Lee’s Sandwiches Menu Prices (Updated: May 2023)

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Lee’s Sandwiches Restaurant is a popular spot in town for anyone looking to grab a delicious meal. This restaurant has been serving up homemade sandwiches since its opening in1983.

With its simple yet flavorful menu, Lee’s Sandwiches offers something for everyone. From classic BLTs and club sandwiches to signature creations like the “Bangkok Special,” each sandwich is made with only the freshest ingredients.

Lee’s Sandwiches is an eatery that stands out among the rest. Lee’s offers a wide variety of delicious sandwiches and sides that are sure to tantalize any palate.

The menu is extensive and boasts something for everyone, with a focus on fresh ingredients and flavorful combinations. From classic subs to creative wraps, Juice and Smoothies, Milk & Tea, Beverages, Party Platters, Chips and Dessert, European Style Croissant Sandwiches, Asian Style Baguette Sandwiches, Breakfast Sandwiches and Croissants, and salads, customers can expect nothing but quality dishes from Lee’s Sandwiches.

Lee’s Sandwiches is one of the most beloved and iconic sandwich chains in the United States. Located across the country, Lee’s Sandwiches boasts a large selection of delicious sandwiches, salads, and other treats.

From traditional favorites such as grilled cheese or ham and cheese to more unique creations like pho-filled banh mi or shredded steak tacos, Lee’s Sandwiches has something for everyone.

From their signature sandwiches to a wide selection of Vietnamese dishes, Whether you’re looking for a light snack or an entire meal, Lee’s menu will leave your mouth watering with its selection of freshly-made items.

Lee’s specializes in unique and flavorful sandwiches with a variety of fresh ingredients. With an extensive menu, customers can try something new every time they visit.

From classic deli sandwiches to more creative combinations, each sandwich is made with only the highest quality ingredients and served with a side of homemade potato chips.

Lee’s Sandwiches is a popular restaurant known for its delicious sandwiches, salads, and drinks. Lee’s Sandwiches offers an impressive selection of traditional Vietnamese and other Asian-inspired dishes that are sure to please any palate.

With generous portions and competitive prices, it’s no wonder why this restaurant has become a local favorite. Check out Lee’s Sandwiches Menu Prices.

Lee’s Sandwiches Menu Prices In 2023

Lee’s Signature Tea Drinks

Lee Coffee Milk Tea$3.99$4.99

Frappe Blended Drinks

Caramel Frappe$3.59
Matcha Green Tea Frappe$3.59
Mocha Frappe$3.59
Frappe Caramel (L)$4.59
Frappe Green Tea (L)$4.59
Frappe Mocha (L)$4.59

Milk Tea Drinks

Lee Milk Tea$2.99
Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Honey Black Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Honey Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Honeydew Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Matcha Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Taro Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Lee Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Caramel Coffee Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Green Tea Milk Tea$3.99
Honey Black Tea Milk Tea$3.99
Honey Green Tea Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Honeydew Green Tea Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Matcha Green Tea Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Taro Green Tea Milk (L)$3.99

Fruit Tea Drinks

Passion Fruit Tea$2.99
Mango Fruit Tea$2.99
Strawberry Fruit Tea$2.99
Passion Fruit Fruit Tea (L)$3.99
Mango Fruit Tea (L)$3.99
Strawberry Fruit Tea (L)$3.99

Roasted Coffee

Parisian Ground Coffee 16oz$8.99
Espresso Ground Coffee 12oz$8.99
French Roast Ground Coffee 12oz$8.99
Double French Roast Ground Coffee 12oz$8.99
Espresso Whole Bean Coffee 12oz$8.99
French Roast Whole Bean Coffee 12oz$8.99
Double French Roast Whole Bean Coffee 12oz$8.99

Cafe Pour Over

Cafe Pour Over Parisian 8Pks$5.99


Mix Asian Platter A$43.99
Mix Asian Platter B$46.99
Mix Euro BA Platter C$49.99
Mix Euro CR Platter D$52.99

Lee’s Coffee Drinks

Lee’s Coffee Original$3.59$4.59
Hot Lee’s Cafe Original$3.59$4.59
Iced Black Coffee$1.99$2.99
Hot Black Coffee$1.99$2.99
Lee’s Coffee Mocha$3.59$4.59
Iced Americano$1.89$2.89
Hot Americano$1.89$2.89

Euro Croissant Sandwiches

CR Ham, Cheese$8.49
CR Turkey, Cheese$8.49
CR Ham, Turkey, Cheese$8.49
CR R. Beef, Cheese$8.49
CR Lees Club$8.49
CR BLT$8.49
CR Tuna Almond$8.49
CR Veggie Avocado$ 8.49
CR Turkey Club$ 8.49

Euro Baguette Sandwiches

Ham Cheese Baguette$7.99
Turkey Cheese Baguette$7.99
Ham & Turke, Cheese Baguette$7.99
Roasted Beef Cheese Baguette$7.99
Veggie Avocado Baguette$7.99
Turkey Club Baguette$7.99
Tuna Almond Baguette$7.99
Salami Cheese Baguette$7.99
Jambon Cheese Baguette$6.99
BA BLT Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato$7.99
BA Lees Club$7.99

Asian Sandwiches

SW Combination$5.99
SW Pork Roll$5.99
SW Cured Pork$5.99
SW Grilled Chicken$5.99
SW Grilled Pork$5.99
SW B.B.Q Pork$5.99
SW Meatball$5.99
SW Sardine$5.99
SW Special Combo$6.49
SW Vegetarian$6.49
SW Pork Roll, Pate$5.99
SW Jambon, Pork Roll$5.99
SW Op La$5.99
SW Op La, Pork Roll$6.49

Breakfast Sandwiches

Ham, Egg, Cheese BA$3.99
Bacon, Egg, Cheese BA$3.99
Ham, Bacon, Egg, Cheese BA$4.49
Egg, Cheese BA$3.99
Ham, Egg, Cheese CR$3.99
Bacon, Egg, Cheese CR$3.99
Ham, Bacon, Egg Cheese CR$4.49
Egg & Cheese CR$3.99


Large Baguette$1.49
Large Croissant$1.99
Macaroon [3]$4.99
Almond Butter Baguettes 9oz$4.49
Toasted Garlic Baguettes 4oz$3.99
Croissant Straight$1.79


Chicken Nuggets [5]$2.19
Chicken Nuggets [20]$5.19
Hot Wings Chicken [5]$3.99
Hot Wings Chicken [20]$12.99
Pork And Shrimp Egg Rolls [5]$3.99
Pork And Shrimp Egg Rolls [20]$14.99
Chicken Egg Rolls [5]$3.99
Chicken Egg Rolls [20]$14.99

About Lee’s Sandwiches

Lee’s Sandwiches has been a staple in the Bay Area as a successful restaurant for over 35 years. Founded by Chieu Le and Henry Le in 1983, Lee’s Sandwiches continues to serve delicious Vietnamese-style sandwiches, coffee drinks, and other treats to its customers.

The business has grown over the past three decades and now includes 50+ locations across California and Nevada. This growth is a testament to the hard work of its founders and their commitment to quality.

Lee’s Sandwiches Restaurant has been a staple in the dining scene of its local community for several decades. It has become an integral part of the lives of its patrons, serving up delicious sandwiches with a unique charm since its inception.

Lee’s Sandwiches Restaurant has been serving up classic American sandwiches and comfort food to generations of hungry diners for over 30 years.

Located in the heart of New York City, Lee’s is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike who come to enjoy their delicious fare. Lee’s has been a go-to destination for simple yet hearty fare that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Lee’s Sandwiches has grown to become one of the most recognizable and popular restaurants in the country. With over 50+ locations spanning from the West Coast to the East Coast, Lee’s Sandwiches offers a unique dining experience with its eclectic menu of sandwiches and bánh mì.

Through the decades, this beloved restaurant has developed a loyal following of customers who appreciate Lee’s for its signature sandwiches and excellent service.

It is well known for being a local go-to spot for delicious and affordable meals, but there is much more to Lee’s than just great food.

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