Great American Cookies Menu Prices

You’ve got a sweet tooth, and who can blame you? American life is a whirlwind, and sometimes, you deserve to treat yourself. Enter the realm of Great American Cookies – an iconic dessert haven boasting an array of tantalizing treats.

However, the fear of overspending often plagues us, right? With our comprehensive guide on the Great American Cookies menu prices, we’re about to change your dessert game.

Here, we lift the veil on what your favorite indulgences will cost, providing a roadmap to navigate this sugary wonderland wisely. In the vast landscape of American culinary delights, understanding where your dollar takes you is crucial.

So dive in, and let’s transform your cookie experiences, one bite and dollar at a time.

Great American Cookies Menu Prices In 2024


16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Prom? – O4024$32.99$35.99$41.99
Aim For The Stars! – S3004$32.99$35.99$41.99
Back To The Books – S3402$32.99$35.99$41.99
Welcome Students! – S3401$32.99$35.99$41.99


16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Let’s Kickoff the Season Football – S3510$32.99$35.99$41.99
Score Basketball – S3509$32.99$35.99$41.99
Good Luck Team Baseball – S3508$32.99$35.99$41.99
Go Team Helmet – S3506$32.99$35.99$41.99
Goal! – S3505$32.99$35.99$41.99
Football Field – S3504$32.99$35.99$41.99
Football Fever! – S3503$32.99$35.99$41.99
Great Season – S3502$32.99$35.99$41.99

Cookie Platters

Cookie Platter – 2 Dozen Assorted Cookies$26.99
Cookie Platter – 1.5 Dozen Assorted Cookies$20.99
Cookie Box – 1 Dozen Assorted Cookies$14.99

Winter Holiday

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Tis’ the Season – HW2839$32.99$35.99$41.99
Merry Christmas Snow Globe – HW2840$32.99$35.99$41.99
Cheers – HW2902$32.99$35.99$41.99
Season’s Greetings – HW2825$32.99$35.99$41.99
Merry Christmas – snowflakes – HW2834$32.99$35.99$41.99
Happy Holiday Lights – HW2815$32.99$35.99$41.99
Merry Christmas to All – HW2833$32.99$35.99$41.99
Merry Christmas Snowman – HW2821$32.99$35.99$41.99
Merry Christmas Penguin- HW2831$32.99$35.99$41.99
Happy Holidays Penguin – HW2818$32.99$35.99$41.99
New Years – HW2901$32.99$35.99$41.99
Penguin Family – HW2812$32.99$35.99$41.99
Gingerbread House – HW2810$32.99$35.99$41.99
Holly Berries – HW2809$32.99$35.99$41.99
Wrapped Gift – HW2808$32.99$35.99$41.99
Snowman Family – HW2807$32.99$35.99$41.99
Snowmen – HW2805$32.99$35.99$41.99
Menorah – HW2752$32.99$35.99$41.99
Christmas Tree Truck Cake – HW2838P$32.99$35.99$41.99
Joy Love Peace Cake – HW2835$32.99$35.99$41.99

Valentine’s Day

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Happy Valentine’s Day! – HV2010$32.99$35.99$41.99
I Love You! – HV2009$32.99$35.99$41.99
Be My Valentine – HV2005$32.99$35.99$41.99
Love Rectangle- HV 2047$32.99$35.99$41.99
TeAmo – HV2030$32.99$35.99$41.99
I Heart You! – HV2001$32.99$35.99$41.99
Moon and Back – HV2029$32.99$35.99$41.99
I’m Crazy About You! – HV2040$32.99$35.99$41.99
Dog Be Mine – HV2028$32.99$35.99$41.99
Be Mine-Two Hearts – HV2025$32.99$35.99$41.99
Love Hearts – HV2038$32.99$35.99$41.99
Hooked on You – HV2034$32.99$35.99$41.99
Be Mine-Heart Flowers – HV2021$32.99$35.99$41.99
I Love You… This Much – HV2020$32.99$35.99$41.99
You Rock My World! – HV2018My Heart Beats – HV2026$32.99$38.99$41.99
You’re Purrrfect – HV2045$32.99$35.99$41.99
I Love You! – HV2002$32.99$35.99$41.99
You Rock My World! – HV2018$32.99$35.99$41.99
Bee Mine! – HV2007$32.99$35.99$41.99
I Love You… This Much – HV2020$32.99$35.99$41.99
My Heart Beats – HV2026$32.99$35.99$41.99
You’re Purrrfect – HV2045$32.99$35.99$41.99
Puppy Love! – HV2004$32.99$35.99$41.99
I Love You! – HV2008$32.99$35.99$41.99
Sucker- HV 2048$32.99$35.99$41.99
I’m Not Lion I Love You! – HV201$32.99$35.99$41.99
You’re Foxy! – HV2037$32.99$35.99$41.99
Lovebug – HV2027$32.99$35.99$41.99
You Make My Heart Sing! – HV2043$32.99$35.99$41.99
You’re My Main Sssssqueeze! – HV2044$32.99$35.99$41.99
Sending You My Love! – HV2017$32.99$35.99$41.99
Hugs & Kisses! XOXO – HV2006$32.99$35.99$41.99
You Set My Heart On Fire! – HV2019$32.99$35.99$41.99
I Love you to Pieces! – HV2035$32.99$35.99$41.99

Father’s Day

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Dad you’re reely great HS2423$32.99$35.99$41.99
Dad You’re Out of This World – HS2421$32.99$35.99$41.99
Happy Father’s Day Football – HS2420$32.99$35.99$41.99
You’re Flippin Awesome Dad – HS2419$32.99$35.99$41.99
Happy Father’s Day Dad Camping – HS2418$32.99$35.99$41.99
Moustache and Bow Tie – HS2415$32.99$35.99$41.99
Father’s Day Recliner – HS2413$32.99$35.99$41.99
Golf – HS2410$32.99$35.99$41.99
Hammock – HS2409$32.99$35.99$41.99
Grill – HS2407$32.99$35.99$41.99
Tennis – HS2406$32.99$35.99$41.99
Dads Can Fix Anything! – HS2405$32.99$35.99$41.99
Best Dad In The World! – HS2404$32.99$35.99$41.99
Dad Rocks – HS2403$32.99$35.99$41.99
Dad You’re A Winner – HS2402$32.99$35.99$41.99


16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Halloween Dog – HF2568$32.99$35.99$41.99
Halloween Cat – HF2569$32.99$35.99$41.99
Zombie – HF2563$32.99$35.99$41.99
Ghost Pumpkin – HF2562$32.99$35.99$41.99
Happy Fall Pumpkins – HF2561$32.99$35.99$41.99
Cat On Fence – HF2557$32.99$35.99$41.99
Ghost In Pumpkin – HF2558$32.99$35.99$41.99
Trick Or Treat! – HF2554$32.99$35.99$41.99
Happy Halloween Spider HF2565$32.99$35.99$41.99

Mother’s Day

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch PanMedium HeartLarge Heart
Mom, Love you Llots – HS2322$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Happy Mother’s Day Pattern – HS2320$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Happy Mother’s Day Butterfly Flowers – HS2318$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Happy Mother’s Day – HS2317$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Mother’s Day Flowers and Birds – HS2316$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Happy Mother’s Day – HS2317$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Mother’s Day Flowers and Birds – HS2316$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
We Love You! – HS2315$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Rose – HS2311$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Happy Mother’s Day! – HS2307$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
I Love Mom! – HS2306$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Mother’s Day Daisies – HS2305$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Enjoy Your Day! – HS2303$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99
Beary Best Mom – HS2302$31.99$38.99$44.99$26.99$34.99

Thanksgiving & Fall

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Turkey Happy Thanksgiving – HF2654$31.99$38.99$44.99
Let’s Kickoff the Season Football – S3510$31.99$38.99$44.99
Thankful and Grateful- HF2656$31.99$38.99$44.99

Boss’s Day

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Happy Boss’s Day – O4027$31.99$38.99$44.99
Big Cheese – O4026$31.99$38.99$44.99
From The Bunch! – O4025$31.99$38.99$44.99
You’re The Best! – O4011$31.99$38.99$44.99

Unicorn Cake – Rainbow Icing

16 Inch RoundLarge Heart
Unicorn Cake – Rainbow Icing$129.99$139.99

July 4th

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Fourth of July – HS2503$31.99$38.99$44.99
US Flag – HS2502$31.99$38.99$44.99

Baby Cookies

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Ahoy It’s a Boy! O4037$32.99$35.99$41.99
Welcome Baby – O4004$32.99$35.99$41.99
It’s a Boy! – O4003$32.99$35.99$41.99
It’s a Girl! – O4002$32.99$35.99$41.99
It’s a Girl Elephant O4038$32.99$35.99$41.99

Special Occasions

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Thanks A Latte – O4040$32.99$35.99$41.99
He or She – O4036$32.99$35.99$41.99
Keep Calm & March On – O4035$32.99$35.99$41.99
Family Reunion Watermelon – O4030$32.99$35.99$41.99
Bon Voyage! – O4029P$32.99$35.99$41.99
1st Sleepover! – O4028$32.99$35.99$41.99
Happy Boss’s Day-Coffee Mug – O4027$32.99$35.99$41.99
Big Cheese – O4026$32.99$35.99$41.99
From The Bunch – O4025$32.99$35.99$41.99
Prom? – O4024$32.99$35.99$41.99
Happy Nurse’s Day – O4022$32.99$35.99$41.99
Girls’ Night Out Martini – O4020$32.99$35.99$41.99
Sad To See You Go! – O4019$32.99$35.99$41.99
Good Luck Moving – O4018$32.99$35.99$41.99
Brighten Your Day! Rainbow – O4017$32.99$35.99$41.99
Best Friends Forever – O4016$32.99$35.99$41.99
Family Reunion-Palm Trees – O4013$32.99$35.99$41.99
Have A Great Summer! – O4012$32.99$35.99$41.99
You’re The Best! – O4011$32.99$35.99$41.99
Yellow Ribbon – O4010$32.99$35.99$41.99
Pig Out – O4009$32.99$35.99$41.99
Poker Night – O4008$31.99$35.99$41.99
Note Of Thanks – O4006$32.99$35.99$41.99
Get Well Flowers – O4005$32.99$35.99$41.99
Welcome Baby – O4004$32.99$35.99$41.99
It’s a Girl! – O4002$32.99$35.99$41.99
Break a Leg! O4039$32.99$35.99$41.99

Congrats Grad!

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Congratulations Grad! – S3005$32.99$35.99$41.99
Class of Diploma – S3015$32.99$35.99$41.99
Graduation Books and Tassel – S3013$32.99$35.99$41.99
Graduation Math Worm – S3012$32.99$35.99$41.99
Class of 20 Square – S3011$32.99$35.99$41.99
Graduate and Diploma – S3010$32.99$35.99$41.99
Hats off to the Grad! – S3009$32.99$35.99$41.99
Cap & Gown – S3008$32.99$35.99$41.99
Look Who’s Graduated! – S3006$32.99$35.99$41.99
Aim For The Stars! – S3004$32.99$35.99$41.99
Tassel Hassle – S3002$32.99$35.99$41.99
Congratulations Graduate! – S3001$32.99$35.99$41.99

Take and Decorate Cookie Kits

Cookie Kit – Half Dozen$16.99
Cookie Kit – 1 Dozen$29.99

Cookie Card

Cookie Card$12.99

Letter & Number Double Doozie Cakes

Create Your Own with 4 Letters or Numbers$64.99
MR MRS$74.99

Baked Goods & Beverages

3 Cookies6 Cookies12 CookiesCost Of Bottle
Regular Cookie$4.95$6.95$9.95
Double Doozies$3.99$9.99$16.99
Big Bite Cookies$3.99$6.99
Colossal CookiesN/AN/AN/A
Cookie Cake by the Slice$3.99
Bottled Beverages$1.49

Create Your Own Cake

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Any Message of Yours$31.99$38.99$44.99

Easter Cookies

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Happy Easter Cross – HS2254$31.99$38.99$44.99
Easter Colorful Chick In Egg – HS2253$31.99$38.99$44.99
Easter Chick In Egg – HS2252$31.99$38.99$44.99
Happy Easter Bunny – HS2251$31.99$38.99$44.99

St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square 16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
St. Patrick’s Day Hat – HS2202$31.99$38.99$44.99
Kiss Me I’m Irish! – HS2201$31.99$38.99$44.99

Birthday Cookies

16 Inch Round16 Inch Square 16 x 24 Inch Rectangle
Dude, You’re OLD – B1041$31.99$38.99$44.99
Balloons – B1030$31.99$38.99$44.99
Forever 29 – B1038$31.99$38.99$44.99
Happy Birthday Jenny B1037$31.99$38.99$44.99
Birthday BBall – B1039$31.99$38.99$44.99
Popcorn Happy Birthday – B1035$31.99$38.99$44.99
Fish – B1034$31.99$38.99$44.99
Anchor – B1033$31.99$38.99$44.99
Little Monster – B1029$31.99$38.99$44.99
Princess Crown – B1028$31.99$38.99$44.99
Boot – B1027$31.99$38.99$44.99
Happy Birthday Mermaid – B1040$31.99$38.99$44.99
Guitar – B1026$31.99$38.99$44.99
1st Birthday – B1025$31.99$38.99$44.99
Fire Truck – B1024$31.99$38.99$44.99
Motorcycle Happy Birthday – B1023$31.99$38.99$44.99
Jeep Happy Birthday – B1022$31.99$38.99$44.99
Pirate Ship Happy Birthday – B1021$31.99$38.99$44.99
Princess Cake- B1019$31.99$38.99$44.99
Caterpillar & Butterfly – B1014$31.99$38.99$44.99
Island – B1013$31.99$38.99$44.99
Over the Hill – B1012$31.99$38.99$44.99
Ballet Slippers – B1010$31.99$38.99$44.99
Rocket – B1009$31.99$38.99$44.99
Train – B1008$31.99$38.99$44.99
Woman Driving – B1007$31.99$38.99$44.99
Butterflies – B1006$31.99$38.99$44.99
Dinosaur – B1005$31.99$38.99$44.99
Dog – B1004$31.99$38.99$44.99
Horse & Flowers – B1003$31.99$38.99$44.99
Painter Birthday- B1032$31.99$38.99$44.99
Roller Skate Birthday- B1031P$31.99$38.99$44.99
Happy Birthday Dump Truck B1036$31.99$38.99$44.99

About Great American Cookies

A bite into a cookie can whisk you away on a flavorful journey, and when it comes to Great American Cookies, that journey began in 1977, when an entrepreneur named Michael Joseph Coles dared to dream.

Located in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, Coles set out to reinvent the way we savor cookies. Imagine this: the ’70s, a period bursting with innovation and change.

Yet, the world of cookies remained unexplored territory. Recognizing this, Coles transformed an age-old comfort food into a masterpiece of culinary creativity, birthing Great American Cookies.

With only a cookie recipe from his aunt and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, Coles opened the first-ever store in Atlanta’s Perimeter Mall. His unique, mouth-watering creations soon captured the hearts (and taste buds) of Georgia and beyond.

This success paved the way for an extensive network of over 371 locations across the U.S, becoming a household name synonymous with sweet indulgence.

Great American Cookies’ menu is a tribute to diversity. From their classic cookies to their signature double doozies and elaborate cookie cakes, they’ve redefined how we experience this humble dessert.

Not to forget the decadent brownies that offer a sumptuous detour in their cookie-centric universe. Each product tells a story, a testament to Coles’ passion and relentless innovation.

When we talk about the history of Great American Cookies, we celebrate a legacy that goes beyond the boundaries of baking. It’s about the essence of American enterprise, the joy of bringing a vision to life, and the power of a cookie to connect millions.

So, next time you bite into a Great American Cookie, remember you’re partaking in a slice of sweet, hard-earned American history, one that began with a man, a recipe, and a dream. It’s not just a treat, but a testament to the magic that happens when passion meets entrepreneurship.

FAQs On Great American Cookie Restaurant

1. What is the average price of cookies at Great American Cookies?

The prices can vary, but you can expect to pay approximately $1.50-$3.50 for a single cookie, depending on the type and location.

2. How much does a cookie cake from Great American Cookies cost?

Cookie cakes vary based on size and customization. A standard 12-inch round cookie cake typically ranges from $25 to $35. For a more detailed design or larger sizes, prices may increase.

3. Are there any special combo deals at Great American Cookies?

Yes, combo deals are available and they offer good value for money. However, the specifics of these deals can vary by location and time.

4. Does Great American Cookies have a loyalty or rewards program?

Yes, they have a rewards program where you can earn points for purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders.

5. What are Double Doozies at Great American Cookies and how much do they cost?

Double Doozies are a signature treat at Great American Cookies, consisting of two cookies with a layer of frosting in between. They typically cost around $3.50-$5.00 each.

6. Do prices at Great American Cookies vary by location?

While base prices tend to be consistent, slight regional variations can occur due to differences in operational costs.

7. Can I customize my order at Great American Cookies and how does it impact the price?

Absolutely, you can customize cookie cakes with messages or designs. However, complex customizations may add to the base price.

8. Are there any dietary options available, like gluten-free or vegan cookies?

Great American Cookies may offer a limited range of dietary options at some locations, but it’s best to check with your local store for current offerings.

9. How much do brownies cost at Great American Cookies?

You can typically purchase brownies at around $2.50-$4.00 each, depending on the type and location.

10. Are there any seasonal or limited-time items at Great American Cookies?

Yes, they often introduce seasonal items or limited-time offers, and these can have unique pricing. Always check their website or your local store for the latest information.

Final Words

Navigating the world of delectable delights at Great American Cookies can be a whirlwind of choices. Understanding the menu prices isn’t just about knowing what you’ll pay, but about making an informed decision, finding value in each dollar spent, and, ultimately, enjoying the sweet experience without any fiscal surprises.

From the nostalgia-inducing original cookie to the innovative Double Doozie, every item on the menu holds a promise of quality, tied together by a rich history that resonates in every bite.

We hope this guide has illuminated the path to your next cookie adventure, offering insights that help you to savor not just the cookies, but the journey.

Remember, indulging in a sweet treat is not just about satisfying your cravings. It’s about celebrating life’s little moments, connecting with loved ones, and creating memories – and Great American Cookies has been a cherished part of these rituals for many, many years.

So, whether you’re treating yourself after a long day or marking a special occasion, let the understanding of the Great American Cookies menu prices enhance your experience.

Because when you walk into a Great American Cookies store, you’re not just a customer; you’re part of a sweet, ongoing story that started back in 1977. Enjoy the journey, one cookie at a time!

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