Juan Pollo Menu Prices

Are you overpaying for your favorite chicken meal? It’s high time to consider the cost-effective, flavorful options from Juan Pollo. As the popular saying goes, “the taste is in the details,” and Juan Pollo, the legendary chicken chain, proves this time and time again with their attractively priced menu.

Our detailed review of Juan Pollo’s menu prices might just change your weekly dinner plans. By highlighting the value proposition, we take you on a culinary tour where price meets taste in an unexpected, yet delightful harmony.

Every penny matters, and we’re here to assure you that at Juan Pollo, your hard-earned money is well spent. Continue reading to unveil the mouth-watering, pocket-friendly culinary experience that Juan Pollo offers.

It’s not just a menu price list; it’s a ticket to redefine your palate without breaking the bank.

Juan Pollo Menu Prices In 2024


DrinksSmall – $1.49
Large – $1.99


RiceSmall – $1.99
Medium – $3.49
Large – $4.99
X-Large – 6.99
BeansSmall – $1.99
Medium – $3.49
Large – $4.99
X-Large – 6.99
Potato SaladSmall – $1.99
Medium – $3.49
Large – $4.99
X-Large – 6.99
Green SaladSmall – $1.99
Medium – $3.49
Large – $4.99
X-Large – 6.99

Meal Paks

Meal PaksMini Pak – $17.85
Family Pak – $32.95
Jumbo Pak – $48.55


Chicken1/2 Chicken – $6.29
1 Chicken – $11.59
2 Chickens – $20.99
3 Chickens – $29.49


1/4 Dark Meal
Chicken thigh & leg,
with a choice of two small sides
1/4 White Meal
Chicken breast & wing,
with a choice of two small sides
1/2 Chicken Meal
Chicken breast, wing, thigh & leg,
with a choice of two small sides


Two Tacos$2.99
Soft Taco Platter$4.99
Juan’s Big Burrito$6.49
Chicken Salad$7.49
Juan’s Big Bowl$6.49

About Juan Pollo

Venturing back to 1984, we find ourselves in San Bernardino, California, where the seeds of Juan Pollo were planted by a visionary entrepreneur, Albert Okura.

Okura saw an opportunity in the market to deliver chicken meals that are both delightful and budget-friendly, so he introduced Juan Pollo, a restaurant concept that soon became a community favorite.

Despite its humble beginnings, Juan Pollo stood out with its quality fare and distinctive flavors, rapidly gaining popularity. Okura’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with the irresistible taste of Juan Pollo chicken led to rapid expansion, and by 2023, the chicken chain prides itself on operating 25 bustling restaurants.

San Bernardino remains the nerve center of Juan Pollo operations, serving as the restaurant chain’s headquarters. Here, the magic happens. It is where the innovative ideas take flight, from streamlining operations to introducing new menu items, all centered on satisfying you, the customer.

This expansion didn’t happen by accident. Behind the scenes, Okura, along with his committed team, have worked tirelessly to ensure that the flavors stay true to their original roots.

They’ve strived to preserve the quality and affordability that Juan Pollo has been known for since its inception. The story of Juan Pollo is not just about the growth of a restaurant.

It’s about a commitment to a vision, the perseverance to see it through, and the dedication to consistently offer quality to its patrons. Okura’s journey embodies the very essence of the American dream, with every serving of Juan Pollo chicken standing testament to his entrepreneurial triumph.

The next time you enjoy a bite at Juan Pollo, remember, you are not only savoring delicious food but also becoming part of a journey that commenced in 1984. It’s a tale of dream, determination, and the power of good food that binds us all.

And this journey is far from over. With your continued patronage, Juan Pollo looks forward to expanding its horizons further, bringing its unique, appetizing flavors to even more communities across the United States.

FAQs On Juan Pollo Restaurant

1. What are the average prices on the Juan Pollo menu?

The Juan Pollo menu offers a variety of meals that generally range between $5 to $20, with individual items being cheaper and family meals on the higher end of the scale. Prices may vary by location.

2. What are some popular dishes on the Juan Pollo menu?

Some of Juan Pollo’s most popular dishes include their signature rotisserie chicken, served with tortillas and salsa, and the Chicken Burrito, well-loved for its robust flavor and generous filling.

3. Does Juan Pollo offer any vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Juan Pollo does offer vegetarian options such as their Bean & Cheese Burrito and the Salad Plate. However, for vegans, the options may be limited as many dishes contain dairy products.

4. Are there any family deals or combo meals at Juan Pollo?

Absolutely. Juan Pollo offers a range of family meals and combo deals which include their signature chicken along with sides like beans, rice, and tortillas, providing excellent value.

5. Are the prices at Juan Pollo considered affordable?

Juan Pollo’s pricing is very competitive compared to other fast food chains, with an emphasis on offering high-quality food at an affordable cost.

6. Does Juan Pollo offer any seasonal or limited-time menu items?

Yes, Juan Pollo occasionally introduces seasonal or limited-time items. It’s best to check their website or contact the nearest location for current offerings.

7. Does the price of the Juan Pollo menu differ across locations?

While Juan Pollo strives to maintain consistency, prices can slightly vary based on location due to regional costs of operation.

8. Does Juan Pollo have a kid’s menu?

Yes, Juan Pollo has a kid’s menu which includes smaller portions suitable for children at a lower price point.

9. Can I customize my order at Juan Pollo?

Yes, you can customize your order at Juan Pollo. You can request additional toppings, removal of certain ingredients, or even substitute sides based on your preference.

10. Does Juan Pollo offer any discounts or promotions?

Juan Pollo often runs special promotions and discounts, especially around holidays or for special events. It’s always worth checking their website or social media channels for current deals.

Final Words

As we wrap up our culinary journey through the Juan Pollo menu, it’s clear that affordability and taste can indeed go hand-in-hand. Juan Pollo has masterfully balanced offering high-quality food at competitive prices, a factor that has undeniably contributed to their growth and popularity over the years.

This restaurant chain is more than just a fast-food outlet; it’s a testament to the vision of its founder, Albert Okura, and his commitment to providing a delightful dining experience without breaking the bank.

The varied menu, the attractively priced items, and the consistency in taste across all their locations make Juan Pollo a standout choice for budget-conscious diners seeking a delicious, satisfying meal.

So, whether it’s for a quick lunch or a family dinner, Juan Pollo’s offerings are sure to delight your taste buds and your wallet. Discover the magic of Juan Pollo today, and join the growing community of fans who have made it their go-to destination for quality, affordable dining.

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