Dinosaur BBQ Menu Prices

Brace yourselves, BBQ enthusiasts! There’s a seismic shift in the culinary landscape that’s sure to tingle your taste buds. We’re talking Dinosaur BBQ, an iconic culinary institution that’s been firing up the grill with a primeval gusto.

Yet, there’s more to this carnivore’s delight than meets the eye — it’s about the value proposition. Anxious about splurging on your next feast? Put your worries to rest!

Dinosaur BBQ isn’t just about the succulent, smoke-kissed slabs of heaven, but also about delicious affordability. Yes, you heard it right — world-class BBQ at prices that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Why is this relevant? In a world where the cost of dining out is skyrocketing, Dinosaur BBQ stands as a beacon of value, quality, and finger-licking goodness. So, are you ready to dive into the juicy details?

The flavors of prehistoric indulgence await! Let’s crunch those numbers and satisfy your curiosity — and your appetite.

Dinosaur BBQ Menu Prices In 2024


Bottled Water$2.50
Cola Can$2.25
Diet Cola Can$2.25
Sierra Mist Can$2.25
Iced Tea Can$2.25


Asian Cucumber Salad Qt$13.00
BBQ Beans w/Pork (GF) Qt$13.00
BBQ Fried Rice Qt$13.00
Coleslaw (GF) Qt$13.00
Mac & Cheese Qt$13.00
Potato Salad (GF) Qt$13.00
Simmered Greens (GF) Qt
with smoked turkey
Whipped Sweet Potatoes Qt$13.00


Asian Cucumber Salad Pint$7.50
BBQ Beans w/Pork (GF) Pint$7.50
BBQ Fried Rice Pint$7.50
Coleslaw (GF) Pint$7.50
Mac & Cheese Pint$7.50
Potato Salad (GF) Pint$7.50
Simmered Greens (GF) Pint
with smoked turkey
Whipped Sweet Potatoes Pint$7.50


Asian Cucumber Salad Side$4.00
BBQ Beans w/Pork (GF) Side$4.00
BBQ Fried Rice Side$4.00
Coleslaw (GF) Side$4.00
Mac & Cheese Side$4.00
Potato Salad (GF) Side$4.00
Simmered Greens (GF) Side$4.00
Whipped Sweet Potato Side$4.00
Hunk Cornbread$1.00
Side Dressing$0.50


Chocolate Ice Box Pie
Dark chocolate custard in chocolate cookie crust and chocolate chips.
Key Lime Pie
Fresh squeezed lime custard and graham cracker crust.
Peanut Butter Pie
Peanut butter cookie crust, peanut butter cream filling and dark chocolate ganache.
Salted Caramel Cookie Bar
Crispy and soft chocolate chip cookies stuffed with gooey salted caramel with a chocolate crust


Pork Slider Kids$8.00+
Beef Slider Kids$8.00+
Burger Slider Kids$8.00+
3 Wings Kids
Spice-rubbed, pit-smoked, grill finished, with blue cheese dressing & celery. GF
Leg/Thigh Kids$8.00+
1/4 Chicken Breast/Wing Kids$8.00+
Chicken Fingers Kids$8.00+
Mac & Cheese Kids$8.00+
Fried Rice Kids$8.00+
Grilled Cheese Kids$8.00+


Pulled Pork Sandwich
1/3 lb. hand-pulled pork shoulder, original sauce, pickles, grilled potato roll. Comes with 1 Side. Remove Roll for GF.
Pork Memphis
1/3 lb. hand-pulled pork shoulder, original sauce, grilled potato roll. Your choice of sweet & sour or creamy slaw. Comes with 1 Side.
Cuban Sandwich
Mojito pulled pork, grilled ham, Swiss, pickles, mustard, pressed roll
Brisket Sandwich
1/3 lb. Prime aged beef, hand-sliced, pickled onions & jalapeños, horsey mayo, original sauce, grilled potato roll
Brisket Bacon Swiss
Prime brisket, thick-cut bacon, melted swiss, horsey mayo, grilled roll
Brisket Bahn Mi
Korean BBQ, sweet & sour red cabbage, shredded carrots, spicy cucumber, cilantro, zip sauce, pressed roll
Power Couple
Best of both worlds. Prime Brisket and Pork Memphis Sliders on potato rolls. Your choice of sweet & sour or creamy slaw. Remove Roll for GF.
Churrasco Chicken Sandwich$15.00+
Mr. Crisp
Crispy fried chicken breast, house-cured pickles, coleslaw, zip sauce, grilled potato roll.
Dino Burger
Certified Angus Beef ®, BBQ basted, lettuce, beefsteak tomato, red onion, melted American. Remove Roll for GF.
Bacon Deluxe Burger
Certified Angus Beef ®, BBQ basted, caramelized tangy onions, thick-cut bacon, melted Swiss, pickles.
The Pitmaster Burger
Certified Angus Beef ®, BBQ basted, smoked plum tomatoes, melted cheddar, red onion, burnt ends. Remove Roll for GF.
BBQ Beef Cheesesteak Sand
Served on a pressed long roll with sautéed tangy onions, poblano peppers, BBQ & melted cheese choice
BBQ Chicken Cheesesteak Sand
Served on a pressed long roll with sautéed tangy onions, poblano peppers, BBQ & melted cheese choice
BBQ Pork Cheesesteak Sand
Served on a pressed long roll with sautéed tangy onions, poblano peppers, BBQ & melted cheese choice
Shroom Ben Sandwich
Smoked portobello, pastrami-spiced w/ sweet and sour slaw, tangy onions, swiss, zip sauce, pressed roll
Catfish Po-Boy Sandwich
Crispy cornmeal-crusted, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickled onion & jalapeños, tartar sauce, pressed long roll


St. Louis Ribs, Dry Rubbed and Slow Smoked, Lightly Glazed with Our Original BBQ Sauce. Includes Two Homemade Sides and Cornbread. GF
1/4 Rack – $15.00+
1/2 Rack – $22.00+
3/4 Rack – $29.00+
Full Rack – $36.00+
Full rack of ribs + 4 homemade sides. GF
Big Ass Pork Plate
Hand-pulled pork shoulder, original sauce, piled high with house-cured pickles. GF
Brisket Plate
30 day aged Prime beef, hand sliced, lean and moist with pickled onion & jalapeños. GF
1/2 BBQ Chicken
Antibiotic and cage-free, apple-brined, pit-smoked, glazed with our original sauce. GF
Cajun Fried Catfish Entree
Crispy cornmeal-crusted, cajun spiced with black-eyed pea relish and tartar sauce
Chicken Steak
Mojito marinated, boneless, skinless breast, smoked onions & chimichurri. Add peppers, mushrooms & provolone +$2
Tres Ninos
A Petite Sampling of Brisket, Ribs and Pork. GF
Meat Combo
Be your Own Pit Boss. Choose your Meats, Includes Two Homemade Sides and Cornbread. GF with no cornbread.
2 Meat Combo – $22.00+
3 Meat Combo – $27.00+
1/2 Family Style Package
Serves 2-3. 1/2 Chicken, 1/2 Rack of Ribs, 1/2 Pound Brisket or Pork, two Sides, Cornbread.
Family Style Package
Serves 4-6. Whole Chicken, Full Rack of Ribs, One Pound Brisket or Pork, Three Sides, Cornbread.

Bowls & Salads

Chopped Salad
Mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, carrot, cornbread, spiced walnuts


Bar-B-Que Wings
Spice-rubbed, pit-smoked, grill finished, with blue cheese dressing & celery. GF
3 Wings – $6.00+
6 Wings – $11.50+
13 Wings – $20.50+
Green Tomatoes
Panko crusted, crispy fried, Pecorino Romano, buttermilk ranch dressing.
Small – $8.50
Large – $12.00
Deviled Eggs
Cajun spiced & topped with chives. GF
3 Eggs – $5.50
6 Eggs – $9.50
Pork Slider
Pickles, BBQ sauce
Prime Brisket slider
Pickled Onion & Jalapeno, horsey mayo, BBQ Sauce
Cheeseburger Slider
Pickles, zip sauce
Served on grilled potato rolls
3 Sliders – $16.00+
4 Sliders – $21.00+

About Dinosaur BBQ

Ready to take a tantalizing trip down memory lane? Let’s dive into the delectable tale of the Dinosaur BBQ, an iconic fixture on the American BBQ scene that started its fiery journey in 1988.

Picture this – Syracuse, New York, where a man named John Stage was about to change the culinary landscape forever. Motivated by a passion for authentic, pit-smoked barbecue, Stage and his partners transformed a humble, biker-friendly mobile concession into a stationary eatery that would come to define quality barbecue.

Syracuse became the birthplace and headquarters of this culinary sensation. Like a slow-cooked, tender piece of BBQ, the story of Dinosaur BBQ was a slow burn, full of smoky flavors and rich layers.

Stage, the driving force behind this journey, built Dinosaur BBQ on pillars of quality and affordability, without ever compromising the essence of barbecue culture.

Armed with nothing but a Harley-Davidson, a love for barbecue, and a strong desire to share this love with the world, Stage set the foundation for what we now recognize as a landmark institution in Syracuse and beyond.

Navigating the competitive and often volatile world of food business wasn’t easy. Still, Dinosaur BBQ persevered, leaning on its commitment to superior quality, affordability, and exceptional service.

Through these trials, Stage and his team didn’t just create a restaurant; they built a community that transcended the geographical bounds of Syracuse.

From the genesis in Syracuse, the aroma of Dinosaur BBQ has spread across states, earning nationwide acclaim. It’s not just about the mouth-watering meats or the carefully curated menu—it’s the whole experience, born from John Stage’s vision and cultivated over decades.

Dinosaur BBQ is proof that dreams, fired by passion and patience, can shape culinary traditions. So there you have it! The history of Dinosaur BBQ isn’t merely a chronicle of a successful restaurant, but a testament to the power of passion, vision, and, of course, great BBQ.

Remember, every time you enjoy a bite at Dinosaur BBQ, you’re partaking in a legacy that’s deeply marinated in history.

FAQs On Dinosaur BBQ Restaurant

1. What’s the average price range for meals at Dinosaur BBQ?

At Dinosaur BBQ, you can typically expect to spend between $10-$30 per meal, depending on your choice of dish and sides. It’s all about satisfying your BBQ cravings without breaking the bank!

2. Is the menu at Dinosaur BBQ budget-friendly?

Yes, indeed! Dinosaur BBQ prides itself on offering high-quality BBQ at reasonable prices. You’ll find an array of dishes to suit various budgets without compromising on taste or quality.

3. Does the price vary across different Dinosaur BBQ locations?

While there might be slight variations due to regional factors, Dinosaur BBQ strives to maintain consistent pricing across all its locations.

4. Are there any specialty items on the Dinosaur BBQ menu that are higher in price?

Yes, some specialty items like premium meat cuts or large combo platters might be priced higher due to the quality and quantity of food served.

5. Are there any cost-effective options for groups at Dinosaur BBQ?

Absolutely! Dinosaur BBQ offers family packs and group meals designed to serve multiple people, which can be more cost-effective than ordering individual meals.

6. Does Dinosaur BBQ offer any daily specials or promotions that can impact prices?

Dinosaur BBQ regularly runs daily specials and promotions, providing additional value for your money. Check their website or contact the local branch for the most current offers.

7. Does the Dinosaur BBQ menu offer options for vegetarians, and what are the prices like?

Yes, Dinosaur BBQ does provide vegetarian-friendly options, and they’re priced similarly to other items on the menu, ensuring everyone gets a bite of the Dinosaur BBQ experience!

8. How do the prices at Dinosaur BBQ compare to other BBQ restaurants?

While prices can vary, Dinosaur BBQ’s mission is to provide top-tier BBQ at competitive prices. They aim for a balance of quality and affordability that distinguishes them in the BBQ arena.

9. Does Dinosaur BBQ offer any lower-priced options for kids?

Yes, Dinosaur BBQ offers a Kid’s Menu with specially sized portions and prices designed for the younger BBQ lovers.

10. Can I get a custom order at Dinosaur BBQ, and how does it impact the price?

Custom orders are typically accommodated at Dinosaur BBQ. However, changes or additions might impact the final price, so it’s best to check with the restaurant for specific pricing.

Final Words

The saga of Dinosaur BBQ offers an intriguing blend of rich history, mouthwatering food, and a commitment to value that keeps BBQ enthusiasts coming back for more.

Beyond the irresistible allure of their pit-smoked meats, the competitive pricing of their menu is a testament to the brand’s mission — providing top-quality BBQ at prices that suit every pocket.

Navigating the world of dining out can often be a balance between craving for quality and budgeting for the bill. At Dinosaur BBQ, this balance is deftly struck, allowing the love for BBQ to shine above all else.

Be it a hearty family meal, a budget-friendly group feast, or a quest for the best ribs in town, the Dinosaur BBQ menu prices ensure that every craving is catered to without burning a hole in your pocket.

As we bid adieu, we urge you to step into the world of Dinosaur BBQ to experience the delightful blend of flavors, history, and affordability yourself.

After all, the best way to truly appreciate this culinary gem is to taste it firsthand! So, are you ready to embark on this delicious journey? The smoky, tender, and budget-friendly delights of Dinosaur BBQ await your exploration

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