Noodles & Company Menu Prices

Dive straight into a bowl of authenticity: Noodles & Company menu prices have become the talk of the culinary town, a testament to the value-for-money proposition the brand promises.

It’s not just about slurping up strands of perfectly-cooked pasta; it’s about relishing an experience that merges global flavors with wallet-friendly rates. Every noodle aficionado, from budget foodies to gourmet enthusiasts, feels the pull.

As our fast-paced lives beckon quick yet delectable meals, Noodles & Company stands as the beacon, ensuring no compromise on taste or pocket pinch.

Addressing this menu’s pricing is more than just satisfying curiosity; it’s about planning that next perfect meal without second thoughts.

With the wave of eateries around, why is this one garnering so much buzz? Unravel this gastronomic secret, unravel the harmony between affordability and deliciousness.

Dive in now and elevate your next dining choice; the perfect bowl awaits. Time is of the essence, and the perfect bite shouldn’t be missed!

Noodles & Company Menu Prices In 2024

Kids Meal

Wisconsin Mac & Cheese$7.50
Spaghetti & Meatballs$7.50
Buttered Noodles$7.50
Grilled Chicken Breast with Marinara$7.50


Korean BBQ Meatballs$5.00
Cheesy Garlic Bread$7.19


Zucchini Roasted Garlic Cream$11.25
Zucchini Pesto With Grilled Chicken$10.63
Zucchini Rose With Grilled Chicken$10.94

Salad & Soup

Backyard BBQ Chicken Salad$9.38
Med Salad With Grilled Chicken$9.06
Grilled Noodle Soup$8.44
Side Of Chicken Noodle Soup$3.56
Chicken Noodle Soup$3.56
Caesar Side Salad$3.56


Regular Unsweetend Tea$3.75
Large Unsweetened Tea$4.38
IZZE Grapefruit$3.75
IZZE Clementine$3.75
IZZE Blackberry$3.75
Orange Mango$3.75
Dasani Bottle Water$2.81
Raspberry Lime$3.75


Chocolate Chunk Cookie$3.75
Rice Crispy$3.75
Smoodledoodle Cookie$3.75

Stuffed Pasta

3-Cheese Tortelloni Rosa$11.25
3-Cheese Tortelloni Pesto$11.25
Roasted Garlic Cream Tortelloni$11.25

Asian Noodles

Japanese Pan Noodles$9.38
Spicy Korean Beef Noodles$10.00
Pad Thai$10.00
Orange Chicken Lo Mein$8.50

World Famous Macs

Side Of Wisconsin Mac & Cheese$7.50$3.56
BBQ Chicken Mac$8.75$10.31
Gluten-Senstive Pipette Mac$8.75$10.31
Wisconsin Mac & Cheese$7.50$3.56
Buffalo Chicken Mac$8.75$10.31


LEANguini Rosa$9.65$11.25
LEANguini Feesca$9.06$10.63
LEANguini Alferdo MontAmore$10.00$11.56
LEANguini Pesto$8.75$10.31

Classic Noodles

Penne Rosa$8.13$9.69
Pesto Cavatappi$7.81$9.38
Buttered Noodles$7.50$9.06
Spaghetti & Meatballs$7.50$9.06
Alfredo MontAmore With Parmesan-Crusted Chicken$8.75$10.31
3-Cheese Tortelloni Pesto$9.69$11.25
3-Cheese Tortelloni Rosa$9.69$11.25
Roasted Garlic Cream Tortelloni$9.69$11.25
Pasta Fresca$7.50$9.06

Goodness For Al

Pesto Cavatappi with Grilled Chicken$7.81$9.38
LEANguini Rosa with IMPOSSIBLE™ Chicken$9.69$11.25
Buffalo Chicken Mac$8.75$10.31
Zucchini Roasted Garlic Cream$9.69$10.31
Japanese Pan Noodles with Marinated Steak$7.81$9.38
3-Cheese Tortelloni Rosa$9.69$11.25
Backyard BBQ Chicken Salad$9.38
Alfredo MontAmore® with Parmesan-Crusted Chicken$8.75$10.31
Pasta Fresca with Shrimp$7.50$9.06

Everyday Value

Wisconsin Mac & Cheese$7.50$9.06
Buttered Noodles$7.50$9.06
Pesto Cavatappi$7.81$9.38
Japanese Pan Noodles$7.81$9.38
Spicy Korean Noodles$8.44$10.00
Pad Thai$8.44$10.00
Pasta Fresca$7.50$9.06

About Noodles & Company

Dive into a culinary journey that commenced in the vibrant streets of Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado. The year? 1995. Aaron Kennedy, an entrepreneur with a vision, sparked the inception of Noodles & Company, now a symbol of global flavors meshed with domestic delight.

It wasn’t just another eatery; it embodied a vision to bring diverse noodle dishes under one welcoming roof. Fast forward to today, and the brand finds its heartbeat in Broomfield, Colorado, steering the course from its illustrious headquarters.

With the stewardship of around 8,000 dedicated employees, each one pivotal to its growth story, the enterprise has unfurled its flag across 448 prime locations.

This impressive sprawl is not by mere coincidence but a testament to strategic prowess and unyielding commitment. You might wonder: what’s behind this magnetic pull?

It’s an unwavering dedication to quality, bound by the rich legacy Aaron sowed nearly three decades ago. Every time you relish a dish at Noodles & Company, remember, you’re not just savoring a meal; you’re partaking in a historical tapestry that’s as rich in flavor as it is in tradition.

So, next time you’re near one of these outlets, step in, and let history tantalize your taste buds.

FAQs On Noodles & Company

1. How do Noodles & Company menu prices compare with industry averages?

Evaluations reveal that Noodles & Company offers a harmonious blend of premium quality and affordability. When juxtaposed with industry standards, their menu prices often present a more value-driven proposition, ensuring patrons experience the zenith of culinary art without straining their budgets.

2. What drives the pricing decisions for the Noodles & Company menu?

Noodles & Company, rooted in its legacy of authenticity and commitment to patrons, grounds its pricing in a mix of ingredient sourcing quality, culinary innovation, and market dynamics. Their menu prices reflect a balanced approach between offering gourmet experiences and ensuring accessibility.

3. Have there been notable fluctuations in the Noodles & Company menu prices over the years?

Like any responsive enterprise, Noodles & Company occasionally adjusts its prices to align with inflation, supply-chain nuances, and evolving culinary offerings. However, their core philosophy ensures that these shifts prioritize customer satisfaction and value retention.

4. Does the regional location of a Noodles & Company outlet impact its menu prices?

While the brand maintains a consistent ethos across locations, subtle price variations might occur, factoring in regional logistics, market preferences, and operational costs. Yet, the foundational commitment to value remains unwavering across all outlets.

5. Are there seasonal specials that might influence the regular Noodles & Company menu prices?

Noodles & Company, in its pursuit of culinary excellence, often introduces seasonal specials harnessing fresh, time-specific ingredients. These limited-time offerings might carry distinct prices, enriching the menu’s diversity while adhering to the brand’s value proposition.

Final Words

In the vast culinary expanse, the tale of “Noodles & Company Menu Prices” offers a savory blend of value, tradition, and gourmet delight. Through meticulous analysis, it’s clear that this brand doesn’t merely serve meals but curates experiences.

These experiences prioritize both the palate and pocket, presenting a masterclass in culinary economics. From the brand’s origin to its unwavering commitment to patrons, the strategic pricing reflects deep-seated values that champion both quality and accessibility.

As gastronomic enthusiasts chart their dining explorations, the importance of understanding such a balance becomes paramount. It’s not just about cost but about the ethos behind every dollar spent.

And as this analysis culminates, one thing stands out: Noodles & Company has not only mastered the art of noodle preparation but also the intricate dance of pricing in a competitive market.

The brand’s menu serves as a beacon, guiding discerning diners to make informed choices in a culinary world brimming with options.

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