Lion’s Choice Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

This article covers Lion’s Choice Menu Prices 2023 in depth. We’ve gathered all of the most up-to-date and complete menus prices with the official websites.

Lion’s Choice Restaurant is a 5-star restaurant located in downtown Dallas.  the chefs preparing their food.  such as Indian curry and Chilean ceviche.

Lion’s Choice Restaurant is a great place to go for delicious food. for everyone and the prices are very reasonable.  Several dishes without feeling stuffed.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, If you’re looking for a great restaurant that won’t break the bank, Lion’s Choice should be at the top of your list. Lion’s Choice Restaurant is known for its delicious food.

The menu features a variety of items, from appetizers to entrees. There are also plenty of options for drinks and desserts. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an elaborate dinner, Lion’s Choice has something for you.

Lion’s Choice Restaurant is known for their scrumptious food that will tantalize the taste buds. The menu is extensive, with everything from pasta and pizza to seafood and steak. Each dish is unique and flavorful, making it a must-try for any food lover out there.

From appetizers like garlic bread and calamari to main courses like filet mignon and lamb shank, there’s something for everyone on the Lion’s Choice menu. Check out Lion’s Choice Menu Prices.

Lion’s Choice Menu Prices In 2023

Sweet Desserts

Freezes (Orange or Lemon)Regular$2.49
Freezes (Orange or Lemon)Large$2.89
Shakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Root Beer, or Strawberry)Regular$2.49
Shakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Root Beer, or Strawberry)Large$2.89
IBC Root Beer FloatRegular$2.19
IBC Root Beer FloatLarge$2.49
Concretes (M&M, Oreo, Butterfinger, Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Lemon, or Orange)Regular$2.49
Concretes (M&M, Oreo, Butterfinger, Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Lemon, or Orange)Large$3.49
Sundaes (Chocolate, Hot Fudge, or Strawberry)Regular$1.99
Dipped ConeMini$0.39
Dipped ConeLarge$1.39
Dish of Frozen CustardRegular$1.39
Cookie1 Pc.$0.79
Cookie3 Pc.$1.79

Kid’s Meals

Pick Any Sandwich with Two Sides and Drink$3.99


Soft DrinkRegular$1.79
Soft DrinkLarge$1.99
Iced TeaRegular$1.79
Iced TeaLarge$1.99
Bottled Water$1.49
Apple Juice$1.49
2% Milk$1.49
Chocolate Milk$1.49

Soups & Salads

Hearty ChiliRegular$3.49
Cream of Broccoli SoupRegular$3.49
Chicken Noodle SoupRegular$3.49
Side SaladRegular$1.99
Chef SaladRegular$5.99


Natural-Cut FriesRegular$1.79
Natural-Cut FriesLarge$2.19
Cheese FriesRegular$2.39
Cheese FriesLarge$2.79
Chili Cheese FriesRegular$2.99
Baked PotatoRegular$1.99
Veggie SticksRegular$1.89
Veggie DipRegular$0.49
Potato SaladRegular$1.79
Cole SlawRegular$1.79
Potato ChipsRegular$0.99

Soup & Sandwich Meal

Original Roast Beef Sandwich, Regular Drink & Bowl of Soup$7.69

Tasty Sandwiches

Famous Roast BeefOriginal$3.49
Famous Roast BeefLarge$4.69
Famous Roast BeefKing$5.79
Oven Roasted TurkeyOriginal$3.39
Oven Roasted TurkeyLarge$4.49
Oven Roasted TurkeyKing$5.59
Pulled PorkOriginal$3.99
Pulled PorkLarge$5.19
French DipOriginal$5.19
Italian BeefOriginal$5.19
Jumbo Hot Dog (100% All Beef)Original$1.89
Jumbo Chili Dog (100% All Beef)Original$2.99

Hearty Meals

Original Meal Includes Regular Sandwich, Regular Natural-Cut Fries, and Regular Drink. Large Meals Include Large Sandwich on a Steak Bun, Large Natural-Cut Fries, and Large Drink. King Meals Include Double The Beef of an Regular Sandwich, Large Natural-Cut Fries, and Large Drink.
Famous Roast BeefOriginal$6.39
Famous Roast BeefLarge$8.09
Famous Roast BeefKing$9.19
Oven Roasted TurkeyOriginal$6.29
Oven Roasted TurkeyLarge$7.89
Oven Roasted TurkeyKing$8.99
Pulled PorkOriginal$6.89
Pulled PorkLarge$8.59
French DipOriginal$8.09
Italian BeefOriginal$8.09
2 Jumbo Hot Dog (100% All Beef)Original$6.29

About Lion’s Choice

In conclusion, Lion’s Choice is a company with a rich history that started in 1967 in St. Louis, Missouri. Founders Marv Gibbs and Clint Tobias have a combined experience of over 50 years in the restaurant industry, and their passion for quality food and customer service has made Lion’s Choice one of the most popular restaurants in the Midwest.

If you’re looking for a delicious, freshly made meal, Lion’s Choice is definitely worth checking out! Lion’s Choice Restaurant is a popular eatery that has been in .

The restaurant is known for its delicious food and friendly staff. Lion’s Choice is a great place to go with family or friends, and it always seems to be busy.

The restaurant offers a variety of menu options, including American and Italian food. The ambience is warm and inviting, with comfortable seating and an impressive wine list.

Lion’s Choice is perfect for any occasion – whether you’re looking for a delicious meal with friends or an intimate dinner for two. Lion’s Choice Restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant that has been in business for over thirty years.

The menu features traditional Hong Kong cuisine, including Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Lo Mein, and Chow Fun. Lion’s Choice also serves a variety of Cantonese specialties such as Peking Duck and Siu Mai.

In addition to its traditional Chinese food, Lion’s Choice also offers a selection of international dishes such as Italian pasta dishes and Japanese sushi.

You’ve already gone over the full Lion’s Choice Menu Prices 2023, in which we discussed the most up-to-date menu and pricing. We hope you found this information useful and if we have missed any information you can let us know in the comments below.

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