Jason’s Deli Menu Prices

Elevate your dining experience without annihilating your wallet—Jason’s Deli serves up this paradox on a platter, quite literally. In a world increasingly driven by on-the-go meals and fast food, this establishment emerges as a culinary refuge that fuses budget-friendly options with an extensive, health-conscious menu.

Navigate the smorgasbord of options, from quintessential deli sandwiches to globally-inspired wraps and organic salads. Forget the trite, overused argument that dining out regularly is an expressway to poor health and financial strain; Jason’s Deli dismantles that notion with astonishing flair.

With pricing that respects both your palate and pocket, this deli is a compelling solution for busy professionals, health-conscious consumers, and families in search of variety and convenience alike.

As the struggle between nutrition and convenience rages on in modern culinary landscapes, Jason’s Deli bridges the gap. So why settle for less?

Your culinary nirvana awaits, packing an unmatched blend of taste, health, and affordability. Seize the opportunity; redefine what dining out means for you.

Jason’s Deli Menu Prices In 2024

Salads & Wraps

Full-Service Salad Bar$8.79
Mesa Chicken Salad Original$10.22
Mesa Chicken Salad Original, No Chicken$9.12
Mesa Chicken Salad Wrap Regular$9.34
Mesa Chicken Salad Wrap (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Chicken Club Salad Original$10.22
Chicken Club Salad Original, No Chicken$9.12
Chicken Club Salad Wrap Regular$9.34
Chicken Club Salad Wrap (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad Original$10.22
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad Original, No Chicken$9.12
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad Wrap Regular$9.34
Nutty Mixed-Up Salad Wrap (Manager’s Special)$9.34
The Big Chef Original$9.34
The Big Chef Salad Wrap Regular$8.46
The Big Chef Salad Wrap (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Chicken Caesar Original$9.45
Chicken Caesar Original, No Chicken$8.35
Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap Regular$8.68
Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap (Manager’s Special)$9.34
BBQ Chicken Wrap Regular$9.01
BBQ Chicken Wrap (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Ranchero Wrap Regular$89.01
Ranchero Wrap (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Turkey Wrap Regular$8.35
Turkey Wrap (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Spinach Veggie Wrap Regular$8.13
Spinach Veggie Wrap (Manager’s Special)$9.34


Bowl Broccoli Cheese Soup$6.59
Cup Broccoli Cheese Soup$4.94
Bowl Chicken Noodle Soup$6.59
Cup Chicken Noodle Soup$4.94
Bowl Fire Roasted Tortilla Soup$6.59
Cup Fire Roasted Tortilla Soup$4.94
Bowl Organic Vegetable Soup$6.59
Cup Organic Vegetable Soup$4.94
Bowl Tomato Basil$6.59
Cup Tomato Basil$4.94
Bowl Irish Potato Soup$6.59
Cup Irish Potato Soup$4.94
Bowl Spicy Seafood Gumbo$6.59
Cup Spicy Seafood Gumbo$4.94
Bowl Chicken Pot Pie$6.59
Cup Chicken Pot Pie$4.94
Bowl Chili$6.59
Cup Chili$4.94
Bowl Southwest Chicken Chili$6.59
Cup Southwest Chicken Chili$4.94

Fruit & Sides

Kettle Cooked Salted Potato Chips$0.98
Oven Baked Potato Crisps$0.98
Bar-B-Que Flavored Potato Chips$0.98
Jalapeño Pepper Flavored Potato Chips$0.98
Salt + Vinegar Flavored Potato Chips$0.98
Fresh Fruit Cup with Dip (210 cal)$3.51
Fresh Fruit Cup no Dip (60 cal)$3.51
Fresh Fruit Bowl (310 cal)$7.47
Blue Corn Chips & Salsa$3.18
Blue Corn Chips & Red Pepper Hummus$3.18
4 Mini Cornbread Muffins (70 cal each)$1.09
4 Mini Gingerbread Muffins (35 cal each)$1.09
American Potato Salad$2.52
Italian Pasta Salad$2.52
Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salad$2.52
3 Bean Salad$2.52
Steamed Veggies$2.63
Mac & Cheese$2.96


32 oz Fountain Drink$3.07
32 oz Sweet Iced Tea (280 cal)$3.07
32 oz Unsweet Iced Tea$3.07
32 oz Black Currant Tea$3.07
32 oz Wild Berry Hibiscus Tea (100 Cal)$3.07
Kid’s Apple Juice$1.64
Organic Milk$1.53
Organic Chocolate Milk$1.53
Simply Orange Juice$2.85


Chocolate Ice Cream (1.5 Pint)$1.09
Swirl Ice Cream (1.5 Pint)$1.09
Vanilla Ice Cream (1.5 Pint)$1.09
Coke & Vanilla Ice Cream Float$2.30
Root Beer & Vanilla Ice Cream Float$2.30
Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal Cookie (300 cal)$1.64
Chocolate Chip Cookie (310 cal)$1.64
Fudge-Nut Brownie$1.86
Strawberry Shortcake$4.06
Classic Cheesecake$4.06
Strawberry-topped Cheesecake$4.06
Pumpkin Coffee Cake Slice$4.06


Sunshine Breakfast Croissant (510-720 cal)$5.82
Southwest Breakfast Wrap (570-730 cal)$5.82
Breakfast Veggie Wrap (580 cal)$5.82
Breakfast Sammy (240-400 cal)$3.51
Breakfast Club (580 cal)$5.82
Fresh Fruit Bowl (310 cal)$7.47
Fresh Fruit Cup no Dip (60 cal)$3.51
Fresh Fruit Cup with Dip (210 cal)$3.51

Pastas & Potatoes

Penne Pasta & Meatballs Original$9.89
Chicken Pasta Primo Original$10.00
Chicken Alfredo Original$10.00
Zucchini Garden Pasta Original$9.78
BBQ Chicken Potato Original$9.45
The Plain Jane Potato Original$9.34
Texas Style Spud Original$9.45
Pollo Mexicano Potato Original$9.45


1/4 Ham & Salami Muffaletta (510 cal)$7.80
1/4 Ham & Salami Muffaletta Special (630-1060 cal)$9.34
1/4 Roasted Turkey Breast Muffaletta (490 cal)$7.80
1/4 Roasted Turkey Breast Muffaletta Special (630-1060 cal)$9.34

Build Your Own Sandwiches

Ham Sandwich Regular$8.13
Ham Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich Regular$8.13
Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich Regular$8.13
Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Roast Beef Sandwich Regular$8.13
Roast Beef Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Tuna Salad Sandwich with Egg Regular$8.13
Tuna Salad Sandwich with Egg (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Chicken Salad Sandwich Regular$8.13
Chicken Salad Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Salami Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich Regular$8.13
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich(Manager’s Special)$9.34
Veggie Sandwich Regular$8.13
Veggie Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Hot Corned Beef Sandwich Regular$10.99
Hot Corned Beef Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$10.44
Hot Pastrami Sandwich Regular$10.99
Hot Pastrami Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$10.44

Specialty Sandwiches

Turkey Cranwich Regular$7.36
Turkey Cranwich Half$6.26
Turkey Cranwich (Manager’s Special)$9.34
NEW! The Carmela Regular$8.90
NEW! The Carmela (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Amy’s Turkey-O Regular$7.25
Amy’s Turkey-O (Manager’s Special)$9.34
MeataBalla Sandwich Regular$9.89
MeataBalla (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich Regular$9.01
Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Shelley’s Deli Chick Regular$8.13
Shelley’s Deli Chick (Manager’s Special)$9.34
The Papa Joe Regular$9.01
The Papa Joe (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Italian Cruz Po’boy Regular$7.14
Italian Cruz Po’boy (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Bigger Better BLT Regular$8.35
Bigger Better BLT (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Combo$7.91
Club Royale Regular$9.34
Club Royale (Manager’s Special)$9.34
California Club Regular$9.34
California Club (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Deli Club Sandwich Regular$8.90
Deli Club (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Chicken Panini Regular$9.45
Chicken Panini (Manager’s Special)$9.34
Smokey Jack Panini Regular$9.12
Smokey Jack Panini (Manager’s Special)$9.34

Famous Favorites

Steak Po’boy Regular$11.21
Steak Po’boy (Manager’s Special)$10.44
Reuben The Great Regular$12.20
Reuben The Great (Manager’s Special)$10.44
Reuben The Great with Pastrami Regular$12.20
Reuben The Great with Pastrami (Manager’s Special)$10.44
The New York Yankee Regular$13.52
The New York Yankee (Manager’s Special)$10.44
Wild Salmon-wich Regular$11.32
Wild Salmon-wich (Manager’s Special)$10.44
Beefeater Regular$11.21
Beefeater (Manager’s Special)$10.44
Hot Corned Beef Sandwich Regular$10.99
Hot Corned Beef Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$10.44
Hot Pastrami Sandwich Regular$10.99
Hot Pastrami Sandwich (Manager’s Special)$10.44

Family Meals

Casa Fiesta Package$39.59
Family Jane Bar$36.29
Family Pasta Feast$36.29
Family Signature Tray$37.39
Family Southwest Wrap Tray$39.59
Family Roasted Turkey Breast Muffaletta$27.49
Family Ham & Salami Muffaletta$27.49
Work from Home Meal$39.59
Family Side House Salad$10.99
Family Nutty Mixed-Up Side Salad$16.49
Family Caesar Side Salad$14.29
Just Lemonade (1600 cal per gallon)$7.69
Just Tea: Iced Tea (0 cal per gallon)$6.04
Just Tea: Sweet Tea (1100 cal per gallon)$6.04

Small Gatherings

Deli Sliders Tray (3750 cal)$47.29
Meatballs in Marinara (2960 cal)$23.64
Mini Tuscan Focaccia Tray (2910 cal)$47.29
Beefeater Sliders Tray (4990 cal)$57.52

About Jason’s Deli

Unlock the secret behind a culinary phenomenon that has radically transformed the American deli scene. I’m talking about Jason’s Deli, the brainchild of Joe Tortorice, Jr., founded on November 30, 1976, in Beaumont, Texas.

This isn’t just another deli; it’s a 6,000-employee-strong institution with a vision that has turned it into an epicenter of gastronomic revolution.

Now, let’s navigate the tapestry of its history. Joe Tortorice, Jr., didn’t merely set up a deli; he conceived a dining experience that would resonate with a broad audience while staying rooted in core values.

Operating from Beaumont, Texas, this colossus has shown us that geographical roots can set the stage for universal appeal. The commitment here isn’t just to serve food but to offer well-crafted, healthy, and cost-efficient meals.

You might wonder, “What sets it apart?” It’s the resilience to maintain quality even as the brand scales. With a workforce of 6,000, Jason’s Deli makes it abundantly clear that it isn’t about mass production but about community involvement, individual satisfaction, and collective well-being.

In a world where fast-food chains compromise quality for quick turnovers, Jason’s Deli stands as a testament to what happens when culinary prowess marries conscientious entrepreneurship.

So, as you savor your next meal there, remember, you’re not just biting into a sandwich; you’re partaking in a legacy that reshaped the way America views deli dining.

Through unmatched quality, the use of organic ingredients, and an unwavering commitment to customer service, Jason’s Deli isn’t just a choice; it’s a lifestyle. Feast wisely!

FAQs On Jason’s Deli

1. What Makes Jason’s Deli Menu Prices an Exceptional Value Proposition?

Jason’s Deli has ingeniously architected a pricing strategy that appeals to both gastronomes and budget-conscious diners. By offering an expansive array of options, from premium organic salads to generously filled sandwiches, they’ve defied the commonplace notion that quality dining must break the bank. Their menu prices ingeniously complement the nutritional, culinary, and financial dimensions of modern lifestyles.

2. Are Organic Ingredients Reflected in Jason’s Deli Menu Prices?

Absolutely, and this is where the brand shines in balancing affordability with nutrition. Although organic ingredients typically push up costs, Jason’s Deli has managed to integrate them into dishes without causing a surge in menu prices. Their economical pricing model demonstrates a rare mastery of culinary excellence without sacrificing health benefits.

3. How Does Jason’s Deli Keep Menu Prices Affordable While Maintaining Quality?

The mastery lies in bulk purchasing, localized sourcing, and efficient operational management. Leveraging a workforce of 6,000 employees, Jason’s Deli successfully maintains rigorous quality checks to ensure that each dish served lives up to the brand’s celebrated reputation. They’ve transformed logistical efficiency into customer benefits via menu prices that respect your wallet.

4. Do Jason’s Deli Menu Prices Vary by Location?

While the core menu stays consistent, there may be minor fluctuations in prices based on location-specific factors like operational costs and supply chain dynamics. However, these variances are marginal and do not compromise the brand’s promise of quality and affordability.

5. What Are the Most Cost-Effective Choices on Jason’s Deli Menu?

While value is subjective to individual tastes and preferences, popular cost-effective options often include their classic deli sandwiches and daily soup specials. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a hearty dinner, Jason’s Deli offers multiple selections designed to meet diverse dietary and budgetary requirements.

Final Words

In the intricate dance between quality and affordability, Jason’s Deli Menu Prices stand as a harmonious equilibrium, an answer to the modern conundrum of wanting it all without the guilt.

Let’s demystify the illusion that eating out means either a financial splurge or a health sacrifice. At Jason’s Deli, the robust blend of gourmet tastes, health-conscious ingredients, and pricing that resonates with discerning wallets creates a distinct brand philosophy that essentially redefines the metrics of value-based dining.

Moreover, their transparent pricing reflects the company’s ethos for authentic consumer relations. As you navigate through their menu next time, realize you’re not just selecting a meal; you’re participating in a broader culinary dialogue that challenges traditional fast-food paradigms.

From a consumer’s standpoint, it’s a refreshing validation that yes, quality can coexist with affordability. The takeaway? Jason’s Deli isn’t just offering food; they’re presenting a model that could very well shape the future of the fast-casual dining landscape.

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