Eat’nPark Menu Prices

Staring at a restaurant menu can be as daunting as deciphering an ancient manuscript. Especially when it’s the Eat’nPark menu! Famously expansive, with tempting dishes that might make your wallet tremble, if you’re not prepared.

Whether you’re a seasoned diner or a first-time guest, understanding Eat’nPark menu prices is like unlocking a secret food kingdom. We’re here, your culinary compass, to guide you through this labyrinth of deliciousness, providing you with essential insights to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Drawing from a deep well of knowledge, we’ll break down the cost of your favorite comfort foods, so you’ll be equipped to feast without the fiscal fuss.

Come join us as we embark on a wallet-friendly gastronomic journey through Eat’nPark’s offerings! So, no more second-guessing; let’s make your next Eat’nPark visit a masterstroke of culinary value!

Eat’nPark Menu Prices In 2024


Grilled Stickies a la mode$4.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookies1 Cookie – $0.99
6 Cookies – $4.99
The Cheesecake Factory Bakery® Pumpkin Cheesecake$5.49
Slice of Dutch Apple Pie$3.49
Slice of Pumpkin Pie$3.49
Slice of Oreo® Créme Pie$3.49
Slice of Coconut Crème Pie$3.49


ChiliCup – $3.29
Bowl – $4.29
Quart – $7.49
SoupCup – $3.29
Bowl – $4.29
Quart – $7.49


Tater Tots$2.49
Baked Potato$2.49
Cottage Cheese$2.49
French Fries$2.49
Fresh Broccoli$2.49
Fresh Potato Chips$2.49
Fruit Cup$2.49
Fried Cheese Sticks$2.49
Garden Rice$2.49
Garden Side Salad$3.29
Home Fries$2.49
Mashed Potatoes$2.49
Mini Potato Pancakes$2.49
Onion Rings$3.49
Fresh-Cut FruitPint – $4.99
Quart – $7.99
Mac’n CheesePint – $6.99
Quart – $12.99
ColeslawPint – $4.99
Quart – $7.99
Mashed PotatoesPint – $5.99
Quart – $8.99


Fountain Drink$2.00
Iced Tea$2.00
Hot Tea$2.00
Classic Hot Chocolate$2.99
Pumpkin Chai Tea$2.99
Pumpkin Pie Milkshake$4.49
Classic Milkshake$4.49
Oreo Milkshake$4.49
Apple Juice$2.99
Cranberry Juice$2.99
Orange Juice$2.99
White Milk$2.99
Chocolate Milk$2.99
Chai Tea$2.99
Strawberry Lemonade$2.99

Kid’s Beverages

Kids’ Fountain Drink$0.99
Kids’ Iced Tea$0.99
Kids’ Milk$1.49
Kids’ Juice$1.49
Kids’ Classic Milkshake$2.99
Kids’ Oreo Milkshake$2.99
Kids’ Pumpkin Pie Milkshake$2.99
Kids’ Strawberry Lemonade$1.29
Kids’ Hot Chocolate$1.49

Kid’s Breakfast

Kids’ Breakfast Smile Jr.$2.99
Kids’ Breakfast Giggle$2.99

Kid’s Lunch & Dinner

Kids’ Hamburger1 Side – $2.99
2 Sides – $3.99
Kids’ Cheeseburger1 Side – $3.99
2 Sides – $4.99
Kids’ Classic Grilled Cheese1 Side – $2.99
2 Sides – $3.99
Kids’ Spaghetti1 Side – $3.99
2 Sides – $4.99
Kids’ Chicken Fingers (2 piece)1 Side – $3.99
2 Sides – $4.99
Kids’ Kraft Macaroni & Cheese1 Side – $3.99
2 Sides – $4.99
Kids’ Stuffed-Crust Pizza1 Side – $3.99
2 Sides – $4.99

A La Carte (Breakfast)

Side of Toast (2 slices)$1.99
Side of Bacon$2.99
Side of Canadian Bacon$2.99
Side of Sausage$2.99
Side of Turkey Sausage$2.99


Eggs Breakfast$4.99
Breakfast Combo$4.99
Quaker Oatmeal & Fruit Combo$4.99

French Toast(Breakfast)

Bananas Foster French Toast2 Slices – $5.99
3 Slices – $6.99
French Toast2 Slices – $3.99
3 Slices – $4.99

Waffles (Breakfast)

Smiley Belgian Waffle$5.99

Pancakes (Breakfast)

Blueberry Pancakes2 Pancakes – $4.99
3 Pancakes – $5.99
Buttermilk Pancakes2 Pancakes – $3.99
3 Pancakes – $4.99

Eggs And More (Breakfast)

Mushroom & Swiss Omelet1 Side – $9.99
1 Side + Meat – $11.99
Broccoli & Cheese Omelet1 Side – $9.99
1 Side + Meat – $11.99
Meat Lover’s Omelet1 Side – $9.99
1 Side + Meat – $11.99
Western Omelet1 Side – $9.49
1 Side + Meat – $11.49
Veggie Omelet1 Side – $8.99
1 Side + Meat – $10.99
Cheese Omelet1 Side – $8.49
1 Side + Meat – $10.49
Ham & Cheese Omelet1 Side – $9.99
1 Side + Meat – $11.99
Eggs Benedict1 Side – $8.99
1 Side + Meat – $10.99

Sandwiches (Breakfast)

Philly Steak’n Egg Scrambler1 Side – $8.49
1 Side + Meat – $10.49
All-American Scrambler1 Side – $7.99
1 Side + Meat – $9.99
French Scrambler1 Side – $7.99
1 Side + Meat – $9.99

Breakfast Smiles

Ground Sirloin and Eggs Smile$9.99
Griddle Smile$7.99
Super Griddle Smile$8.99
Original Breakfast Smile$7.99

Chicken & Turkey (Dinner)

Turkey Dinner$11.99
Chicken Bruschetta1 Piece – $10.99
2 Pieces – $13.99
Rosemary Chicken1 Piece – $10.99
2 Pieces – $13.99
Herb Crusted Chicken1 Piece – $9.99
2 Pieces – $12.99
Grilled Chicken1 Piece – $9.99
2 Pieces – $12.99
Chicken Tenders4 Tenders – $10.99
5 Tenders – $11.99
Fried Chicken$13.99
Ground Sirloin$10.99

Italian Classics (Dinner)

Spaghetti and Meatballs$11.99
Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo$12.99
Baked Chicken Parmigiana$12.99

Signature Shrimp Pairings (Dinner)

Fisherman’s Platter$13.99
Breaded Shrimp Dinner6 Shrimp – $10.99
9 Shrimp – $13.99

Seafood (Dinner)

Whale & Mac$10.49
Whale of a Cod Dinner$11.99
Nantucket Cod1 Piece – $10.99
2 Pieces – $13.99
Baked Cod1 Piece – $10.49
2 Pieces – $13.49

Family Sized Chicken Tenders (Family Meal Deals)

Chicken Tenders10 Chicken Tenders – $12.99
20 Chicken Tenders – $24.99
30 Chicken Tenders – $34.99
40 Chicken Tenders – $44.99

Meal Deals For Four (Family Meal Deals)

Turkey Family Meal Deal$39.99
Turkey Family Meal Deal And Pie$45.99
Grilled Chicken Meal Deal$34.99
Herb Crusted Chicken Meal Deal$34.99
Rosemary Chicken Meal Deal$34.99
Chicken Bruschetta Meal Deal$34.99

Meal Deals For Two (Family Meal Deals)

Whale of a Cod Meal Deal$21.99
Chicken Tenders Meal Deal$17.99
Fried Chicken Meal Deal$24.99

Classic Sandwiches (Sandwiches)

Chicken Bacon Club1 Side – $9.99
2 Sides – $11.49
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich1 Side – $8.49
2 Sides – $9.99
Classic Grilled Cheese1 Side – $6.99
2 Sides – $8.49
Shredded Pot Roast Sandwich1 Side – $8.99
2 Sides – $10.49
Turkey Club1 Side – $9.99
2 Sides – $11.49

Signature Sandwiches (Sandwiches)

Meatball Hoagie1 Side – $9.99
2 Sides – $11.49
Chicken Portobello Hoagie1 Side – $9.99
2 Sides – $11.49
Santa Fe Turkey Wrap1 Side – $9.99
2 Sides – $11.49
Whale of a Cod Fish Sandwich1 Side – $10.49
2 Sides – $11.99
Turkey Bacon Croissant1 Side – $9.49
2 Sides – $10.99
Bacon Grilled Cheese1 Side – $8.99
2 Sides – $10.49
Buffalo Chicken Wrap1 Side – $9.99
2 Sides – $11.49
Philly Cheesesteak1 Side – $9.99
2 Sides – $11.49

Vegetarian Burgers

Eat’n Park Beyond Burger1 Side – $11.99
2 Sides – $13.49
Gardenburger1 Side – $8.99
2 Sides – $10.49

Black Angus Burgers

American Grill Burger1 Side – $9.49
2 Sides – $10.99
Mushroom & Onion Cheeseburger1 Side – $9.49
2 Sides – $10.99
Classic Burger (No Cheese)1 Side – $7.99
2 Sides – $9.49
Cheeseburger1 Side – $8.49
2 Sides – $9.99
Bacon Cheeseburger1 Side – $9.49
2 Sides – $10.99


Original Superburger1 Side – $6.99
2 Sides – $8.99
Black Angus Superburger1 Side – $9.99
2 Sides – $11.99
Superburger Meal Deal$6.99


Chicken Portobello Salad$10.99
Chef’s Cobb Salad$10.99
Chicken Bruschetta Salad$10.99
Buffalo Chicken Salad$10.99
Classic Eat’n Park Salad$10.99


Loaded Tots with Bacon$5.99
Tater Tots$5.00
Pretzel Sticks$5.99
Basket of Loaded Fries$5.99
Fried Cheese Sticks$5.99
Hand-Breaded Zucchini$6.49
Fresh Potato Chips & Ranch$5.00

About Eat’nPark

Back in 1949, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was buzzing with the birth of a new dining experience. Enter Larry Hatch and William D. Peters, the visionaries who transformed the local culinary landscape with their brainchild – Eat’nPark.

Now, you may ask, how did this local sensation, nestled in the heart of Homestead, Pennsylvania, become an American culinary icon? Their success story begins with a simple yet ingenious idea: offering people a unique blend of convenience and quality.

The Eat’nPark menu was crafted with a promise to cater to all palates, whether you’re craving breakfast foods at midnight, mouthwatering burgers for lunch, or decadent desserts to wrap up your day.

The restaurant’s offerings also include a wide variety of sandwiches, chicken, seafood, salads, appetizers, combos, and kids’ meals. Eat’nPark, since its inception, has been a symbol of evolution.

From a small, local eatery, it grew, bloomed, and burgeoned into a giant in the food industry with an incredible force of over 10,000 employees. This sheer number speaks volumes about the restaurant’s popularity and its commitment to creating memorable dining experiences.

The restaurant’s journey over the past seven decades is one of passion, persistence, and a deep love for food. Each dish on the menu tells a story, a story about the founders’ vision and their dedication to serving affordable, quality meals that leave a lasting impression.

Their goal was never just about filling stomachs; it was about creating an environment where people could gather, enjoy great food, and create memories.

So, the next time you step into Eat’nPark, remember you’re not just entering a restaurant. You’re stepping into a rich tapestry of culinary history that started 73 years ago with two men and a dream.

The legacy of Larry Hatch and William D. Peters lives on with every mouthful you enjoy, each bite a testament to the dedication, hard work, and love poured into creating Eat’nPark.

FAQs On Eat’nPark Restaurant

1. What are the prices on the Eat’nPark menu?

Eat’nPark offers a range of dishes at affordable prices. Breakfasts generally range from $5 to $10. Sandwiches and burgers fall between $7 and $12, and dinner entrees are typically from $10 to $15. However, prices may vary by location and the time of year.

2. Does Eat’nPark offer a kids’ menu, and what are the prices?

Yes, Eat’nPark offers a kids’ menu. The prices typically range from $4 to $6, and they include a drink and a side dish. The menu features meals like grilled cheese, chicken tenders, and spaghetti, catering to young palates.

3. Are there any special discount days or hours at Eat’nPark?

Yes, Eat’nPark often hosts weekly specials, senior discounts, and Happy Hour deals. It’s best to check their official website or contact your local restaurant for the most current information.

4. Are the prices on the Eat’nPark menu the same at all locations?

While Eat’nPark strives to keep prices consistent across their locations, slight variations may occur due to regional differences in supply and operational costs.

5. Does Eat’nPark offer a breakfast menu and what is the price range?

Yes, Eat’nPark serves breakfast and it’s available all day. The prices generally range from $5 to $10. The menu includes traditional breakfast items like omelettes, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches.

6. Does the Eat’nPark menu have options for people with dietary restrictions?

Yes, Eat’nPark offers several menu options for those with dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. Always inform your server about your dietary needs before ordering.

7. How often does Eat’nPark update their menu prices?

Menu prices are typically reviewed and updated periodically to account for changes in ingredient costs. Exact timelines can vary, so it’s best to check the current prices on the official Eat’nPark website or at the restaurant.

8. Does Eat’nPark have seasonal menus and what are the typical prices?

Yes, Eat’nPark often introduces seasonal specials that feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients. These dishes are usually priced comparably to their regular menu items.

9. Does Eat’nPark offer a senior discount?

Eat’nPark often provides a senior discount, but the details can vary by location. It’s best to check with the specific restaurant location for the most accurate information.

10. What is the price range for desserts at Eat’nPark?

Desserts at Eat’nPark, famous for their Smiley Cookies, range from around $2 for a single cookie or piece of pie, up to $15 for a dozen cookies or a whole pie. Specialty dessert items might be priced differently.

Final Words

Eat’nPark, with its diverse menu and competitive pricing, remains a much-loved destination for people seeking comfort food at an affordable price.

The restaurant offers everything from hearty breakfasts to savory dinner entrees, and of course, their famous Smiley Cookies. They cater to a variety of dietary preferences, making it a place where almost anyone can find a meal to enjoy.

Plus, their focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients further adds to the appeal. While we’ve given you a general idea about the menu prices at Eat’nPark, we must emphasize the importance of checking the most current prices either on their official website or directly at the restaurant, as prices can vary by location and over time.

At Eat’nPark, the team not only values the quality of food but also customer satisfaction, often running weekly specials and offering discounts for seniors and kids. This continual commitment to value makes Eat’nPark a great choice for families, seniors, and anyone else looking for good food at a great price.

With Eat’nPark’s blend of quality, variety, and affordability, it’s clear why this restaurant chain has won the hearts of so many across the region. Whether you’re a regular patron or planning your first visit, Eat’nPark’s menu prices promise value, making every meal an experience to savor.

We hope this article has helped clarify what you can expect from the Eat’nPark menu prices, making your next dining decision that much easier.

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