La Carreta Menu Prices

Unveiling the art of fine dining, La Carreta sets the gold standard, its menu prices showcasing more than just numbers, they convey value.

With roots deep in authentic cuisine, this culinary haven beckons gastronomes far and wide. Every dish is crafted meticulously, a symphony of flavors playing a sweet serenade to your palate.

Do you wonder about the affordability of such exquisite dining? Shed your worries! The brilliance of La Carreta lies in balancing high-end gastronomic experiences with prices that won’t gouge your wallet.

Navigating the vibrant food landscape becomes effortless with La Carreta’s pocket-friendly menu, offering you a gateway to epicurean adventures.

Understanding its significance isn’t merely about savings, it’s a crucial key to unlocking a world of culinary delights without financial constraints.

So, come forth, let’s embark on this journey together, dissecting La Carreta’s menu prices and their importance to the everyday epicurean explorer.

La Carreta Menu Prices In 2024


Black Beans$2.95
Spanish Rice$2.95
Seafood Taco$3.75
Seafood Steak Taco$3.20
Street Taco$2.25
Picadillo Hard Taco$2.25
Pinto Beans$2.95
Burrito Con Queso$5.75
Chile Relleno$4.75
Tamale Oaxaqueno$2.95


Burrito Wrap$11.25
Burrito Supreme$11.95


Dos Street Tacos$11.75
Seafood Tacos$12.95


Chicken Fajita$13.50
Steak Fajita$14.50
Imported Shrimp Fajita$14.75
Trio Fajitas$14.95
Monterrey FajitasSkirt Steak – $16.95
Carne Asada – $14.95


Caesar SaladImported Shrimp – $11.25
Mahi Mahi – $12.95
Grilled Chicken – $9.50
Taco Salad$8.95
Strawberry SaladImported Shrimp – $11.25
Mahi Mahi – $12.95
Grilled Chicken – $9.50
Avocado SaladImported Shrimp – $11.25
Mahi Mahi – $12.95
Grilled Chicken – $9.50


Tortilla SoupCup – $4.50
Bowl – $6.25
Frijoles CharrosCup – $4.50
Bowl – $6.25


Queso DipSmall – $4.25
Large – $7.75
Choriqueso Dip$8.75
GuacamoleSmall – $4.25
Large – $7.75
Tableside – $8.95
Flautas Appetizer$8.95
Chipotle Imported Shrimp$10.95
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$8.75
Quesadillas De Pato$8.95
Quesadillas Appetizer$9.25

About La Carreta

A culinary saga unfolds in the heart of Miami, where Felipe Vals marked the beginning of La Carreta back in 1976. With his visionary leadership and dedication to authentic cuisine, Felipe planted the seeds of this now renowned gastronomic gem.

Born amidst the vibrant city pulse, La Carreta quickly blossomed into a culinary haven, its headquarters firmly anchored at 8650 SW 40th St, Miami, Florida, 33156, United States.

Much like the city that embraces it, La Carreta embodies a rich tapestry of flavors and experiences, its roots deeply entwined with a genuine love for food.

Guided by Felipe Vals’ pioneer spirit, this culinary powerhouse grew from a seedling of an idea into an industry trailblazer, holding high the torch of authentic, heartwarming cuisine.

Each page of La Carreta’s history radiates passion, encapsulating a journey that transcends traditional culinary boundaries. It’s more than just a dining spot; it’s a chronicle of dedication, perseverance, and the unwavering belief in serving food that speaks to the heart.

As we dive deeper into its compelling narrative, you’ll uncover the reasons behind La Carreta’s enduring legacy and discover what makes it a cornerstone of Miami’s gastronomic landscape. Brace yourself, for the story of La Carreta is as enchanting as its dishes are irresistible.

FAQs On La Carreta

1. What makes La Carreta’s menu prices appealing to the modern diner?

La Carreta has achieved an elegant balance between offering exceptional dining experiences and maintaining accessible pricing. This unique aspect of their business model showcases their commitment to serving wide-ranging clientele without compromising the quality of their culinary offerings.

2. How does La Carreta maintain its affordability despite providing high-quality cuisine?

La Carreta employs smart sourcing strategies and efficiency in their operations. By securing the best deals from trusted suppliers and optimizing their kitchen practices, they manage to keep costs down without diluting the authenticity or quality of their dishes.

3. Can one expect seasonal variations in La Carreta’s menu prices?

Seasonal fluctuations in ingredient availability may slightly affect the menu prices. However, La Carreta strives to minimize such impacts, thereby offering their patrons a consistent dining experience throughout the year.

4. Does La Carreta offer any special promotions that could affect menu prices?

Indeed, La Carreta occasionally rolls out special offers and promotions. Customers can enjoy discounted prices or combo deals during these periods, making their dining experience even more value-driven.

5. Are there any dishes on La Carreta’s menu that stand out for their cost-effectiveness?

While each dish at La Carreta offers significant value, some standout choices include their signature Cuban sandwiches and flavorful rice dishes. These items have earned accolades for their delightful taste profiles and appealing prices.

Final Words

In closing, the essence of La Carreta’s allure lies not just in its palatable offerings, but also in the wisdom behind its menu prices. This unique synergy of flavor, authenticity, and value signifies La Carreta’s commitment to providing accessible gastronomic joy.

They skillfully weave an experience where fine dining meets affordability, a testament to their expertise and customer-focused approach.

An understanding of La Carreta menu prices isn’t just beneficial; it’s an invitation to explore the culinary treasures they hold without the worry of extravagance.

It’s a portal that opens up the diverse and rich flavors of their cuisine, ensuring that every guest leaves satisfied, both in terms of taste and budget.

In the grand tapestry of dining, La Carreta paints a compelling image, where quality and affordability dance in perfect harmony.

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