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Movie Tavern Restaurant is a place where people can come to watch movies, eat food, and have a good time. The restaurant has a large selection of movies to choose from, as well as food that is sure to please everyone’s taste.

There is also an extensive wine list to choose from if you want to take your taste buds on a journey. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly night out or something more adult, Movie Tavern Restaurant has what you’re looking for.

Movie Tavern restaurant food menu is a great way to enjoy some delicious eats while watching your favorite movie. Plus, with drinks that come in sizes for all palates, you’re sure to find something to please.

Description: Movie Tavern is a restaurant with a great food menu. The food is always fresh You can find anything you want on the menu, whether it be burgers, sandwiches, or salads.

Plus, there are many different types of drinks to choose from, so you can enjoy your meal to the fullest. The Movie Tavern Restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious food menu items.

From salads and sandwiches to entrées like chicken fingers and pizza, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The restaurant also offers a variety of appetizers, such as nachos, onion rings, and buffalo chicken dip.

Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to eat or want to indulge in something more substantial, the Movie Tavern’s menu has what you need. Check out Movie Tavern Menu Prices.

Movie Tavern Menu Prices In 2024


Soft Drinks$4.35
Fresh Frozen Lemonade$4.95
Bottled Water20 oz – $4.95


Red Velvet Cake$7.25
Freshly Baked Cookie of the Day$1.25
Brownie Bottom Pie$6.75
Theater Candy$4.50


Sausage, bacon, egg and mixed cheeses in our baked pizza dough
Tall in the Saddle Pancakes
5 large pancakes served with syrup and whipped butter
Chicken and Waffles
A Belgian waffle with chicken tenders. Served with gravy and maple syrup
The All-American
Scrambled eggs served with two bacon strips, two sausage links, salsa and a side of fruit and sourdough toast
The Jr. All American
12 and under only. Scrambled egg served with pancakes and a strip of bacon. Includes a small drink
Biscuits & Gravy
3 biscuits served with gravy
Breakfast of Champions
Steel cut oats served with brown sugar, dried cranberries, pecans and milk on the side
Simple Fried Egg Sandwich
3 fried eggs served with 3 slices of bacon on sourdough toast
Side of Sausage or Bacon
3 links or strips
Side of Sourdough Toast$1.95

About Movie Tavern

In conclusion, Movie Tavern is a restaurant company with a rich history, founded by Jeff Benson in 2001. The company has since expanded to include numerous locations throughout the United States.

If you’re looking for a great movie-watching experience coupled with delicious food, Movie Tavern is the place for you! Movie Tavern Restaurant is a family owned and operated restaurant in Oakville, CA.

The restaurant has been in business for over 40 years and offers a wide variety of dishes including pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads. The menu also includes specialty items such as the turkey club sandwich.

Movie Tavern has a large screen TV that is always tuned to one of the many movie channels that are available. Movie Tavern Restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant that has been serving up great food in the city of Baltimore since 1963.

From pizza to pasta, burgers to salads, Movie Tavern has something for everyone. The restaurant features large screens that show all the latest blockbusters, as well as a full bar with cocktails and beers on tap.

The Movie Tavern Restaurant is a beloved local landmark in the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The restaurant is located in a historic building that was once used as a movie theater.

The building was originally built In 1973, the Movie Tavern Restaurant moved into its current location and has been serving up delicious food ever since.

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