Nando’s Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

This article covers Nando’s Menu Prices 2023 in depth. We’ve gathered all of the most up-to-date and complete menus prices with the official websites. Nando’s Restaurant is a popular Italian restaurant in Philadelphia.

The restaurants are known for their chicken dishes, such as the chicken parmesan and the king prawns. The customer service at Nando’s is always excellent and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Nando’s is a popular Italian restaurant chain with locations all over the United States. The menu items are generally inexpensive and include hearty servings of Italian-style food.

Some of the more popular menu items include chicken parmesan, garlic knots, and pasta dishes. Nando’s is a Portuguese restaurant chain with locations across the United States.

The menu features chicken, lamb, beef, seafood, and vegetarian options. Dishes are priced between $10-20. Popular items include the Peri-Peri chicken, the garlic shrimp, and the chorizo chimichanga.

Nando’s is a famous Italian restaurant that has many fans. It’s known for its chicken dishes, and the food menu offers something for everyone. There are plenty of options for vegetarians as well.

The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is festive and comfortable. Nando’s is a popular chain of restaurants that serve Portuguese inspired food. The menu features items such as chicken skewers, garlic knots, and calamari.

The restaurant also offers soups, salads, and rice dishes. There are a variety of options for breakfast and lunch. Nando’s Restaurant is a popular spot for Italian food in the D.C. area.

The menu includes items like chicken parmesan, lasagna, and pizza. There are also many different pasta dishes to choose from, as well as salads and appetizers.

Nando’s offers something for everyone on the menu, so whether you’re in the mood for a classic dish or something a little more creative, they’ve got you covered. Check out Nando’s Menu Prices.

Nando’s Menu Prices In 2023


Raspberry Cheesecake$6.69
Four High Carrot Cake$6.69
Barely Baked Brownie$2.59


Corona Bottle$5.59
Super Bock$5.39
Sam Adams Boston Lager$5.59
Cara Viva White WineBottle – $18.99
Gatao Vinho Verde White WineBottle – $19.99
Cara Viva Red WineBottle – $18.99
Braai Cabernet SauvignonBottle – $25.99
Pineapple Lemonade$2.69
Mango and Blood Orange Lemonade$2.69
Bundaberg Ginger Beer$3.69
Glaceau Smartwater$3.29
Coke Classic$2.79
Diet Coke Classic$2.79
Mexican Coke$3.29
Coke Zero$2.79
Honest Tea – Honey Green Tea$2.79
Nandinos Drink$1.50
Bruce Cost Gingerale Pomegranate$3.29
Nandinos Juice$1.50
Nandinos Milk$1.50


3 Chicken Wings & 1 Side$6.25
Grilled Chicken Breast Strips & 1 Side$5.95
Nandino’s Chicken Sandwich & 1 Side$5.95
Grilled Drumstick & Thigh & 1 Side$5.95
Nandino’s Grilled Cheese & 1 Side$5.95


Mixed Leaf Side Salad$4.08
Butternut Squash and Corn$3.99
PERi Chips with PERinaiseLarge – $5.29
PERi Chips With PERinaise$3.29
PERi chips (aka Fries)Small – $2.89
Large – $4.29
Portuguese RiceSmall – $2.89
Large – $4.29
Winter Roasted Vegetables$3.99
Red Skin Mashed PotatoSmall – $2.89
Large – $4.29
Garlic BreadSmall – $2.89
Large – $4.29
ColeslawSmall – $2.89
Large – $4.29
Macho PeasSmall – $2.89
Large – $4.29
Caesar Side Salad$4.08


PERi-PERi WingsSix – $6.99
Hummus with PERi-PERi Drizzle$6.49
Spicy Mixed Olives$4.79
PERI-PERI Nuts$4.49
Garlic Sticks$4.49

Salads & Bowls

PERi-PERi Chicken Tender Bowl$10.39
Avocado & Roasted Pepper Bowl$9.99
Ancient Grains Chicken Salad$11.39
Marinated Tomato, Halloumi & Chicken Salad$11.29
Chicken Caesar Salad$10.39
Cauliflower, Butternut & Halloumi Salad$9.39


Wing Platter$24.99
Jumbo Platter$52.99
Full Platter$27.99


Chicken Breast Wrap & 2 Sides$12.39
Chicken Breast Wrap & 1 Side$10.29
Chicken Breast Wrap – No Sides$7.40
Chicken Caesar Wrap & 2 Sides$12.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap & 1 Side$10.89
Chicken Caesar Wrap – No Sides$8.00
Portobello Halloumi Wrap & 2 Sides$12.79
Portobello Halloumi Wrap & 1 Side$10.69
Portobello Halloumi Wrap – No Sides$7.80
Feta Avo Grains Wrap & 2 Sides$12.99
Feta Avo Grains Wrap – No Sides$8.00


Chicken Breast Pita & 2 Sides$12.29
Chicken Breast Pita & 1 Side$10.19
Chicken Breast Pita – No Sides$7.30
Chicken Caesar Pita & 2 Sides$12.99
Chicken Caesar Pita & 1 Side$10.89
Chicken Caesar Pita – No Sides$8.00


Nandoca’s Choice & 2 Sides$16.99
Nandoca’s Choice & 1 Side$14.89
Nandoca’s Choice – No Sides$12.00
Thigh & Mighty & 2 Sides$14.79
Thigh & Mighty & 1 Side$12.69
Thigh & Mighty – No Sides$9.80
The Chicken Burger & 2 Sides$13.98
The Chicken Burger & 1 Side$11.88
The Chicken Burger – No Sides$8.99
Chicken Breast Sandwich & 2 Sides$12.39
Chicken Breast Sandwich & 1 Side$10.29
Chicken Breast Sandwich – No Sides$7.40
Veggie Burger & 2 Sides$12.69
Veggie Burger & 1 Side$10.59
Veggie Burger – No Sides$7.70


24 PERi-PERi Wings$24.99
12 PERi-PERi Wings & 2 Sides$17.99
12 PERi-PERi Wings & 1 Side$15.89
12 PERi-PERi Wings – No Sides$13.00
6 PERi-PERi Wings$6.99

Boneless Chicken

Boneless Breast & 2 Sides$15.09
Boneless Breast & 1 Side$12.99
Boneless Breast – No Sides$10.10
Chicken Thighs – 2 Sides$14.19
Chicken Thighs – 1 Side$12.09
Chicken Thighs – No Sides$9.20
Chicken Skewers – 2 Sides$14.69
Chicken Skewers – 1 Side$12.59
Chicken Skewers – No Sides$9.70
Chicken Livers & 2 Sides$11.69
Chicken Livers & 1 Side$9.59
Chicken Livers – No Sides$6.70

1/4 Chicken

1/4 Breast & 2 Sides$11.39
1/4 Breast & 1 Side$9.29
1/4 Breast – No Sides$6.40
1/4 Leg & 2 Sides$10.99
1/4 Leg & 1 Side$8.89
1/4 Leg – No Sides$6.00

Peri Peri Chicken

1/2 Chicken & 2 Sides$15.99
1/2 Chicken & 1 Side$13.89
1/2 Chicken – No Sides$11.00
Two 1/4 Legs & 2 Sides$15.79
Two 1/4 Legs & 1 Side$13.69
Two 1/4 Legs – No Sides$10.80
Two 1/4 Breasts & 2 Sides$17.79
Two 1/4 Breasts & 1 Side$15.69
Two 1/4 Breasts – No Sides$12.80

About Nando’s

In conclusion, Nando’s is a South African restaurant company that was founded in 1987. The company is known for its Portuguese-style chicken dishes, which are served with sides such as peri-peri chips, salads, and rice.

Nando’s has over 1,000 restaurants located in more than 30 countries worldwide. Nando’s Restaurant is a popular Italian restaurant with locations all over the United States.

The first Nando’s opened in 1985 in Virginia Beach, Virginia and quickly became a favorite of locals and tourists alike. The restaurant’s signature dish is its chicken parmigiana, which is made with breaded seasoned chicken breasts that are then baked until golden and crispy.

Other popular menu items include the calamari salad and the tiramisu. Nando’s Restaurant is a popular Italian restaurant in the United States.

The first Nando’s restaurant was opened in Virginia in 1984 by chef Nando Pizzaro. Nando’s is a popular Italian restaurant chain that originated in the United Kingdom.

The first Nando’s restaurant opened in Colchester, England, in 1984. The original restaurant was small and family-owned. Today, there are over 200 Nando’s locations throughout the world.

Nando’s is a popular Italian restaurant chain founded in 1987 by Chef Nando Pina. The restaurants are concentrated in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

The restaurants are known for their flame-broiled chicken and steak dishes. Nando’s Restaurant is a popular Mediterranean restaurant in the United States.

The restaurant was founded in 1984 by Nando’s founder, Fernando Silva. The restaurant is located in Columbus, Ohio and has more than 200 locations throughout the country.

Nando’s offers both dine-in and takeout service, as well as delivery services to areas near its restaurants. The menu features traditional Mediterranean dishes like gyros, chicken shawarma, and falafel.

You’ve already gone over the full Nando’s Menu Prices 2023, in which we discussed the most up-to-date menu and pricing. We hope you found this information useful and if we have missed any information you can let us know in the comments below.

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