Kona Ice Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

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Kona Ice is a tropical-style shaved ice treat that has won the hearts of customers around the world. It’s no surprise why – Kona’s flavors are so unique and special, they can’t be found anywhere else!

Whether you’re looking for a sweet snack or something to cool off with on a hot day, Kona Ice is here to provide. Kona Ice offers more than just shaved ice treats; they also offer signature drinks, frozen lemonade, smoothies, and slushies.

All of their products are made with natural ingredients and flavors without added preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. And since all of their items come in recyclable cups, you can enjoy your treat knowing it’s helping reduce waste too!

With over 50 delicious flavor combinations to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Kona Ice. The restaurant’s menu begins with its signature item – its original Kona Shave Ice.

This treat comes with over many flavors of syrup that can be poured directly over the fluffy shaved ice and then topped with either one or two mix-ins such as candy pieces, fruits, and marshmallows.

Customers can further customize their order by adding toppings such as chocolate sauce or sprinkles. Without looking any further let us check the detailed menu below. Check out Kona Ice Menu Prices.

Kona Ice Menu Prices In 2023

Birthday Package

Birthday Package24 cups$110.00
Each Cup Over 241 cup$2.50

Shaved Ice Cups

Kowabunga and Color Changing Cups Receive $3.00 Refills
CupKing Kona$4.00
Color Changing Cup$5.00

About Kona Ice

The Kona Ice restaurant was founded in 2007 by Tony Lamb in Florence, Kentucky. The restaurant quickly gained popularity for its colorful shaved ice treats and friendly atmosphere.

Since its founding, the company has developed into a multi-million dollar global brand with over 1,000 locations in 43 states and others across Canada worldwide.

Since its inception, Kona Ice has been dedicated to bringing joy to communities everywhere. As part of this mission, the company created the Kona Cares program which donates back 10% of profits to local schools and charities so that they can continue their important work.

Additionally, the restaurant prides itself on using only natural flavors and ingredients in all of its products. With a commitment to quality and service along with a fun atmosphere, it’s easy to see why Kona Ice is one of the most beloved frozen treat chains around!

The brand’s success lies within its founder’s passion for providing customers with a unique experience. Lamb wanted to create a business that not only offered delicious treats but also put an emphasis on community involvement and philanthropy.

In addition to offering customers sweet treats, Kona Ice frequently partners with local charities and organizations to give back to their communities.

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