Panda Express Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

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Panda Express is a restaurant that specializes in Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is known for its fast service, and its Panda Express Chips are a popular item on the menu.

Panda Express is a Chinese restaurant that specializes in fast-food. It is known for its Panda Express food menu, which includes items such as chicken teriyaki, beef and broccoli, chicken chow mein, and orange chicken.

Panda Express is a popular restaurant that serves Chinese food. The food at Panda Express is usually good, but the prices can be a bit high. The menu has a variety of items to choose from, including chicken and beef dishes, as well as desserts.

When it comes to Chinese food, nobody does it better than Panda Express. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that all taste delicious.

From starters to main courses, everything on the menu is sure to satisfy. Among the many dishes you’ll find are pan-fried dumplings, sweet and sour chicken, and Kung Pao shrimp.

Whatever your craving, Panda Express has you covered. If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal, Panda Express is the place to go. The restaurant’s food menu is filled with all sorts of dishes that are both healthy and delicious.

From the appetizer menu, you can choose from items like shrimp toast or chicken teriyaki rice bowls. For main course, there are options like Mongolian beef or General Tso’s chicken.

And don’t forget about the desserts! Panda Express has some amazing choices, like sticky rice cake with mango sauce or chocolate lava cake. Check out Panda Express Menu Prices.

Panda Express Menu Prices In 2023


Coca ColaSmall$1.90
Coca ColaMedium$2.10
Coca ColaLarge$2.30
Diet CokeSmall$1.90
Diet CokeMedium$2.10
Diet CokeLarge$2.30
Dr PepperSmall$1.90
Dr PepperMedium$2.10
Dr PepperLarge$2.30
Coca Cola Zero SugarSmall$1.90
Coca Cola Zero SugarMedium$2.10
Coca Cola Zero SugarLarge$2.30
Coca Cola CherrySmall$1.90
Coca Cola CherryMedium$2.10
Coca Cola CherryLarge$2.30
Barq’s Root BeerSmall$1.90
Barq’s Root BeerMedium$2.10
Barq’s Root BeerLarge$2.30
Fanta OrangeSmall$1.90
Fanta OrangeMedium$2.10
Fanta OrangeLarge$2.30
Fanta StrawberrySmall$1.90
Fanta StrawberryMedium$2.10
Fanta StrawberryLarge$2.30
Minute Maid LemonadeSmall$1.90
Minute Maid LemonadeMedium$2.10
Minute Maid LemonadeLarge$2.30


Chicken Egg RollSmall$1.90
Chicken Egg RollLarge$10.20
Veggie Spring RollSmall$1.90
Veggie Spring RollLarge$10.20
Cream Cheese RangoonSmall$1.90
Cream Cheese RangoonLarge$7.90

A La Carte

Black Pepper Angus SteakSmall$5.45
Black Pepper Angus SteakMedium$10.00
Black Pepper Angus SteakLarge$13.95
Firecracker ShrimpSmall$5.45
Firecracker ShrimpMedium$10.00
Firecracker ShrimpLarge$13.95
The Original Orange ChickenSmall$4.20
The Original Orange ChickenMedium$7.50
The Original Orange ChickenLarge$10.20
Grilled Teriyaki ChickenSmall$4.20
Grilled Teriyaki ChickenMedium$7.50
Grilled Teriyaki ChickenLarge$10.20
SweetFire Chicken BreastSmall$4.20
SweetFire Chicken BreastMedium$7.50
SweetFire Chicken BreastLarge$10.20
Kung Pao ChickenSmall$4.20
Kung Pao ChickenMedium$7.50
Kung Pao ChickenLarge$10.20
Mushroom ChickenSmall$4.20
Mushroom ChickenMedium$7.50
Mushroom ChickenLarge$10.20
Black Pepper ChickenSmall$4.20
Black Pepper ChickenMedium$7.50
Black Pepper ChickenLarge$10.20
Beijing BeefSmall$4.20
Beijing BeefMedium$7.50
Beijing BeefLarge$10.20
Broccoli BeefSmall$4.20
Broccoli BeefMedium$7.50
Broccoli BeefLarge$10.20
Honey Walnut ShrimpSmall$5.45
Honey Walnut ShrimpMedium$10.00
Honey Walnut ShrimpLarge$13.95
Veggie Spring RollSmall$1.95
Veggie Spring RollMedium$7.50
Veggie Spring RollLarge$10.20
Chicken Egg RollSmall$1.95
Chicken Egg RollMedium$7.50
Chicken Egg RollLarge$10.20
Cream Cheese RangoonSmall$1.95
Cream Cheese RangoonMedium$5.80
Cream Cheese RangoonLarge$7.90
Chow MeinMedium$3.20
Chow MeinLarge$4.20
Fried RiceMedium$3.20
Fried RiceLarge$4.20
White Steamed RiceMedium$3.20
White Steamed RiceLarge$4.20
Super GreensMedium$3.20
Super GreensLarge$4.20

Family Feast

Serves 4-5
2 Large Sides & 3 Large Entrees$20.00
Chow Mein$20.00
Fried Rice$20.00
White Steamed Rice$20.00
Super Greens$20.00
Additional Charge – Premium Entree$3.75
Black Pepper Angus Steak$3.75
Firecracker Shrimp$3.75
Honey Walnut Shrimp$3.75

Kid’s Meal

Guests 11 and Under
Any 1 Jr. Side, 1 Jr. Entree, 12 oz. Drink & Cookie$5.40
Chow MeinHalf$5.40
Chow MeinFull$5.40
Fried RiceHalf$5.40
Fried RiceFull$5.40
White Steamed RiceHalf$5.40
White Steamed RiceFull$5.40
Super GreensHalf$5.40
Super GreensFull$5.40
Additional Charge – Premium Entree$0.75
Black Pepper Angus Steak$0.75
Firecracker Shrimp$0.75
Honey Walnut Shrimp$0.75


Available Sides: Mixed Veggies, Chow Mein, White Steamed Rice, Brown Steamed Rice and Fried Rice
Any 1 Side & 1 Entree$6.30
Chow MeinHalf$6.30
Chow MeinFull$6.30
Fried RiceHalf$6.30
Fried RiceFull$6.30
White Steamed RiceHalf$6.30
White Steamed RiceFull$6.30
Super GreensHalf$6.30
Super GreensFull$6.30
Additional Charge – Premium Entree$1.25
Black Pepper Angus Steak$1.25
Firecracker Shrimp$1.25
Honey Walnut Shrimp$1.25

Create Your Plate

Available Sides: Mixed Veggies, Chow Mein, White Steamed Rice, Brown Steamed Rice and Fried Rice
Any 1 Side & 2 Entrees$7.80
Chow MeinHalf$7.80
Chow MeinFull$7.80
Fried RiceHalf$7.80
Fried RiceFull$7.80
White Steamed RiceHalf$7.80
White Steamed RiceFull$7.80
Super GreensHalf$7.80
Super GreensFull$7.80
Any 1 Side & 3 Entrees$9.30
Chow MeinHalf$9.30
Chow MeinFull$9.30
Fried RiceHalf$9.30
Fried RiceFull$9.30
White Steamed RiceHalf$9.30
White Steamed RiceFull$9.30
Super GreensHalf$9.30
Super GreensFull$9.30
Additional Charge – Premium Entree$1.25
Black Pepper Angus Steak$1.25
Firecracker Shrimp$1.25
Honey Walnut Shrimp$1.25

About Panda Express

Panda Express is a restaurant company founded in 1983 by Andrew Cherng in California. The company has since expanded to over 2,000 locations across the United States and nineteen other countries.

Panda Express is known for its quick and affordable Chinese cuisine. The history of Panda Express dates back to 1980 when Jerry Wang and his wife, Peggy, started a small restaurant in Rosemead, California.

The couple’s first restaurant featured fresh and healthy Chinese food that appealed to the early adopters of health consciousness in the United States.

In 1984, they opened their second restaurant in Monrovia, California. The chain rapidly expanded throughout the 1990s and 2000s with restaurants opening in major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Honolulu.

In 2011, Panda Express acquired China House Restaurant Ltd. The history of Panda Express starts in 1984 with restaurateurs David and Peggy Chiang.

The Chiangs opened a small restaurant in Oregon City, Oregon called Panda Inn. The restaurant specialized in Cantonese cuisine and quickly became a local favorite.

In 1994, the Chiangs sold the business to brothers Bob and Mike Hankey. The brothers continued to operate the restaurant as Panda Express until 2000, when they sold it to the JPP Family Trust.

Under the new ownership, the chain grew rapidly and by 2004 had over 270 restaurants worldwide. Panda Express is a restaurant that specializes in Chinese food.

It has been around since 1986 and has since become one of the most popular restaurants in the United States. The restaurant was founded by Richard Li and his wife, Dorothy.

They wanted to create a place where people could enjoy authentic Chinese food without having to travel to China. Panda Express is known for its quick service and friendly staff.

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