Jollibee Menu Prices

Embark on a tantalizing journey as we unravel the exotic and affordable world of Jollibee menu prices, an arena that juxtaposes culinary delight with cost-effective eating.

With Jollibee ruling the roost in the fast-food industry, comprehending its menu prices translates to smart dining choices, helping you balance the taste buds’ satisfaction and your wallet’s health.

It’s not just about savouring delectable delights; it’s an exploration into strategic meal planning and budgeting, an understanding that reverberates beyond the precincts of a casual dining experience.

The financial intelligence embedded in Jollibee’s pricing strategy may seem elusive, but once demystified, it will transform your dining and decision-making process.

The insights gained will guide your ordering strategy, ensuring your fast-food ventures are value-packed, enriching, and fulfilling. So, ready to decode the gastronomic cipher that is Jollibee menu prices?

Dive into this blog post, where we serve up a hearty platter of insights, analysis, and wisdom. A world where affordability meets exceptional taste awaits you.

Jollibee Menu Prices In 2024

Jollibee Classics

Yumburger With Cheese£2.99
Double Yumburger With Cheese£4.99
Jolly Spaghetti£6.99
Yumburger Meal£5.49
Hotdog Meal£5.99
Yumburger With Cheese Meal£5.99
Spaghetti & Drink Meal£7.49

Rice Bowls & Wraps

Chicken Rice Bowl£6.99


French Fries£2.41£3.84
Mashed Potatoes£2.41£3.84
Side of Gravy£1.10£2.19
Steamed Rice£1.38
Adobo Rice£2.74


Peach Mango Pie£2.74


Pineapple Quencher£2.52
Sprite In Can£1.99
Fanta In Can£1.99
Bottled Water (20oz)£1.97

Chicken Tenders

3-Piece Chicken Tenders with Dipping Sauce£4.49
3-Piece Chicken Tenders Meal£7.29
5-Piece Chicken Tenders with Dipping Sauce£5.99
5-Piece Chicken Tenders Meal£8.99

Loaded Fries

Sriracha Chicken Loaded Fries£5.99
Gravy Chicken Loaded Fries£5.99

Chicken Sandwich

Original Chicken Sandwich£4.39
Deluxe Chicken Sandwich£4.94
Spicy Chicken Sandwich£4.39
Jollibee Spicy Chicken Sandwich£5.99
Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Meal£8.99
Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich£4.94
Tropical Chicken Sandwich Meal£8.99


10 Pieces Chickenjoy Bucket£21.99
6 Pieces Chickenjoy Bucket£13.19
Chickenjoy Family Deal 1£26.40
Chickenjoy Family Deal 2£26.40
Chickenjoy Bucket Treat A£35.20
Chickenjoy Bucket Treat B£33.00
Chickenjoy Bucket Treat C£36.30
Chickenjoy Bucket Treat D£39.60
2 Pieces Chickenjoy with 1 Side£7.14
2 Pieces Chickenjoy with 2 Sides£8.24
3 Pieces Chickenjoy with 1 Side£9.89
3 Pieces Chickenjoy with 2 Sides£10.99
1 Piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti£7.69
2 Pieces Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti£9.89
1 Piece Chickenjoy with Palabok Fiesta£8.79
2 Pieces Chickenjoy with Palabok Fiesta£10.99

New Meal Deals

Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Solo Meal Deal£9.99
Jollibee Spicy Chicken Sandwich Solo Meal Deal£9.49
Jollibee Bestseller Solo Meal Day£10.49
Jollibee Spicy Solo Bestseller Meal Deal£10.49
Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Double Meal Deal£16.49
Spicy Chickenjoy Solo Meal Deal£9.99

About Jollibee

Savour the captivating saga of Jollibee, the remarkable fast-food chain originating from the heart of the Philippines, which has been warming souls with its inviting menu since 1978.

Fathom the depth of this culinary universe as we dive into its intriguing history. Picture this: 28th January 1978, Quezon City, Philippines. A visionary named Tony Tan Caktiong ignited a fast-food revolution that resonates till today.

From humble beginnings, Caktiong’s drive and tenacity propelled Jollibee to unimaginable heights, turning it into an emblem of Filipino pride.

Situated in the bustling metropolis of Pasig, Jollibee’s headquarters bear witness to its journey from a local ice cream parlor to an international fast-food titan.

Every strategic decision, every innovative recipe, every forward-thinking initiative took form within these dynamic walls. Imagine the milestones celebrated here, marking each expansion, each unique menu addition, and every game-changing initiative.

Jollibee’s history is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the ceaseless pursuit of culinary excellence. By weaving affordability with taste, Jollibee set the golden standard in fast-food economics, a precedent that many strive to emulate yet rarely achieve.

The story of Jollibee is not merely a business chronicle; it’s a tale of Filipino dreams realized, of community-building, and of spreading joy through food. It’s a story that invites you to become a part of it, one delicious meal at a time.

FAQs On Jollibee

1. “How does Jollibee maintain such affordable prices on their menu, despite the growing inflation?”

Despite economic shifts, Jollibee continues to offer affordable menu prices by efficiently managing its supply chain, strategically sourcing ingredients, and optimizing operational practices. Their business model is designed to provide value-packed meals that cater to the budgets of diverse diners.

2. “What are the factors that influence the pricing of Jollibee’s menu items?”

The pricing strategy of Jollibee is a fine interplay of various factors. These include the cost of raw materials, operational expenses, location-specific costs, and the aim to deliver value-for-money meals to their clientele.

3. “How frequently does Jollibee revise its menu prices?”

Jollibee reviews its menu prices periodically, taking into account factors like inflation, costs of ingredients, and market trends. Despite occasional adjustments, their focus remains on delivering cost-effective, high-quality meals.

4. “Are there seasonal variations in Jollibee’s menu prices?”

While Jollibee does introduce special seasonal items, the core menu prices are kept stable, ensuring customers enjoy their favourite dishes at consistently reasonable rates.

5. “Do Jollibee’s menu prices differ across various countries?”

Jollibee’s menu prices may vary slightly across countries, reflecting the local economic conditions, operational costs, and market dynamics. Despite these variations, Jollibee maintains its commitment to delivering affordable, delicious meals globally.

Final Words

As we conclude our delectable discourse on Jollibee menu prices, it becomes evident that the brand’s pricing strategy reflects more than just numbers.

It is a unique blend of financial intelligence, customer satisfaction, and the undeniable essence of Filipino hospitality. The intriguing facets of Jollibee’s affordable prices embody a deep-seated commitment to delivering culinary joy to millions worldwide without burdening their wallets.

By staying true to their roots while embracing global sensibilities, Jollibee has perfected the art of presenting a menu that is as palatable to the purse as it is to the palate. It’s a testament to their vision of making great taste accessible to all, affirming Jollibee’s status as a beacon of affordable dining in the fast-food universe.

So, the next time you indulge in a Jollibee feast, remember, you’re not just enjoying a meal, but participating in a culinary tradition that champions quality, affordability, and an unshakeable bond with its patrons.

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