Fatz Cafe Menu Prices

Navigating the culinary scene can be daunting, especially when it comes to choosing a restaurant that aligns with your budget and your palate.

If you’re a savvy diner with a penchant for Southern comfort food, you’re in for a treat as we dive deep into Fatz Cafe Menu Prices. As your trusted culinary guide, we’re here to dissect the cost, variety, and value you’re getting, creating a smooth sail towards your next dining experience.

Whether you’re planning a family gathering or a solo adventure, our expertly crafted exploration into Fatz Cafe’s offerings will empower you with the knowledge you need.

But why does this matter? In an era where every dollar counts, it’s crucial to know you’re getting the best bang for your buck. So let’s take a tantalizing trip through Fatz Cafe’s menu, ensuring your next meal doesn’t break the bank, but still delivers a rich, southern cuisine experience you crave.

Fatz Cafe Menu Prices In 2024


Fatz Famous Sweet Tea$2.89
Housemade Lemonade$2.99
Arnold Palmer$2.89
Soft Drinks$2.89
Fresh Fruit Tea$3.39
Lemon & Lime Refreshers$3.39

Family Meal Packs To Go

World Famous Calabash Chicken Family MealFeed 4$22.99
World Famous Calabash Chicken Family MealFeed 6$34.99
Baby Back Rib Family MealFeed 4$26.99
Baby Back Rib Family MealFeed 6$38.99
Calabash Chicken & Penne Pasta Alfredo Family MealFeed 4$22.99
Calabash Chicken & Penne Pasta Alfredo Family MealFeed 6$34.99
Calabash Wings & Tenders Family MealFeed 6-8$59.99

Stackable Burgers

Double Stack Burger$8.99
Comeback Burger$9.99
Patty Melt$10.49
Blue Ribbon Burger$9.99
14 Gauge Double Barrel Bourbon Burger$14.00


The Big Fatz Club$11.49
Calabash Chicken Wrap$8.99
Calabash Fish Sandwich$9.99
Calabash Chicken Sandwich$9.49

Extra Topping

Ranch Hand Chili$0.99
Onion Rings (2)$1.59
Vidalia Onion Coleslaw$0.99

Famous & Fresh

Citrus Grilled Chicken$11.69
Grilled Pork Chops$13.69
Blue Ridge Chicken$11.39
Grilled Salmon$15.99
Calabash & Penne Pasta Alfredo$10.99
Shrimp Penne Pasta Alfredo$13.49
Lowcountry Crab Cakes$14.99
Edisto Shrimp & Grits$13.99
Steakhouse Salmon & Shrimp$18.99


All Signature Signature Sides$2.59
All Premium Sides$3.59
House or Caesar Salad$2.59
Candied Bacon Wedge Salad$3.59

Steak Pairings

Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions$2.99
Melted Bleu Cheese or Pimento Cheese$2.99
Calabash Popcorn Shrimp$4.99
Jumbo Fried or Grilled Shrimp$4.99
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms$4.99
Pan Seared Crab Cake$5.99

Steak Combinations

Sirloin & Calabash Chicken$18.69
Sirloin & Baby Back Ribs$19.99
Sirloin, Calabash Chicken & Jumbo Shrimp$21.49


Center Cut Top Sirloin10 oz.$17.99
Center Cut Top Sirloin6 oz.$12.99
Bone-in Ribeye16 oz.$25.99
Sirloin & Straws10 oz.$19.99
Sirloin & Straws6 oz.$14.99
Filet Mignon$21.49
The Big Fatz Chopped Steak$13.99
Filet & Rings$22.99
Renegade Ribeye$21.99

Award Winning Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs8-10 Ribs (1 Pound)$15.99
Baby Back Ribs18-20 Ribs (2 Pounds)$22.99

Calabash & Rib Combos

Calabash Chicken & Baby Backs$15.99
Calabash Chicken, Calabash Shrimp & Baby Backs$19.99

Calabash Seafood

Calabash Fish Platter$14.99
Calabash Jumbo Shrimp Platter$15.99
Calabash Popcorn Shrimp Platter$13.99
Fisherman’s Platter$18.99

World Famous Calabash Chicken

World Famous Calabash Chicken$13.49
Wings & Bash$12.99
Calabash Chicken & Shrimp$14.49

Scratch Made Soups

Loaded Baked Potato Soup$4.79
Tomato Soup$4.79
Calabash Broccoli & Cheese Soup$5.79
Without chicken$4.79
Ranch Hand Chili$5.99

Wing Zone

Boneless Wings$9.99


Calabash Chicken Salad$10.79
Pecan Encrusted Chicken Salad$10.79
Grilled Chicken Caesar$10.29
Grilled Shrimp Caesar$11.99
Grilled Salmon Caesar$14.99
Chopped Southern Chef$10.99
Carolina Crab Cake Salad$11.99
Buffalo Bleu Salad$10.99


Seaside Sampler$12.99
Fried Green Tomatoes$6.89
Aunt Sue’s Deviled Eggs$5.39
Loaded Cheese Fries$8.79
Calabash Pickle Skewers$5.99
Crispy Fried Cheese$6.99
The Southern Sampler$11.79
Classic Wings$11.99

About Fatz Cafe

Let’s take a journey back in time to 1988, a pivotal year that saw the birth of a restaurant that would redefine Southern comfort food. Nestled in the heart of South Carolina, Fatz Cafe was brought to life by the dynamic duo, Bill Burton and Jimmy Rogers.

Their shared vision was more than just opening a restaurant; they aimed to create a hub where local communities could relish hearty, Southern-style dishes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Burton and Rogers, fueled by their shared passion for food, founded Fatz Cafe not as mere businessmen but as culinary pioneers. Their goal was to fill a void in the South Carolina dining scene.

Their ambition took them beyond simply establishing a food outlet. They aimed to create a spot where patrons could connect with each other over a meal, making Fatz Cafe more than just a place to eat—it was designed to be an integral part of the community.

Imagine the culinary landscape of South Carolina back then, it was undoubtedly diverse but lacked a unique spot that catered to the need for homestyle, affordable, and flavor-packed dishes.

That’s where Fatz Cafe stepped in. The restaurant, under the insightful leadership of Burton and Rogers, began offering a blend of food that celebrated local flavors, while keeping affordability at its core.

Today, Fatz Cafe stands tall, not only as a symbol of Southern hospitality and gastronomic excellence but also as a testament to the vision of its founders.

With its headquarters remaining in South Carolina, Fatz Cafe pays homage to its roots while continuously evolving to meet the tastes of a new generation of food lovers.

Burton and Rogers’ legacy continues to resonate with every plate served, reminding us that passion, vision, and a dedication to community can lead to enduring success.

As we move forward, Fatz Cafe’s story serves as a poignant reminder that the heart of every great restaurant lies in its ability to create a sense of home, offer delicious food, and nurture community spirit. And it’s that spirit that Fatz Cafe continues to serve, one plate at a time.

FAQs On Fatz Cafe Restaurant

1. What is the price range for the meals at Fatz Cafe?

The prices at Fatz Cafe are designed to be affordable, offering a wide variety of Southern-style dishes typically ranging from $10 to $20. However, prices can vary based on location and specific menu items.

2. Does Fatz Cafe offer any special discounted menus?

Yes, Fatz Cafe offers daily specials and discounted menu options during certain hours. These specials can provide significant value, but the availability may vary by location.

3. Does Fatz Cafe have a kids’ menu, and how much does it cost?

Absolutely, Fatz Cafe takes pride in being family-friendly. They have a special menu for kids usually priced under $7, but prices can vary depending on the location.

4. Are the prices at Fatz Cafe competitive compared to other similar restaurants?

Fatz Cafe aims to provide excellent value for their customers, balancing quality ingredients with affordable prices. When compared to similar restaurants, their prices are generally competitive.

5. Do Fatz Cafe prices vary by location?

While Fatz Cafe strives to maintain consistent pricing across their locations, regional variations and operating costs can result in minor price differences.

6. Does the Fatz Cafe menu price include drinks?

Usually, drinks are priced separately, but Fatz Cafe often offers meal deals that include a beverage. It’s best to check with your local Fatz Cafe for specific pricing details.

7. Does Fatz Cafe offer any vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Fatz Cafe offers a range of dishes that can cater to vegetarian and vegan dietary needs. However, options and prices may vary by location.

8. Is there a separate menu for desserts, and how much does it typically cost?

Yes, Fatz Cafe has a dessert menu with prices typically ranging from $5 to $7. This, however, can vary based on location and the specific dessert.

9. Does Fatz Cafe offer a seniors’ discount?

Fatz Cafe values all its customers, including seniors. However, the availability of a senior discount can vary by location. We recommend contacting your local Fatz Cafe for specific details.

10. Do the prices on Fatz Cafe’s menu reflect portion sizes?

Yes, Fatz Cafe is known for its generous portion sizes, providing great value for the price. This is part of their commitment to delivering hearty, Southern-style meals to their customers.

Final Words

Understanding the Fatz Cafe Menu Prices gives us more than just the monetary cost of a meal; it’s a window into a unique dining experience that intertwines Southern hospitality, mouthwatering flavors, and exceptional value.

With its humble beginnings in South Carolina, Fatz Cafe has grown into an establishment that satisfies the cravings of food lovers who are drawn to its brand of comfort food.

From Bill Burton and Jimmy Rogers’ vision to the impressive menu that greets us today, Fatz Cafe is indeed a testament to the beauty of food and community.

Our exploration of Fatz Cafe’s offerings has highlighted its affordability, variety, and dedication to quality. No matter whether you’re planning a special occasion or just a casual meal, there’s something for everyone.

Remember, a great dining experience isn’t just about the food—it’s about feeling connected, indulging in shared moments, and creating memories that last.

At Fatz Cafe, these aren’t just afterthoughts; they’re at the heart of their mission. So the next time you’re pondering where to dine, consider Fatz Cafe, where a satisfying Southern-style meal awaits you, without stretching your budget.

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