Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices (Updated: May 2023)

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Kung Fu Tea Restaurant is a small establishment in a nondescript part of town. The restaurant is decorated with posters of kung fu movies and photographs of the restaurant’s namesake, Master Kung Fu, who has been practicing martial arts for over 50 years.

The menu is extensive, with dishes such as Kung Pao. Kung Fu Tea Restaurant is a new-age tea house that serves authentic Chinese cuisine. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of items, including dim sum, soup, rice and noodles, and stir fry.

The restaurant also offers vegan options. The restaurant has a rustic and comfortable atmosphere with exposed brick walls. The Kung Fu Tea Restaurant is a little known gem in the city.

It’s located in a little strip mall on the east side and it offers some of the best food around. The restaurant is owned by a husband and wife team and they serve up authentic Chinese cuisine.

They have a wide variety of dishes to . Some of their signature items include the Kung Fu Noodle Soup, Kung Po Chicken, and the Salt & Pepper Squid.

Kung Fu Tea Restaurant is a well-known culinary destination in the city. The restaurant has a diverse menu that includes items such as Kung Fu Noodles, Chow Mein, Chow Fun, and more.

Some of the most popular dishes at Kung Fu Tea Restaurant are the Kung Fu Tea and the Spicy Kung Fu Tea. Check out Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices.

Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices In 2023


Signature Coffee$4.25
Caramel Macchiato$4.45
Caramel Macchiato$4.45
Pumpkin Coffee$5.15

Hot Milk Strike

Hot Chai Milk Strike$6.95
Hot Ginger Milk Strike$6.95
Hot Wow Milk Strike$6.95
Hot Original Milk Strike$6.95
Hot Oreo Milk Strike$6.95
Hot Matcha Milk Strike$6.95
Hot Red Bean Milk Strike$6.95
Hot Herbal Jelly Milk Strike$6.95

Milk Strike

Chai Milk Strike$5.95
Ginger Milk Strike$5.95
Original Milk Strike$5.95
Oreo Milk Strike$5.95
Matcha Milk Strike$5.95
Red Bean Milk Strike$5.95
Herbal Jelly Milk Strike$5.95


Honey Lemonade Punch$4.65
Grapefruit Green Tea Punch$5.15
Lychee Black Tea Punch$5.15
Lychee Punch$5.15
Mango Green Tea Punch$5.05
Orange Green Tea Punch$5.15
Passion Fruit Green Tea Punch$5.05
Peach Oolong Tea Punch$5.05
Rosehip Lemonade Punch$5.05
Strawberry Lemon Green Tea Punch$5.05
Strawberry Lemonade Punch$5.05
Sunshine Pineapple Tea Punch$5.05

Hot Milk Tea

Hot Kung Fu Milk Tea$5.95
Hot Kung Fu Green Milk Tea$5.95
Hot Oolong Milk Tea$5.95
Thai Hot Milk Tea$5.95
Hot Almond Milk Tea$6.15
Hot Coconut Milk Tea$6.15
Hot Honey Milk Tea$6.15
Hot Honey Green Milk Tea$6.15
Hot Honey Oolong Milk Tea$6.15
Hot Winter Melon Milk Green Tea$6.15

Milk Tea

Kung Fu Milk Tea$4.85
Kung Fu Green Milk Tea$4.85
Oolong Milk Tea$4.85
Thai Milk Tea$4.85
Almond Milk Tea$5.15
Coconut Milk Tea$5.15
Honey Milk Tea$5.15
Honey Green Milk Tea$5.15
Honey Oolong Milk Tea$5.15
Winter Melon Milk Green Tea$5.15
Rosehip Milk Tea$5.15
Taro Milk Green Tea$5.15
Taro Milk Tea$5.15
Coffee Milk Tea$5.15

Seasonal Special

Pumpkin Oolong Milk Tea$4.85
Pumpkin Hot Oolong Milk Tea$5.65
Hot Brown Sugar Ginger$5.85


Yogurt Green Tea$5.55
Yogurt Grapefruit$6.05
Yogurt Orange$6.05

Classic Hot Tea

Classic Hot Kung Fu Black Tea$5.55
Classic Hot Kung Fu Green Tea$5.55
Classic Hot Kung Fu Oolong Tea$5.55
Classic Hot Kung Fu Honey Tea$5.55
Classic Hot Winter Melon Tea$5.55
Classic Hot Winter Melon Green Tea$5.75
Classic Hot Honey Black Tea$5.75
Classic Hot Green Tea$5.75
Classic Hot Oolong Tea$5.75
Classic Hot Longan Jujube Tea$5.75

Classic Tea

Classic Kung Fu Black Tea$4.25
Classic Kung Fu Green Tea$4.25
Classic Kung Fu Oolong Tea$4.25
Classic Kung Fu Honey Tea$4.25
Classic Winter Melon Tea$4.25
Classic Winter Melon Green Tea$4.45
Classic Honey Black Tea$4.45
Honey Green Tea$4.45
Honey Oolong Tea$4.45
Honey Longan Jujube Tea$4.45

About Kung Fu Tea

In conclusion, Kung Fu Tea is a company with a rich history and a bright future. Allen Wang is the founder, and the company was founded in 2010 in New York, NY.

Kung Fu Tea is quickly becoming a leading player in the tea industry, and there are many opportunities for growth and expansion. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out Kung Fu Tea for some delicious tea!

Kung Fu Tea Restaurant is a popular Asian restaurant in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky. The restaurant was founded in 1998 by twin brothers, Christopher and Michael Jing who are both martial arts enthusiasts.

The restaurant offers Kung Fu tea, an original blend of tea made with traditional Chinese herbs and spices. Kung Fu Tea Restaurant is a restaurant that specializes in Kung Fu tea.

The restaurant was founded by two entrepreneurs, who have over 25 years of experience in the tea business. The menu features traditional and modern Chinese cuisine, as well as a variety of Kung Fu tea flavors.

Kung fu tea restaurant is a popular spot for those looking for a quick bite. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, all of which come with a side of tea.

The food is hearty and filling, perfect for those who are on the go. The restaurant also has an interesting history behind it. It was founded by two brothers who were avid martial artists and wanted

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