Donatos Pizza Menu Prices (Updated: April 2023)

This article covers Donatos Pizza Menu Prices 2023 in depth. We’ve gathered all of the most up-to-date and complete menus prices with the official websites.

If you love pizza, you need to check out Donatos Pizza restaurant. This place has some of the best pizza in the area and it’s also really affordable.

Plus, their delivery is super fast so you can always enjoy a delicious pizza without having to worry about waiting.  places in town is undoubtedly Donatos. This restaurant offers something for everyone, with a wide variety of pizzas and pastas to choose from.

From classics like pepperoni and mushroom to more adventurous choices such as the truffle oil and roasted vegetable pizza, there’s sure to be something on the menu that you’ll love.

If you’re looking for something special, be sure to check out their specialty pizzas – they’re all incredibly delicious and worth trying. Looking for a delicious pizza place to eat?

Try Donatos Pizza! This restaurant offers a wide variety of pizza options, so everyone can find something they love. You can choose from classic toppings like pepperoni and cheese, to more exotic choices like ostrich and bacon.

Plus, you can also customize your own pizza with plenty of toppings and sauces to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a thin-crust or a deep-dish pie, Donatos Pizza has got you covered. Come try some of their delicious food today! Check out Donatos Pizza Menu Prices.

Donatos Pizza Menu Prices In 2023


Build Your Own Stromboli$5.99
Pepperoni Stromboli$5.99
Deluxe Stromboli$5.99
Three Meat Stromboli$5.99


Cinnamon Brick Street Bread$3.99
Cinnamon Twist2 Pc.$1.00
Cinnamon Twist6 Pc.$2.99
Apple Crisp Timpano$5.99
Cinnamon Crisp Timpano$5.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie1 Pc.$1.25
Chocolate Chunk Cookie12 Pc.$10.00


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist or Dr. Pepper
Soft Drink20 oz. Bottle$1.79
Soft Drink2 Liter Bottle$2.89
Aquafina Water20 oz. Bottle$1.79


Asiago Brick Street Bread$3.99
Garlic Brick Street Bread$3.99
Boneless WingsSide (6 Pc.)$4.29
Boneless WingsFull (12 Pc.)$7.79
Boneless WingsParty (30 Pc.)$17.89
Traditional WingsSide (5 Pc.)$4.29
Traditional WingsFull (10 Pc.)$7.79
Traditional WingsParty (25 Pc.)$17.89
3 Cheese Garlic Bread on White$3.29
3 Cheese Garlic Bread on Wheat$3.29
Italian BreadsticksSide (2 Pc.)$1.19
Italian BreadsticksFull (6 Pc.)$2.99
Family Recipe Meatballs$3.99


Caprese Side Salad$2.99
Italian Side Salad$2.99
Italian Chef Entree Salad$6.99
Chicken Harvest Entree Salad$6.99
Chicken Caprese Entree Salad$6.99
Chicken Caprese Party Salad$23.99
Italian Chef Party Salad$19.99
Chicken Harvest Party Salad$23.99
Italian Garden Party Salad$18.99


Big Don Italian Sub$6.19
Big Ham and Cheese Sub$6.19
Big Don Marinara Sub$6.19
Meatball Sub$6.19
Turkey Club Sub$6.19
Chicken Bacon Cheddar Sub$6.19
Vegy Sub$6.19
Buffalo Chicken Sub$6.19
Hot Chicken Sub$6.19

Gluten Free Pizzas

Take & Bake
Gluten Free Pepperoni PizzaMedium (12″)$13.59
Gluten Free Cheese PizzaMedium (12″)$13.59


Build Your Own PizzaIndividual (7″)$4.79
Build Your Own PizzaSmall (10″)$8.29
Build Your Own PizzaMedium (12″)$10.99
Build Your Own PizzaLarge (14″)$13.59
Serious Cheese™ PizzaIndividual (7″)$4.79
Serious Cheese™ PizzaSmall (10″)$8.29
Serious Cheese™ PizzaMedium (12″)$10.99
Serious Cheese™ PizzaLarge (14″)$13.59
Pepperoni PizzaIndividual (7″)$4.79
Pepperoni PizzaSmall (10″)$8.29
Pepperoni PizzaMedium (12″)$10.99
Pepperoni PizzaLarge (14″)$13.59
The Works™ PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
The Works™ PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
The Works™ PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
The Works™ PizzaLarge (14″)$16.99
Classic Trio® PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Classic Trio® PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Classic Trio® PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Classic Trio® PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Vegy™ PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Vegy™ PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Vegy™ PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Vegy™ PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Founders Favorite® PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Founders Favorite® PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Founders Favorite® PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Founders Favorite® PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Serious Meat™ PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Serious Meat™ PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Serious Meat™ PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Hawaiian™ PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Hawaiian™ PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Hawaiian™ PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Hawaiian™ PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Mariachi™ Beef PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Mariachi™ Beef PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Mariachi™ Beef PizzaMedium (12″)$13.89
Mariachi™ Beef PizzaLarge (14″)$16.79
Mariachi™ Chicken PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Mariachi™ Chicken PizzaSmall (10″)
Mariachi™ Chicken PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Mariachi™ Chicken PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Fresh Mozzarella Trio™ PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Margherita PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Margherita PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Margherita PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Margherita PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Pepperoni Zinger™ PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.39
Pepperoni Zinger™ PizzaSmall (10″)$9.39
Pepperoni Zinger™ PizzaMedium (12″)$12.39
Pepperoni Zinger™ PizzaLarge (14″)$15.09
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella™ PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Serious PorkIndividual (7″)$5.79
Serious PorkSmall (10″)$9.29
Serious PorkMedium (12″)$11.99
Serious PorkLarge (14″)$14.59
Sriracha JackIndividual (7″)$5.89
Sriracha JackSmall (10″)$10.49
Sriracha JackMedium (12″)$13.99
Sriracha JackLarge (14″)$16.89
Hot Chicken PizzaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Hot Chicken PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Hot Chicken PizzaMedium (12″)$13.99
Hot Chicken PizzaLarge (14″)$16.89
Chicken BruschettaIndividual (7″)$5.89
Chicken BruschettaSmall (10″)$10.49
Chicken BruschettaMedium (12″)$13.99
Chicken BruschettaLarge (14″)$16.89
Skinny PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49
Vegan It’s Greek To Me PizzaSmall (10″)$10.49

About Donatos Pizza

In conclusion, Donatos Pizza is a company with a rich history that started in Columbus, Ohio. Jim Grote is the founder and he has been involved with the company since 1963.

The company has continued to grow over the years and it now has over 150 locations nationwide. Donatos Pizza is a great place to get pizza and it offers a variety of dishes that are sure to please everyone.

Donatos Pizza Restaurant is a family-owned and operated pizzeria that has been serving pizza since 1955. The restaurant has locations in Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

The restaurant employs over 350 people and offers a variety of menu items, including pizza, pasta dishes, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Italian-style pizza is a popular dish around the world, and one that Americans in particular seem to love.

There are hundreds of different pizzerias in the United States, but few can match the quality and consistency of Donatos Pizza Restaurant.

The restaurant was founded in 1948 by Dominic Donato and his wife, Rose. They quickly became known for their delicious pizza and started to gain a following among local residents.

In 1992, Donatos Pizza Restaurant opened its first location outside of Columbus, Ohio and has since expanded to over 60 locations throughout the country.

You’ve already gone over the full Donatos Pizza Menu Prices 2023, in which we discussed the most up-to-date menu and pricing. We hope you found this information useful and if we have missed any information you can let us know in the comments below.

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