding commitment to freshness and quality, sets a new paradigm in the industry.

You’re not merely buying a pizza; you’re investing in a crafted culinary experience that strikes an artful equilibrium between your palate and pocket.

As you delve into a Papa Murphy’s pizza, remember, each bite is a testament to a brand that has transformed home-baked pizza into a gourmet journey.

In this ever-evolving culinary landscape, Papa Murphy’s continues to raise the bar, proving that exceptional taste, quality, and affordability are not mutually exclusive but can beautifully coexist.

Embrace this feast that respects your taste buds and your budget, and let Papa Murphy’s lead you on an unparalleled pizza adventure.

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