In-N-Out Menu Prices

Navigating the landscape of fast-food options can feel like a daunting expedition. When it comes to In-N-Out, a realm of sizzling burgers and creamy milkshakes awaits, yet the unfamiliarity of menu prices might have you hesitating at the threshold.

But fret not, as this detailed guide on In-N-Out menu prices could be the compass you’ve been seeking. Crafted meticulously by culinary aficionados and fast-food savvy economists, we aim to demystify the costs, shedding light on why paying that extra dime for a ‘Double-Double’ is truly worth it.

So, put aside any uncertainties and embrace the flavorsome journey ahead, where we’ll dissect the In-N-Out menu, one bite-sized price at a time.

Rest assured, by the end of this piece, you’ll be navigating the In-N-Out menu like a seasoned connoisseur. Ready to dive into this deliciously economical exploration? Let’s go.

In-N-Out Menu Prices In 2024


Chorrillana IndividualCLP 9,800
Chorrillana Para Dos PersonasCLP 13,800


MayonesaCLP 800
KetchupCLP 800
MostazaCLP 800


Hamburguesa DobleCLP 10,900
Hamburguesa Triple A La BBQCLP 13,900
Promo 4 HamburguesaCLP 21,500
Promo 2 HamburguesaCLP 15,900
Hamburguesa BBQCLP 7,800
Promo 3 HamburguesaCLP 17,700


SalchipapasCLP 4,500

Papas Fritas

Papa ChicaCLP 2,000
Papa MedianaCLP 3,000
Papa GrandeCLP 7,000

About In-N-Out

In the bustling world of burgers and fries, there’s one name that stands as a beacon of consistent quality and unforgettable taste: In-N-Out. This iconic eatery sprang to life from the visionary minds of Harry and Esther Snyder on October 22, 1948, in Baldwin Park, California.

Envisioned as a different kind of fast-food venture, the Snyders wanted to provide an exceptional experience that went beyond mere sustenance.

What set them apart? It was their innovative concept of a ‘drive-thru’ burger stand, marrying convenience and quality in a way that was pioneering for its era.

But the Snyders didn’t just stop there. They committed to quality, refusing to open a new location if it meant compromising on the freshness of their ingredients. It’s this commitment that saw In-N-Out expand slowly but surely.

Fast forward to today, In-N-Out has grown from a single location in Baldwin Park to a remarkable 387 outlets. Yet, despite this expansion, the heart of In-N-Out remains unchanged.

Their headquarters in Irvine, California, oversee the operations, ensuring the Snyders’ original vision and high standards remain intact. It’s no surprise, then, that they’ve managed to amass a dedicated workforce of over 27,000 employees.

These individuals are not just staff, but the backbone of In-N-Out, keeping the Snyders’ legacy alive by delivering their famous burgers and fries with a side of unique customer service.

So, as we delve deeper into the intricacies of the In-N-Out menu, remember that each item has a rich history baked right in. Behind each burger and fry lies the story of a couple who dared to change the fast-food game and a company that continues to uphold their extraordinary vision.

It’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience, the heritage, and the unwavering commitment to quality that In-N-Out offers to you.

FAQs On In-N-Out Restaurant

1. What is the price of a Double-Double at In-N-Out?

The price of a Double-Double, which is one of the most popular items on the In-N-Out menu, typically ranges between $4 to $5, although prices may vary depending on the location.

2. Are there any secret menu items at In-N-Out?

Yes, In-N-Out has an unofficial “secret menu” featuring items such as the “Animal Style” burger or fries, the “Protein Style” burger, and the “4×4”. The prices for these items are generally comparable to those of similar items on the standard menu.

3. What is the cost of In-N-Out’s cheeseburger?

A cheeseburger at In-N-Out is usually priced around $3 to $4. However, please note prices can vary slightly based on location and any additional ingredients you may request.

4. How much are the Animal Style fries at In-N-Out?

The cost of Animal Style fries, a popular item from In-N-Out’s secret menu, typically falls in the range of $4 to $5, depending on the location.

5. Does In-N-Out offer any meal deals or discounts?

In-N-Out doesn’t usually offer meal deals or discounts because their focus is on providing high-quality food at a reasonable price. However, prices are subject to change and may vary by location.

6. What is the price of a milkshake at In-N-Out?

A milkshake at In-N-Out, available in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, usually costs around $2 to $3, depending on the location.

7. Does the In-N-Out menu cater to vegetarian or vegan diets?

While In-N-Out doesn’t have specific vegetarian or vegan menu items, they do offer a “veggie” burger which is essentially a burger without the patty, including lettuce, tomato, and sauce. You can also order fries, which are made from fresh potatoes.

8. Does In-N-Out have a kids’ menu?

In-N-Out doesn’t specifically have a kids’ menu. However, their menu is simple and customizable, so you can easily create a meal suitable for a child.

9. How much does a regular In-N-Out Burger cost?

The price of a regular hamburger at In-N-Out typically falls in the range of $2 to $3. Prices may vary depending on the location and any additional ingredients you request.

10. Are the prices at In-N-Out comparable to other fast-food restaurants?

Generally, In-N-Out is competitively priced when compared to other fast-food restaurants. They have a strong emphasis on quality, serving fresh, never-frozen meat and hand-cut fries, and they strive to offer this at a reasonable price.

Final Words

Navigating through the nuances of In-N-Out menu prices, one thing becomes increasingly clear: their commitment to value. Every item is a testament to the founders’ vision of delivering exceptional fast food at fair prices.

Their pursuit of quality is echoed in every burger’s sizzle, every fry’s crunch, and every shake’s creamy swirl. With a detailed understanding of the menu prices now at your fingertips, your next In-N-Out visit will be about more than just satisfying your cravings.

It’s an experience that marries culinary delight with the satisfaction of knowing you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Remember, In-N-Out’s menu is a flavorful symphony, where each item, from the modest hamburger to the secret ‘Animal Style’ fries, plays a vital role.

Now that you’ve peeked behind the curtain of In-N-Out’s pricing, we hope you feel empowered to make choices that align with your palate and budget.

So, the next time you find yourself at the gleaming white-and-red facade of an In-N-Out, dive right into the vibrant dance of flavors, comforted by the knowledge that quality and affordability are indeed, in this world, in perfect harmony.

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