Johnny Rockets Menu Prices

Are you planning your next diner outing and want a nostalgic experience without breaking the bank? Then, Johnny Rockets has got you covered!

With its captivating blend of classic American cuisine and vibrant 50’s ambiance, navigating its menu prices can be as exciting as digging into their mouth-watering delights.

However, whether you’re a seasoned patron or a curious newcomer, a comprehensive guide to Johnny Rockets’ menu prices can be a game-changer, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

In the following sections, our foodie-expert team will meticulously dissect the Johnny Rockets menu, offering insightful tips, comparisons, and recommendations.

We promise to deliver the information you need to craft a delightful, budget-friendly feast that won’t disappoint! After all, enjoying good food shouldn’t have to come with a side of financial heartburn.

Stay with us as we serve up the savory secrets behind Johnny Rockets’ menu prices.

Johnny Rockets Menu Prices In 2024

Starters & Sides

Onion Rings$6.69
Chili Bowl$6.69

Kids Meals

Kids Mini Burgers$7.69
Kids Hot Dog$7.69
Kids Chicken Tenders$7.69
Kids Grilled Chicken Strips$7.69
Kids Grilled Cheese$7.69
Kids Original Shakes$5.29
Kids Deluxe Shakes$5.49


Original Shakes$6.99
Deluxe Shakes$7.19
Craig’s Vegan Vanilla Shake$10.99
Craig’s Vegan Strawberry Shake$10.99
Craig’s Vegan Chocolate Shake$10.99


Sodas & More$3.49
Iced Tea$3.29
Bottled Water$3.29
Decaf Coffee$3.29
Hot Chocolate$3.29
Hot Tea$3.29


Grilled Chicken Club Salad$11.99
Crispy Chicken Club Salad$11.99

Other Favorites

Chicken Tenders$10.99
Rocket Chili Dog$9.19
Rocket Dog$7.19


Grilled Chicken Sandwich$10.79
Chicken Club Sandwich$11.99
Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich$11.99
Philly Cheese Steak$11.99
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich$8.99
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$6.89


The Original$7.99
The Original Double$9.99
The Impossible Original$10.99
Bacon Cheddar$9.59
Bacon Cheddar Double$11.59
Rocket Single$8.99
Rocket Double$10.99
Smoke House$9.99
Smoke House Double$11.99
Spicy Houston$9.69
Spicy Houston Double$11.69
Route 66$9.79
Route 66 Double$11.79

About Johnny Rockets

Do you know the story behind your favorite burger joint, Johnny Rockets? Its origin traces back to the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, California, on June 6, 1986, when founder Ronn Teitelbaum first opened its doors.

Teitelbaum, a passionate entrepreneur, aimed to recreate the all-American diner experience, offering a nostalgic trip back to simpler times through classic burgers, milkshakes, and a 1950s ambiance.

Imagine Teitelbaum’s journey from a dream to an internationally recognized brand. It wasn’t just about the food but about cultivating an atmosphere that whisked patrons away to a bygone era.

Think jukeboxes, friendly service, and comfort food like hot dogs, sandwiches, and fries. This unique blend of good food and authentic 50’s nostalgia became Johnny Rockets’ winning recipe.

Over the years, Johnny Rockets grew by leaps and bounds, crossing state lines and eventually borders. By 2016, it had an impressive 385 locations worldwide, delighting customers with its delicious offerings and distinctive atmosphere.

However, fast forward to 2021, and the number of locations dipped to 147, reflecting the restaurant industry’s trials amid a challenging global landscape.

Even with these changes, the brand’s core remains intact at its headquarters located at 1855 Boston Rd Suite 300, Wilbraham, Massachusetts, U.S. 01095.

From here, the team orchestrates the operations, constantly innovating while staying true to the brand’s roots. Be it burgers, salads, or their delectable milkshakes, the taste and experience echo the same charm that Teitelbaum envisioned back in 1986.

Indeed, as we explore Johnny Rockets’ history, we’re not just talking about a restaurant chain. We’re sharing a story of dedication to a vision, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

This understanding deepens our appreciation of every bite we savor at Johnny Rockets, reminding us of the journey that brought these flavors to our plate.

FAQs On Johnny Rockets Restaurant

1.  How much does a classic burger cost at Johnny Rockets?

The price may vary by location, but as of our last update, a classic burger at Johnny Rockets typically costs around $6-$8.

2.  Does Johnny Rockets have a kids’ menu, and how much does it cost?

Yes, Johnny Rockets does offer a kids’ menu, with items generally priced between $5-$7. This includes a main dish, side, and a drink.

3.  How much is a milkshake at Johnny Rockets?

Johnny Rockets is known for its delicious milkshakes! Depending on your location, a milkshake can cost between $5-$7.

4.  Is there a combo meal option at Johnny Rockets, and what is its price range?

Yes, Johnny Rockets offers combo meals that include a burger, side, and a drink. The price for these meals ranges from $10-$14.

5.  How much are the hot dogs at Johnny Rockets?

Hot dogs at Johnny Rockets typically cost around $5-$7, but prices may vary by location and specific hot dog type.

6.  How much are Johnny Rockets’ sandwiches and salads?

The price for salads and sandwiches at Johnny Rockets usually falls in the $7-$10 range.

7.  Are there vegetarian options available at Johnny Rockets, and what’s the cost?

Yes, Johnny Rockets does offer vegetarian options. Depending on the specific menu item, the prices range from $6-$9.

8.  What’s the cost of a breakfast meal at Johnny Rockets?

If your local Johnny Rockets serves breakfast, expect to pay somewhere around $7-$11 for a meal, though prices can vary.

9.  Does Johnny Rockets offer any specials or discounts?

Johnny Rockets periodically offers specials and discounts. We recommend checking their official website or contacting your local restaurant for the most current deals.

10.  How much are the soft drinks at Johnny Rockets?

Soft drinks at Johnny Rockets generally cost around $2-$3, but prices can vary depending on the location.

Final Words

Navigating through the Johnny Rockets menu prices doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We hope our comprehensive guide has provided valuable insights into making the most of your dining experience.

Remember, it’s not just about the cost but also about the value – the nostalgia-infused ambiance, the consistently delicious food, and the memories you’ll create along the way.

While prices can vary from location to location, what remains consistent is the quality and service that Johnny Rockets offers. Whether you’re tucking into a classic burger, savoring a milkshake, or sampling a vegetarian delight, every bite is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing an authentic American diner experience.

As Johnny Rockets continues to innovate its menu, stay tuned to us for the latest updates and insider tips. After all, enjoying your favorite foods should always come with a side of smart spending! Remember, at Johnn

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