Jim’ N Nick’s Menu Prices

Navigating the world of culinary delights doesn’t need to be a daunting task. But let’s face it – the struggle of finding cost-effective, satisfying meals is real!

Enter Jim’ N Nick’s, a gem in the realm of BBQ comfort food. Ever wondered about their menu prices? Get ready, because we’re about to embark on a deep dive into the world of hickory-smoked goodness that doesn’t leave your wallet empty.

Armed with years of foodie experience, our team uncovers the real deal behind Jim’ N Nick’s enticing menu. Whether you’re a budget-conscious diner or a food adventurer, this analysis will be a feast for your senses and sensibilities.

Let’s get ready to demystify the numbers, shall we? Stay with us – your gastronomical journey awaits.

Jim’ N Nick’s Menu Prices In 2024

Bar-B-Q By The Pound

Pulled Pork$14.99
Pulled Chicken$15.99
Whole Chicken$16.49
Sliced Turkey$16.49
Beef Brisket$20.99
Spare Ribs3 LBS – $21.99
Baby Back RibsRack – $21.99

Lil’ Piggie

Grilled Cheese$3.89
Lil’ Pork Sandwich$3.89
Chicken Tenders$4.89
Lil’ Original Cheeseburger$5.49
Chicken Drummies$4.89
Lil’ Piggie in the Garden$5.59
Mac & Cheese$4.89


PiesWhole – $20.99
Slice – $4.29


Baked Beans$2.99
Potato Salad$2.99
Macaroni & Cheese$2.99
Bar-B-Q Corn on the Cobb$2.99
Collard Greens$2.99
Fresh Fruit$2.99
French Fries$2.99


JNN Original BurgerSingle – $7.99
Double – $11.49
Southern BurgerSingle – $9.49
Double – $12.99

JNN Sandwiches

Pig On A Bun1 Trimming – $10.69
2 Trimmings – $12.19
Sandwich Only – $7.59
Carolina-Style Pork1 Trimming – $8.50
2 Trimmings – $12.19
Sandwich Only – $7.59
Bar-B-Q Chicken w/Morgan Co. White Sauce1 Trimming – $10.69
2 Trimmings – $12.19
Sandwich Only – $7.59
Bar-B-Q Chicken w/Original Sauce1 Trimming – $10.69
2 Trimmings – $12.19
Sandwich Only – $7.59
Beef Brisket1 Trimming – $11.68
2 Trimmings – $13.18
Sandwich Only – $8.78
Smoked Turkey Breast w/ Morgan Co. White Sauce1 Trimming – $10.69
2 Trimmings – $12.19
Sandwich Only – $7.59
Smoked Turkey Breast w/Original Sauce1 Trimming – $10.69
2 Trimmings – $12.19
Sandwich Only – $7.59
Joe’s Original Turkey Sandwich1 Trimming – $10.69
2 Trimmings – $12.19
Sandwich Only – $7.59
Karl’s Catfish Sandwich1 Trimming – $11.68
2 Trimmings – $13.18
Sandwich Only – $8.78


Classic Spare Ribs1 Lb – $13.99
2 Lbs – $18.99
3 Lbs – $25.99
Baby Back RibsHalf Rack – $18.99
Full Rack – $25.99

JNN Classic

Classic Pulled Pork$13.99
Carolina-Style Pork$13.99
Beef Brisket$17.99
Bar-B-Q Chicken w/Morgan Co. White SauceQuarter: Leg & Thigh – $10.99
Quarter: Wing & Breast – $11.98
Half: All Dark – $14.39
Half: – Mixed – $14.39
Half: All White – $15.38
Bar-B-Q Chicken w/Original SauceQuarter: Leg & Thigh – $10.99
Quarter: Wing & Breast – $11.98
Half: All Dark – $14.39
Half: – Mixed – $14.39
Half: All White – $15.38
Mr. Jim’s Combo Plate2 Meats – $18.79
3 Meats – $20.79
Smoked Turkey Breast w/Morgan Co. Sauce$15.29
Smoked Turkey Breast w/Original BBQ Sauce$15.29
Fried Chicken TendersBasket – $9.99
Dinner – $14.29
Karl’s Catfish Plate1 Fillet – $12.49
2 Fillets- $17.99
Loaded Mac & Cheese$9.29

Soups, Salads & Potatoes

Pig in the Garden$10.99
Chopped Southern Salad$10.99
Loaded Bar-B-Q Baker$11.48
Brisket ChiliCup – $3.79
Bowl – $5.79
Soup and Salad$8.29
Not-So-Naked Potato$4.49
House Garden Salad$4.79


Brisket Chili Cheese Fries$7.99
Onion RingsHalf Basket – $5.29
Full Basket – $8.49
Smoked Wings6 Pc – $8.99
12 Pc – $16.99
18 Pc – $24.99

About Jim’ N Nick’s

In the heart of America, amidst the culture and flavors, we find a unique tale of passion and barbeque – the story of Jim’ N Nick’s. Imagine it’s 1985, when Jim Pihakis, along with his son Nick, turned their shared love for Southern cuisine into a culinary adventure.

They didn’t just want to serve barbeque; they wanted to create an unforgettable experience. Jim’ N Nick’s was born out of a deep reverence for Southern tradition and a fervor for authenticity.

Both Jim and Nick shared a common vision: they wanted to bring the richness of their home recipes to the wider public. From their first restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, this father-son duo set out on their gastronomic journey.

At the crux of their mission was quality; everything from the sourcing of fresh, high-quality ingredients to the meticulous preparation was designed with this goal in mind.

Their success lies in a simple, yet potent recipe – treat food as an art and every customer like family. Decades later, their footprint spans across the United States, with each restaurant bearing the same stamp of excellence and homey Southern hospitality.

The Jim’ N Nick’s legacy isn’t confined to its scrumptious food but extends to the ambiance of community and family they’ve cultivated. In each of their restaurants, you’ll experience the lingering aroma of hickory-smoked BBQ and a friendly warmth that instantly makes you feel at home.

So, whether you’re an aficionado of Southern cuisine or a curious foodie, Jim’ N Nick’s provides not just a meal, but an experience steeped in a rich history.

As we delve deeper into this iconic restaurant’s menu prices, we carry with us the spirit of Jim and Nick’s passion – the promise of good food that is both soul-satisfying and budget-friendly.

After all, the essence of Jim’ N Nick’s lies in creating joy through food, a principle as resonant today as it was in 1985.

FAQs On Jim’ N Nick’s Restaurant

1. What is the price range for meals at Jim’ N Nick’s?

While prices may vary slightly by location, you can expect appetizers to range from $6 to $13, with main dishes like their famous BBQ platters costing between $12 and $20.

2. Are there any special discounts or deals available at Jim’ N Nick’s?

Jim’ N Nick’s often hosts special promotions and offers. It’s best to check their official website or contact your local restaurant for the most current deals.

3. Does Jim’ N Nick’s have a kids’ menu?

Yes, they have a delightful kids’ menu with a range of options, from cheeseburgers to chicken fingers. Prices generally hover around $6 to $7.

4. Are there vegetarian options on the Jim’ N Nick’s menu?

While Jim’ N Nick’s is known for their BBQ, they do offer a few vegetarian options like salads and sides. However, it’s recommended to check with the restaurant for specifics.

5. Do the menu prices at Jim’ N Nick’s include sides?

Typically, BBQ platters include a choice of two sides. However, for sandwiches and other items, sides may be ordered separately.

6. Is catering pricing different from the regular menu prices at Jim’ N Nick’s?

Catering services typically offer a separate pricing structure, often depending on the size of the group being catered for. It’s best to contact the restaurant directly for a quote.

7. Does Jim’ N Nick’s offer a value or combo meal?

Yes, they offer BBQ combo platters that include a choice of two meats and two sides, offering good value for money.

8. Does Jim’ N Nick’s have a dessert menu, and what are the prices?

Absolutely! They offer a sweet range of Southern-style desserts. Prices generally range from $5 to $7.

9. Are drink prices included in the menu prices at Jim’ N Nick’s?

Drinks are usually priced separately from the meal options on the menu.

10. Does Jim’ N Nick’s offer options for people with dietary restrictions?

Jim’ N Nick’s does offer gluten-free options. However, for other dietary needs, it’s recommended to consult with the restaurant directly.

Final Words

As we wrap up our savory journey through Jim’ N Nick’s menu prices, we hope you’ve gleaned some valuable insights. This iconic establishment has proven that quality dining doesn’t have to break the bank.

Whether you’re on a budget or seeking a gastronomic treat, Jim’ N Nick’s, with its rich history and commitment to Southern flavors, offers both value and variety.

Every bite at Jim’ N Nick’s brings with it a slice of the American South, rooted in tradition and authenticity. The affordability of their menu adds another layer to this delicious tapestry, making it a much-loved dining destination.

As we’ve seen, their menu prices reflect their commitment to delivering soul-satisfying meals accessible to everyone. So, next time you’re hankering for some heartwarming BBQ, remember that Jim’ N Nick’s welcomes you with open arms and pocket-friendly prices.

Step into the world of Jim’ N Nick’s, where every meal is a celebration of comfort food and community. Until then, keep exploring, keep tasting, and remember – the best food is often found where you least expect it!

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