Original Pancake House Menu Prices

Brace your culinary spirit for an unrivaled feast, as we delve into the extraordinary delights of the Original Pancake House menu prices.

Known for its ambrosial breakfast offerings, the Original Pancake House has a legacy of satisfying even the most discerning palates, blending a symphony of textures, flavors, and aromas into each dish, all while ensuring value for your dollar.

What sets it apart? This globally-loved diner magnificently transcends the typical breakfast fare, serving up creativity, authenticity, and affordability on a silver platter.

From the sizzling, golden-brown pancakes, subtly sweet and irresistibly fluffy, to the rich, savory omelets, each bite promises a memorable gastronomic journey.

As your trusted culinary guide, we’ll illuminate the menu’s hidden gems and classics alike, intertwining the rich history of this establishment with the thrill of discovering new taste experiences.

Arm yourself with knowledge, embrace your appetite, and prepare for an exploration that will reshape your understanding of quality, value, and unparalleled breakfast indulgence. The world of the Original Pancake House awaits!

Original Pancake House Menu Prices In 2024


Plain Waffle$11.00
Apple Waffle$12.50
Bacon Waffle$14.25
Blueberry Waffle$15.25
Pecan Waffle$15.25
Strawberry Waffle$18.25
Coconut Waffle$14.25


French Crepes$14.25
Chocolate Crepes$15.25
Continental Crepes$14.25
Cherry Kijafa Crepes$14.25
Tahitian Maiden’s Dream$14.25
Mandarin Crepes$14.25
Fresh Fruit Crepe$18.25
Plain Crepes$12.25
Single Crepes$11.00
Nutella Crepes$15.25

Egg Specialties

Diced Ham and Scrambled Eggs$14.25
Ham and Eggs$14.25
Canadian Bacon and Eggs$13.25
Sausage and Eggs$13.25
Links and Eggs$13.25
Bacon and Eggs$14.25
Corned Beef Hash$18.25


BLT Sandwich414.45
Vegetarian Sandwich$13.00
Canadian Bacon and Egg Sandwich$16.00
Hot Ham and Swiss Sandwich$16.50
Philly Sandwich$16.50
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$10.00
Cheese Burger$15.50
Bacon Cheese Burger$16.50


Chocolate Milk$4.00
Hot Chocolate$4.00


Apple Pancake$17.25
Swedish Pancake$14.00
Clam Pancake$15.00
Buttermilk Pancakes$12.00
Blueberry Pancakes$14.00
Fresh Georgia Pecan Pancakes$14.75
Buckwheat Pancakes$14.75
Bacon Pancakes$14.75
Potato Pancakes$15.50
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$14.75
Dutch Baby$16.25
49er Flap Jacks$14.00
Junior Plate$12.50
Sourdough Pancakes$13.50
Wheat Germ Pancakes$14.00
10 Dollars Pancakes$10.00
Fresh Banana Pancakes$14.00
Coconut Pancakes$14.75
Hawaiian Pancakes$14.00
Oatmeal Pancakes$13.00


Western Omelet$17.25
Spinach Omelet$17.25
Ham Omelet$17.25
Ham and Cheese Omelet$17.75
Bacon Omelet$17.25
Bacon and Cheese Omelet$17.25
Spanish Omelet$17.75
Mushroom Omelet$17.25
Plain Omelet$13.50
Fresh Vegetarian Omelet$17.25
Cheese Omelet$15.50
Kosher Salami Omelet$17.75


Fruit Salad$12.00
Chicken Caesar Salad$15.25
House Salad$11.00

Breakfast Side Dishes

2 Any Style Eggs$4.75
Thick Sliced Bacon$9.25
Toast with Preserves$4.50
Patty Sausage$8.00
Canadian Bacon$8.00
Toasted Bagel$4.50
Hash Brown Diced Potatoes$7.00
Hash Brown Sheered Potatoes$7.00
Smoked Ham$10.00
Link Sausage$8.00
Biscuits and Gravy$8.50

Breakfast Cereals

Old Fashion Oatmeal$7.50
Cream of Wheat$7.50

About Original Pancake House

Awaken your senses as we journey through time, tracing the flavorful origins of the Original Pancake House, a saga defined by culinary vision, enduring dedication, and a passion for pancakes that transcends borders.

A tale brewed over 70 years ago, it starts in 1953, in the heart of Portland, Oregon, where two ambitious visionaries, Palmer Marcus and Bradford Sigety, joined forces. United by a shared dream, they ignited a gastronomic revolution, shaping the landscape of American breakfast with a single menu.

The power-duo’s relentless pursuit of excellence marked the genesis of the now-legendary Original Pancake House. Embodying a compelling mix of tradition and innovation, they sketched a blueprint for a breakfast culture that had never been experienced before.

Rising like a phoenix in the culinary world, the Original Pancake House started as a single location and rapidly spread its wings, reaching the hearts of food enthusiasts nationwide.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find a network of over 150 pancake houses across the U.S., each embodying the original vision of its founders, while offering that same unparalleled quality and delectable variety that sparked their initial success.

Every visit to an Original Pancake House is not just a meal—it’s a homage to Marcus and Sigety’s dedication, an embodiment of their dream, and a testament to the timeless allure of a well-crafted pancake. Welcome to a pancake journey seven decades in the making.

FAQs On Original Pancake House

1. What range of prices can one expect at the Original Pancake House?

Delighting patrons with a seamless blend of quality and value, the Original Pancake House offers a broad range of dishes tailored to various budgets. Whether seeking a lavish feast or a modest bite, visitors can expect prices that balance top-notch ingredients and expert culinary craft.

2. Does the Original Pancake House offer value-for-money across its menu?

Undoubtedly, the Original Pancake House is acclaimed for its exceptional blend of taste, variety, and cost-effectiveness. The menu’s ingenious design ensures that every patron finds a delightful dish that resonates with their palate and pocket.

3. How often does the Original Pancake House adjust its menu prices?

While the Original Pancake House upholds stability in its pricing, occasional adjustments reflect fluctuating market dynamics, ensuring the best value for patrons. The company’s commitment to transparency assures customers of no unexpected surprises.

4. Are there budget-friendly options available on the Original Pancake House menu?

Indeed, the Original Pancake House champions inclusivity with a menu curated to accommodate diverse budgets. Value-driven choices are plentiful, making this eatery a paradise for food-lovers seeking a top-tier experience at an accessible price.

5. Do the prices at the Original Pancake House reflect the quality of ingredients used?

Absolutely, the pricing at the Original Pancake House mirrors its unwavering dedication to quality. Every dollar spent translates into a culinary experience underscored by fresh, premium-grade ingredients, and a unique flavor journey that leaves patrons yearning for more.

Final Words

As we journey through the fascinating world of the Original Pancake House menu prices, it becomes evident that this is not just about prices.

This tale is one of tradition and innovation, quality and value, expertly woven into each menu offering. The genius behind the pricing strategy lies in its ability to offer a unique, yet affordable gastronomic journey that transcends ordinary breakfast experiences.

Combining excellent culinary craftsmanship with fresh, top-tier ingredients, every item on the menu delivers a promise of an unforgettable encounter with flavor, texture, and aroma.

Indeed, the Original Pancake House not only fills your plate but also feeds your soul, offering an exceptional culinary voyage that doesn’t break the bank.

The true worth of each dish lies in its capacity to create enduring memories, make mornings special, and bring joy to every breakfast lover’s heart. This, in essence, is the real value proposition that makes the Original Pancake House truly original.

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