Jack in the Box Menu Prices

“Unveiling the secrets behind Jack in the Box menu prices — that’s our journey today. You think it’s just another fast-food joint? Think again!

It’s a culinary map, a guide to your dining needs, intricately woven with affordability and taste. Intriguing, isn’t it? Let’s dial it up a notch, for this isn’t an average article post, it’s your pocket guide to understanding the symbiosis of pricing, flavor, and quality, demystifying the strategies behind those tantalizing menu options.

Harnessing our deep-rooted industry expertise, we’ll dissect the pricing patterns, creating ripples in the tranquil pool of your food-related thoughts.

Be it their tantalizing tacos or juicy burgers, the relevancy of each cent spent becomes astonishingly clear. As we navigate the labyrinth of this fast-food titan’s pricing structure, it isn’t just about filling your stomach—it’s about whetting your appetite for knowledge.

Stay tuned, and let’s savor this flavorful voyage of discovery together!”

Jack in the Box Menu Prices In 2024

Tacos, Fries, & Sides

Tiny Tacos$4.38
Loaded Tiny Tacos$5.63
Two Tacos$2.24
Large Curly Fry$5.74
Large French Fry$5.36
Onion Rings$6.72
Stuffed Jalapenos (3)$6.86
Stuffed Jalapenos (7)$8.49
Jumbo Egg Roll (1)$5.36
Jumbo Egg Rolls (3)$7.49

Shakes & Desserts

Large Oreo Shake$8.74
Large Chocolate Shake$8.36
Large Strawberry Shake$8.36
Large Vanilla Shake$8.36
Mini Churros (5)$4.36
Chocolate Overload Cake$4.61


Large Coca-Cola$4.49
Large Coca-Cola Zero Sugar$4.49
Large Diet Coke$4.49
Large Sprite$4.49
Large Barq’s Root Beer$4.49
Large Fanta$4.49
Large Diet Dr Pepper$4.49
Large Diet Barq’s Rootbeer$4.49
Large Hi-C Punch$4.49
Large Vanilla Sweet Cream Iced Coffee$4.99
Large Caramel Sweet Cream Iced Coffee$4.99
Large Mocha Sweet Cream Iced Coffee$4.99
Large Black Iced Coffee$3.99
Large High Mountain Arabica Coffee$3.99
Large High Mountain Arabica Decaf Coffee$3.99
Minute Maid Apple Juice$2.24
Dasani Bottled Water$3.11
Zero Sugar Large FUZE Iced Tea$4.49
Simply Orange$4.49
Large FUZE Iced Tea$4.49


Classic Buttery Jack$9.61
Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack$10.24
Double Jack$10.36
Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger$10.99
Ultimate Cheeseburger$10.36
Sourdough Jack$9.99
Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger$6.11
Jumbo Jack$5.61
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger$4.49
Jr. Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger$4.36
Jr. Jumbo Jack$3.99

Chicken & Salads

Cluck Sandwich$10.61
Jack’s Spicy Chicken With Cheese$11.24
Jack’s Spicy Chicken$10.86
Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club$11.61
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$11.24
Crispy Chicken Strips (6)$12.49
Crispy Chicken Strips (4)$9.99
Chicken Nuggets (10)$6.61
Chicken Sandwich$3.61
Chicken Fajita Pita$9.99
Chicken Club Salad (Crispy)$11.24
Grilled Chicken Salads$11.24
Southwest Chicken Salad (Crispy)$11.24
Southwest Chicken Salad (Grilled)$11.24
Side Salad$3.74
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl$11.61


Supreme Croissant$8.24
Sausage Croissant$7.86
Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito$8.36
Grilled Sourdough Swiss Breakfast Sandwich$8.49
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich$8.61
Extreme Sausage Sandwich$8.24
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich$8.61
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Bacon$8.74
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Sausage$8.74
Jumbo Breakfast Platter Bacon & Sausage$8.99
Bacon Breakfast Jack$4.74
Sausage Breakfast Jack$4.74
Breakfast Jack$4.61
Mini Pancakes (8) With Syrup$3.74
Hash Browns$3.74

Breakfast Combos

Supreme Croissant Combo$12.36
Sausage Croissant Combo$11.99
Grande Sausage Breakfast Burrito Combo$12.49
Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito Combo$12.49
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich Combo$12.74
Extreme Sausage Sandwich Combo$12.36
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich Combo$12.74
Grilled Sourdough Swiss Sandwich Breakfast Combo$12.61
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Bacon & Sausage Combo$12.99
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Bacon Combo$12.86
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Sausage Combo$12.86
Bacon Breakfast Jack Combo$8.86
Sausage Breakfast Jack Combo$8.86
Breakfast Jack Combo$8.74

Late Night Munchies

Stacked Grilled Cheeseburger Munchie Meal$11.25
Chick-N-Tater Melt$7.50
Sriracha Curly Fry Burger Munchie Meal$11.25
Spicy Nacho Chicken Munchie Meal$11.25
Spicy Nacho Chicken$7.50

Chicken Combos

Large Cluck Sandwich Combo$16.73
Large Jack’s Spicy Chicken W/ Cheese Combo$17.48
Large Jack’s Spicy Chicken Combo$17.10
Large Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club Combo$17.85
Large Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo$16.98
Large Crispy Chicken Strips (6) Combo$18.73
Large Crispy Chicken Strips (4) Combo$16.23
Large Chicken Nuggets (10) Combo$12.85
Large Chicken Fajita Pita Combo$16.23
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl Combo$16.61

Burger Combos

Large Classic Buttery Jack Combo$15.85
Large Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack Combo$16.48
Large Double Jack Combo$16.60
Large Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger Combo$17.23
Large Ultimate Cheeseburger Combo$16.60
Large Sourdough Jack Combo$16.23
Large Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger Combo$12.35
Large Jumbo Jack Combo$11.85

Featured Items

Deluxe Grilled Chicken Sandwich$12.36
Large Deluxe Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo$16.48
Mega Munchie Box$25.00
Strawberry Red Daze Red Bull Infusion W/ Red Bull Energy$6.24
Strawberry Red Daze Red Bull Infusion W/ Red Bull Sugarfree$6.24
Berry Purple Daze Red Bull Infusion W/ Red Bull Energy$6.24
Berry Purple Daze Red Bull Infusion W/ Red Bull Sugarfree$6.24
Red Bull Energy Can$3.74
Red Bull Energy Sugarfree Can$3.74

Picked For You

Large Curly Fry$5.74
Chick-N-Tater Melt$7.50
Large French Fry$5.36
Jumbo Egg Rolls (3)$7.49
Chicken Nuggets (10)$ 6.61

About Jack in the Box

Robert O. Peterson, a name synonymous with the fast-food revolution, planted the first seed of Jack in the Box on February 21, 1951. San Diego, California, cradled this genesis, and as the years unfolded, so did the legacy of this innovative food hub.

Let’s embark on this flavorful voyage back in time, transporting you to the lanes of history that reek of cooking oil, spices, and an undying entrepreneurial spirit.

Robert, with a vision as unique as his taste buds, introduced a new wave of dining in the United States. From a single outlet in the heart of San Diego to an empire of 2,218 locations, Jack in the Box blossomed, spreading its roots deep into the American soil.

Today, it stands tall as an employment hub for over 5,300 proud employees, each echoing the ethos of their founder and infusing their work with dedication and precision.

San Diego not only witnessed the birth of Jack in the Box but continues to host its headquarters, the nerve center from where the symphony of taste and affordability is conducted.

This growth, this journey, isn’t merely about expanding geographically; it’s a narrative of how a single idea can ripple out into a sea of change, how a single location can burgeon into thousands, serving millions of hungry hearts.

So, next time you bite into that scrumptious burger, remember, you’re not just savoring a meal, you’re partaking in a rich history that’s as appetizing as it is inspiring.

FAQs On Jack in the Box

1. What Factors Influence the Jack in the Box Menu Prices?

While it might seem that the pricing strategy of Jack in the Box is drawn randomly from a magician’s hat, in reality, it’s an expertly devised structure. It takes into account diverse factors, including operational costs, ingredients’ quality, competitors’ pricing, and even geographical location.

2. Are Jack in the Box Prices Uniform Across All Locations?

Interestingly, while the brand ensures a common identity, Jack in the Box menu prices exhibit subtle variations. This discrepancy is rooted in differences in operational costs, taxes, and market conditions that diverge across regions.

3. How Often Does Jack in the Box Update its Menu Prices?

The dynamic nature of the fast-food industry necessitates a flexible approach to pricing. As such, Jack in the Box periodically assesses and adjusts its menu prices to keep in step with fluctuating market trends and costs.

4. Why Does Jack in the Box Offer Value Menus?

By introducing value menus, Jack in the Box aims to cater to a wider audience, ensuring quality meals for patrons regardless of their budget. It’s a testament to their commitment to serving delectable fare at pocket-friendly prices.

5. Does Jack in the Box Offer Special Deals or Discounts?

Yes, the brand is known for its promotional campaigns and special offers. They routinely roll out combo deals, seasonal discounts, and loyalty programs to enrich the customer experience while ensuring great value for money.

Final Words

Our journey through the landscape of Jack in the Box menu prices culminates here, leaving us savvier about the genius behind this industry titan’s pricing strategy.

We’ve navigated through the labyrinth of factors influencing prices, the rationale for regional variations, and the dynamic nature of these culinary numbers.

But the essence of this exploration transcends the mere cost factor—it uncovers the brand’s steadfast commitment to serving quality food at prices that don’t break the bank.

It accentuates the harmony of taste, affordability, and customer satisfaction that shapes their legacy. Whether you’re a casual diner or a fast-food aficionado, the insights we’ve gleaned promise to enrich your next Jack in the Box experience.

So, as you reach out for that delicious burger next time, remember, you’re partaking in more than just a meal—you’re appreciating the craft of perfectly balanced pricing!

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