Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices

If you’re looking for a relaxing evening out, Mellow Mushroom is the perfect place to go. The restaurant has a fun, casual atmosphere and the food is delicious.

From pizza to pasta dishes, there’s something for everyone at Mellow Mushroom. Plus, the friendly staff makes sure your visit is enjoyable.

Mellow Mushroom is a restaurant with a casual atmosphere. The menu consists of pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and salads. There are many options for each dish, so it is easy to find something to eat.

The pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and have a variety of toppings. Pasta dishes include lasagna, ravioli and carbonara. Sandwiches include chicken fingers, Philly cheese steak and even grilled cheese sandwiches.

Salads are a great way to get something healthy without having to stick to a specific diet. Mellow Mushroom is a popular restaurant chain with locations throughout the United States.

The restaurants serve a variety of pizza, sandwiches, salads and desserts. The food is typically inexpensive, and the menu contains many selections that are both healthy and tasty.

Some of the most popular items on the Mellow Mushroom menu include the Veggie Lovers Pizza, which features roasted vegetables and Daiya cheese on a vegan crust; and the BBQ Chicken Pizza, which includes shredded chicken, bbq sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Mellow Mushroom Restaurant food menu offers a variety of items to choose from. This restaurant is known for their pizzas, salads, and desserts.

The pizza varieties include classic cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. The salads are offered with chicken or salmon as the main protein and there are many different toppings to choose from.

Condiments such as ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing can be added to make the salad your own. The desserts consist of pies, ice cream, yogurt parfaits, and waffles. These options are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! Check out Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices.

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices In 2024


Beer Cheese$2.49
Regular Chips$1.69
BBQ Chips$1.69
Jalapeno Chips$1.69
Salt & Vinegar Chips$1.69


Diet Coke$2.49
Coke Zero$2.49
Sweet Tea$2.49
Unsweet Tea$2.49


Kids Cheese Bread Pizza$5.50
Kids Pepperoni Cheese Bread$5.50
Kids Meatball$5.50
Kids Mac & Cheese$5.50
Kids Pretzel$5.50


Mary Jane’s Double Chocolate Brownie$3.00
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie$2.49
Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie$2.49
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$2.49


Ritz Burger$9.99
BYO Burger$11.99


Steak & Cheese HoagieHalf$7.49
Steak & Cheese HoagieWhole$11.49
Chicken & Cheese HoagieHalf$6.99
Chicken & Cheese HoagieWhole$10.49
Meatball HoagieHalf$6.49
Meatball HoagieWhole$9.99
Italian HoagieHalf$6.99
Italian HoagieWhole$10.49
Tempeh HoagieHalf$6.99
Tempeh HoagieWhole$10.49
Tofu HoagieHalf$6.99
Tofu HoagieWhole$10.49
Mushroom ClubHalf$6.99
Mushroom ClubWhole$10.49
Avocado HoagieHalf$6.49
Avocado HoagieWhole$9.99


California Club$8.50
Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.49
Country Club$8.50
Mellow Chicken Salad$6.99


Cheese Calzone$8.99
Veggie Calzone$10.99
The Sausagefest Calzone$12.49
Steak Calzone$12.49
Chicken Calzone$12.49

Build Your Own Pie

BYO PieLarge$17.00
BYO PieMedium$13.00
BYO PieSmall$8.50
Cheese PizzaLarge$17.00
Cheese PizzaMedium$13.00
Cheese PizzaSmall$8.50
Pepperoni PizzaLarge$19.75
Pepperoni PizzaMedium$15.00
Pepperoni PizzaSmall$9.80

Gluten-Free Pies

House Special GF$14.99
Kosmic Karma GF$14.99
Mighty Meaty GF$14.99
Veg Out GF$11.99
BYO Gluten-Free Pie$10.50

Half & Half Pie

House PizzaLarge$25.99
Kosmic KarmaLarge$25.19
Mighty MeatyLarge$25.99
Funky Q ChickenLarge$25.99
Holy ShiitakeLarge$25.99
Buffalo ChickenLarge$25.99
Great WhiteLarge$25.19
Pacific RimLarge$25.19
Veg OutLarge$23.49
Cheese PizzaLarge$16.99
House PizzaMedium$20.99
Kosmic KarmaMedium$19.49
Mighty MeatyMedium$20.99
Funky Q ChickenMedium$20.99
Funky Q ChickenMedium$20.99
Holy ShiitakeMedium$20.99
Buffalo ChickenMedium$20.99
Great WhiteMedium$19.99
Pacific RimMedium$19.99
Veg OutMedium$17.49
Cheese PizzaMedium$12.89
House Pizza$12.99
Kosmic Karma$12.49
Mighty Meaty$12.99
Funky Q Chicken$12.99
Holy Shiitake$12.99
Buffalo Chicken$12.99
Great White$12.49
Pacific Rim$12.49
Veg Out$10.99
Cheese Pizza$8.29

Specialty Pies

Thai Dye Specialty PieLarge$25.19
Thai Dye Specialty PieMedium$19.99
Thai Dye Specialty PieSmall$12.49
House SpecialLarge$25.19
House SpecialMedium$20.99
House SpecialSmall$12.99
Kosmic KarmaLarge$25.19
Kosmic KarmaMedium$19.99
Kosmic KarmaSmall$12.49
Mighty MeatyLarge$25.99
Mighty MeatyMedium$20.99
Mighty MeatySmall$12.99
Funky Q ChickenLarge$25.99
Funky Q ChickenMedium$20.99
Funky Q ChickenSmall$12.99
Holy ShiitakeLarge$25.99
Holy ShiitakeMedium$20.99
Holy ShiitakeSmall$12.99
Buffalo ChickenLarge$25.99
Buffalo ChickenMedium$20.49
Buffalo ChickenSmall$12.29
Great WhiteLarge$25.19
Great WhiteMedium$19.99
Great WhiteSmall$12.49
Pacific RimLarge$25.19
Pacific RimMedium$19.99
Pacific RimSmall$12.49
Veg OutLarge$23.49
Veg OutMedium$17.49
Veg OutSmall$10.99
Cheese PizzaLarge$17.00
Cheese PizzaMedium$13.00
Cheese PizzaSmall$8.50


New Bangkok Salad with Chicken$10.99
New Bangkok Salad with Tofu$10.99
Greek SaladRegular$8.99
Greek SaladLil’$5.99
Caesar SaladRegular$8.99
Caesar SaladLil’$5.99
Enlightened Spinach SaladRegular$9.39
Enlightened Spinach SaladLil’$6.29
House SaladRegular$6.99
House SaladLil’$4.50
Chef SaladRegular$8.99
Chef SaladLil’$5.99

Garlic Cheesebread

Pesto Garlic$4.99
Oven Roasted Wings (Mild, Hot, Thai Chili, Jerk, BBQ, Naked)5 ct.$6.49
Oven Roasted Wings (Mild, Hot, Thai Chili, Jerk, BBQ, Naked)10 ct.$10.49
Split Wings$10.49


Whole Parmesan$7.99
Half Parmesan$4.89
Whole Salted$7.99
Half Salted$4.89


Thai Chili Oven Roasted Wings5 Wings$6.49
Thai Chili Oven Roasted Wings10 Wings$10.49
Magic Mushroom Soup Bowl$5.75
Meatball Trio$6.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip$7.99
Pretzel Bites$7.99

About Mellow Mushroom

In conclusion, Mellow Mushroom is a restaurant company with a long and interesting history. The founders, Rocky Reeves, Mike Nicholson, and Marc Weinstein, are all passionate about pizza and created a company that is loved by many.

Today, Mellow Mushroom is still going strong and continues to serve up delicious pizza to everyone who visits their restaurants. If you’re looking for a great pizza place to eat at, be sure to check out Mellow Mushroom!

Mellow Mushroom is the oldest restaurant in the United States, founded in 1986. The restaurant is known for its large variety of mushrooms, and their unique pizza sauce.

They have locations all over the United States, and even have a location in London. Mellow Mushroom is a popular restaurant chain that specializes in pizza.

The first Mellow Mushroom opened in 1979 in University Park, Pennsylvania. As of 2016, there are over 270 Mellow Mushroom restaurants across the United States. Mellow Mushroom is a restaurant chain with locations throughout the United States.

The company was founded in 1977 by Rick Wagner and Tom Smith in Toledo, Ohio. Mellow Mushroom’s menu features comfort food like pizza, pasta, chicken fingers and salads.

The restaurant has a casual atmosphere with a large variety of beer and wine options. Mellow Mushroom Restaurant is a restaurant chain with locations across the United States. The company was founded in 1974 by Rick Holloway and his wife, Pat.

Holloway had been working as a dishwasher at a pizza parlor and decided to open his own place. The first Mellow Mushroom opened in Decatur, Illinois. Today, there are over 220 locations across the country.


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