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Imagine embarking on a gastronomic journey, where the flavor symphony resonates with your palate. Yes, we’re talking about the ‘Girl & The Goat’ menu, where every dish is a story narrated with passion and zest.

However, fine dining often raises questions about the associated costs. Are you fretting over the menu prices at the acclaimed ‘Girl & The Goat’? Relax, we’ve got you covered!

With our in-depth guide, we will unravel not only the culinary gems of this celebrated restaurant but also present a comprehensive picture of their price list.

No more guesswork, no more apprehensions. Just an enchanting food adventure that doesn’t drain your wallet. We’re your personal culinary consultants, striving to ensure your dining experience is nothing less than perfect.

Continue reading to transform your ‘Girl & The Goat’ visit into a memorable, value-for-money escapade.

Girl & The Goat Menu Prices In 2024


Ham Frites$7.00
Duck Tongues$16.00
Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face$16.00
Oven Roasted Quail$15.00
Crisp Braised Pork Shank$25.00
NY Strip Tartare$12.00
Braised Beef Tongue$15.00
Grilled Kalbi Beef Ribs$16.00


Hamachi Crudo$16.00
Grilled Sepia$14.00
Pan Seared Diver Scallops$17.00
Pan Roasted Halibut$18.00
Squash Blossom Rangoon$13.00
Grilled Baby Octopus$15.00
Escargot Ravioli$15.00
Wild Sockeye Salmon$18.00


Warm Marinated Olives$7.00
Pan Fried Shishito Peppers$7.00
Kohlrabi Salad$8.00
Wood Grilled Broccoli$10.00
Goat Cheese & Sweet Corn Dumplings$15.00
Sauteed Green Beans$9.00
Roasted Cauliflower$11.00
Roasted Beets$9.00
Chickpea Fritters$13.00

About Girl & The Goat

Encompassed in the bustling heart of Chicago, at 809 W Randolph St, resides a culinary wonder – ‘Girl & The Goat.’ The journey of this renowned eatery commenced in the summer of 2010, under the visionary leadership of Stephanie Izard, a name that needs no introduction in the culinary world.

From her win on Bravo’s Top Chef to receiving the coveted James Beard “Best Chef Great Lakes” award, Stephanie’s culinary prowess is exceptional, and it shines through the dishes served at the restaurant.

‘Girl & The Goat’ isn’t just another name on Randolph Street; it’s a dream brought to life. Its rustic ambience, fused with a warm, welcoming environment, is reminiscent of Stephanie’s vision – to create a space where food, friends, and laughter intertwine.

We bet you’re curious about the origin of the restaurant’s distinctive name. The word ‘Izard’ actually means ‘a goat that lives in the Pyrenees’ in French – a quirky nod to Stephanie’s last name!

Over the years, ‘Girl & The Goat’ has evolved into an epicurean haven that not only satiates your cravings but also takes you on a palate-expanding journey.

Being in the culinary field, Stephanie knew the challenges ahead. Yet, her relentless pursuit of passion, backed by an unwavering team, transformed ‘Girl & The Goat’ into a go-to dining destination.

Despite the initial hurdles, Stephanie’s approach to providing exceptional cuisine, infused with her unique flair, has consistently won over diners.

The innovative menu, grounded in robust, bold flavors, is a testament to Stephanie’s culinary philosophy. She believes in a ‘nose-to-tail’ approach, resulting in a culinary spectacle where every part of the ingredient gets its moment to shine.

As we delve deeper into the history of ‘Girl & The Goat,’ we learn more than just the chronicles of a successful restaurant; it’s a story of passion, resilience, and the power of dreaming big. And in Stephanie’s own words, “There’s no end to dreaming.”

FAQs On Girl & The Goat Restaurant

1. What is the price range at Girl & The Goat?

The prices at Girl & The Goat vary significantly depending on the dishes you order. Generally, small plates range from $10 to $16, while larger plates can go up to $50. However, prices may change, and it’s recommended to check the official website or contact the restaurant for the most recent prices.

2. Are there vegetarian options available on the menu?

Yes, Girl & The Goat offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, ensuring everyone’s dietary preferences are catered to.

3. Does the menu offer vegan and gluten-free options?

Yes, Girl & The Goat offers a variety of dishes that can cater to both vegan and gluten-free diets. Always make sure to mention dietary restrictions when placing your order.

4. Is the menu at Girl & The Goat seasonal?

Yes, the menu changes seasonally, reflecting Chef Stephanie’s commitment to sourcing local and fresh ingredients.

5. Does Girl & The Goat accept reservations?

Yes, they do. It’s recommended to make a reservation to ensure a seamless dining experience, especially during peak hours.

6. What are some of the signature dishes at Girl & The Goat?

While the menu changes seasonally, some fan favorites include the Goat Empanadas, Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face, and the famous Green Beans.

7. Does Girl & The Goat offer takeout or delivery options?

Yes, they do. You can enjoy the exquisite dishes from Girl & The Goat in the comfort of your own home.

8. Is there a dress code at Girl & The Goat?

Girl & The Goat has a casual dress code. Comfort is key, but please refrain from wearing overly informal clothing.

9. Are there any special menus, like a tasting menu or a chef’s menu, available at Girl & The Goat?

As the menu evolves with the seasons, they often offer special dishes. However, for specific queries about tasting or chef’s menus, it’s best to contact the restaurant directly.

10. Does the restaurant accommodate large parties or private events?

Yes, Girl & The Goat accommodates large parties and private events. For more details and bookings, it’s recommended to reach out to the restaurant.

Final Words

Dining at the Girl & The Goat is not just about the flavors; it’s an immersive experience that engages all your senses. It’s about the creative dishes crafted with passion by Chef Stephanie Izard, the warmth of the ambience, and the unparalleled service that all together make the Girl & The Goat a must-visit culinary destination.

Yes, the prices might seem a bit steep, but once you explore the menu, you’ll understand the true value lies in the gastronomic adventure and the memories you’ll create.

Remember, quality comes at a price, and in this case, it’s a price worth paying. As you explore the enticing dishes and their prices, remember to appreciate the craftsmanship, ingredients, and dedication that goes into each plate.

In the end, the Girl & The Goat is not just a restaurant; it’s a vibrant tale of culinary excellence, waiting to be savored, one bite at a time.

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