Donatos Pizza Menu Prices

Ever stood before a sprawling pizza menu, perplexed by price variations, wondering which slice delivers the most bang for your buck? It’s a dilemma many pizza enthusiasts often face.

That’s where our expert take on Donatos Pizza menu prices swoops in, serving up some piping hot clarity! We’ve tirelessly crunched numbers, compared pizza sizes, and dissected topping varieties, ensuring you get the best value every time you hear your stomach rumble for Donatos.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic pepperoni or an adventurous gourmet veggie lover, understanding the financial bite is just as important as savoring the cheesy one.

Our guide to Donatos Pizza pricing is not just about pennies and pies, it’s about maximizing your dining delight. So, forget about fumbling over that menu – we’ve got your back (and your belly). Stay with us as we embark on this tasty journey of delectable discovery.

Donatos Pizza Menu Prices In 2024

Made Fresh Daily Salads

Caorese Side Salad$5.09
Italian Side Salad$5.09
Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad (Entree)$9.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad (Party)$32.99
Chicken Harvest Salad (Entree)$9.99
Chicken Harvest Salad (Party)$32.99
Italian Chef Salad (Party)$32.99
Italian Chef Salad (Entree)$9.99
Italian Garden Party$28.09
Chicken Caorese Salad (Entree)$9.99
Chicken Caorese Salad (Party)$32.99


Two Liter (Pepsi)$3.89
Two Liter (Diet Pepsi)$3.89
Two Liter (Mountain Dew)$3.89
Bottled Water (20 oz)$2.69
Bottle (20 oz) – Pepsi$2.69
Bottle (20 oz) – Diet Pepsi$2.69
Bottle (20 oz) – Mountain Dew$2.69

Create Your Own Pizzas

Create Your Own Pizzas$6.99


Cinnamon Bread$7.99
Party Twists$7.39
Cheryl’s Fudge Brownie(1)$2.69
Cheryl’s Fudge Brownie(10$24.79
Cheryl’s Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie (1)$2.09
Cheryl’s Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie(12)$21.79

Miscellaneous Extras

Sauces Cups0.99
Dressing Packs0.99


Calzone Pepperoni$9.78
Create Your Own Calzone$9.78


Italian Garlic Breadsticks (Side)$3.49
Italian Garlic Breadsticks (Full)$6.69
Italian Garlic Breadsticks (Party)$22.99
Asiago Cheese Bread (Full)$7.99
Garlic Asiago Cheese Bread (Full)$7.99
Bacon Cheese Bread W/Marinara$9.49
Bacon Cheese Bread W/ Ranch$9.49
Pepperoni Cheese Bread W/ Marinara$9.49
Pepperoni Cheese Bread W/ Ranch$9.49
Meatball Shareable (Full)$6.69
Meatball Shareable (Party)$32.99


Traditional Wings$8.09
Boneless Wings$6.99

Oven Baked Subs

Big Don Marinara$9.78
Big Don Italian$9.78
Hot Chicken$9.78
Ham And Smoked Provolonr$9.78
Big Don With Sausage$9.78
Big Don Marinara With Sausage$9.78
Chicken Bacon Ranch$9.78
Fresh Veg$9.78

Signature Pizzas

Individual 7″Medium 12″GF Medium 12″Large 14″
The Works$8.09$20.09$22.39$22.39
Classic Trio$8.09$20.09$22.39$22.39
Very Vegy$8.09$20.09$22.39$22.39
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella$8.09$20.09$22.39$22.39
Serious Meat$8.09$20.09$22.39$22.39
Founder’s Favorite$8.09$20.09$22.39$22.39
Hot Chicken$8.09$20.09$22.39$22.39
Ultimate Four Cheese$8.09$20.09$22.39$22.39

Classic Pizzas

Individual 7″Medium 12″Large 14″Gluten Free Medium 12′
Serious Cheese$6.99$16.29$18.59$18.49

Picked For You

Cheryl’s Triple Chocolate Chunk$2.09
Italian Side Salad$5.09
Cinnamon Bread (Full)$7.99
Big Don Italian$9.78
Garlic Asiago Cheese Bread (Full)$7.99

About Donatos Pizza

Imagine stepping into 1963 in the heart of Gahanna, Ohio, where a young man named Jim Grote took a leap of faith, armed with only $1,300 and a philosophy.

“To make the best pizza and to treat others the way I would like to be treated.” This simple yet powerful ethos was the bedrock upon which Donatos Pizza was born.

Fast forward 60 years, and that small neighborhood pizzeria has sprouted into an impressive network of over 200 stores across the U.S. Despite such exponential growth, Donatos Pizza has stayed true to Jim’s vision, putting quality and people at the core of their enterprise.

Underneath that tantalizing smell of fresh pizza wafting through a Donatos restaurant, you’ll find Jim’s commitment to perfection. It’s a dedication that starts with sourcing the finest ingredients, crafting them into signature pizzas, subs, and salads that we’ve all grown to love, and extends to the warm, inviting customer service that makes you feel at home.

This remarkable journey from a single Ohio store to a national pizza powerhouse has not been without challenges. But the love for creating perfect pizzas, the passion for innovation, and above all, the commitment to Jim’s founding philosophy, have allowed Donatos to navigate these waters successfully.

So, the next time you bite into a slice from Donatos, know that you’re tasting more than just a delicious pizza. You’re partaking in a rich tradition that began with one man’s dream in a small town in Ohio.

As we delve deeper into the menu offerings and pricing strategies, we’ll keep this foundation in mind, remembering how Donatos became the household name it is today.

From the oven to your plate, every bite of Donatos tells a tale – a story of humble beginnings, steadfast dedication, and a timeless passion for pizza. A story that continues to unfold, one delicious slice at a time.

FAQs On Donatos Pizza Restaurant

1. How much does a pizza from Donatos typically cost?

While prices vary based on size, type, and location, you can generally expect to pay between $10 and $20 for a pizza at Donatos.

2. Does Donatos offer any special deals or discounts on their menu?

Yes, Donatos often has special promotions, deals, and combo offers. It’s always a good idea to check their official website or call your local Donatos for the latest deals.

3. What sizes of pizzas are available at Donatos, and how are they priced?

Donatos offers pizzas in four sizes: individual (7”), small (10”), large (14”), and extra-large (16”). Prices increase with size and the number of toppings.

4. Are there vegan or gluten-free options available at Donatos?

Yes, Donatos offers both vegan and gluten-free pizza options, but availability may vary by location.

5. Is the ‘Edge to Edge’ toppings option an extra cost at Donatos?

No, the ‘Edge to Edge’ toppings, a unique feature where toppings cover the entire pizza, is included in the pizza’s standard price at Donatos.

6. What are the most expensive and least expensive items on the Donatos menu?

The most expensive items are typically their specialty large and extra-large pizzas, while side orders like breadsticks or individual pizzas tend to be the least expensive.

7. How does Donatos’ pricing compare to other pizza chains?

Donatos’ prices are generally in line with other premium pizza chains. They focus on quality ingredients, which may make their prices slightly higher than discount pizza restaurants.

8. Does the price vary if I want to customize my pizza at Donatos?

Yes, customizations like extra toppings or premium ingredients typically add to the base price of the pizza.

9. Does Donatos offer a lunch special or discounted menu?

Some Donatos locations offer lunch specials or discounted items during certain hours. It’s best to check with your local restaurant.

10. Is delivery included in the menu price at Donatos?

Delivery charges are typically additional and not included in the menu prices. However, sometimes Donatos runs special promotions offering free delivery.

Final Words

Navigating the menu and pricing of any popular pizza chain, like Donatos, needn’t be a daunting task. With the understanding we’ve shared, you’re now well-equipped to make an informed choice, whether you’re after a quick lunch or feeding a party.

Remember, Donatos has always prioritized quality and customer satisfaction over everything else – their prices reflect their commitment to these values.

So, whenever your pizza cravings kick in, don’t just look at the dollars and cents, but rather consider the quality, taste, and experience you’re getting in return.

After all, pizza is more than just food, it’s a culinary delight that brings joy to our lives. And Donatos, with its humble Ohio beginnings, understands this better than anyone.

So, go on, make your choice, enjoy your meal, and savor the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a wise, well-informed decision. As they say in Donatos, every piece is important – and that includes you, the customer.

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