Dickey’s Barbecue Menu Prices

Sink your teeth into this: If you’re on the hunt for authentic, slow-smoked Texas-style barbecue that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, you need look no further than Dickey’s Barbecue.

Their diverse menu serves up a mouthwatering symphony of flavors that’ll satisfy both the thriftiest and the hungriest among us. But in today’s fast-paced world, knowing menu prices ahead of time is as important as the food quality itself, isn’t it?

That’s where we come in. In this article, we’re going to dish out a comprehensive breakdown of Dickey’s Barbecue menu prices, helping you plan your next feast without any unwelcome surprises.

So, ready to dive into a world of delicious barbecue without breaking the bank? Let’s dig in!

Dickey’s Barbecue Menu Prices In 2024


Big Yellow Cup$2.95
Lil’ Yellow Cup$2.25


Blondie Brownie$3.00

Kids Meals

Kids 1 Meat Meal$7.29
Kids Wings Meal$7.25

Sauces & Extras

Buffalo Sauce$0.50
Buffalo Hot Sauce$0.50
Carolina Barbeque Sauce$0.50
Original Barbeque Sauce$0.50
Ranch Dressing$0.50
Spicy Barbeque Sauce$0.50
Sweet Barbeque Sauce$0.50
Texas Hot Sauce$0.50
Extra Onions$0.50
Extra Pickles$0.50
Jalapeno Peppers$0.50
Sliced Cheddar Cheese$0.50
Brioche Bun$1.00
Dinner Rolls$0.50

Local Favorites

Brisket & Cheese Taco$2.89
Chicken Cheese Taco$2.89
Racetrack Westerner$9.69
Smokehouse Salad$10.09
The Fancy Pork Taco$2.99


Assorted Chips$2.89
Asiago Cheese Creamed Spinach$2.69
Baked Potato Casserole$2.69
Bacon & Onion Green Beans$2.69
Barbeque Beans$2.69
Brisket Chili$4.00
Brisket Chili Mac$3.50
Cabbage Slaw$2.69
Caesar Salad$2.69
Fried Okra$2.69
Jalapeno Beans$2.69
Mac & Cheese$2.69
Potato Salad$2.69
Side Of Chicken Nuggets$4.40

Signature Pit-Smoked Meats

Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage$9.49
Chicken Breast$9.99
Marinated Chicken Breast$15.99
Polish Kielbasa Sausage$14.59
Pulled Pork$9.00

Sandwiches a La Carte

Brisket Classic$7.99
Sausage Classic$7.99
Sausage Classic$7.99
Pulled Pork Classic$7.99
Westerner Sandwich$10.49

Build Your Own Plate

3 Meat Plate$15.99
2 Meat Plate$14.99
1 Meat Plate$14.59
Classic Sandwich Plate$12.19
Pork & Kielbasa Plate$15.99
Pit Di Sandwich Plate$15.99
Slider Plate$7.89
Westerner Sandwich Plate$14.99

‘Cue Combos

Family Bundle$26.00
2 Two Meat Plate Special$29.00
‘Cue Combo Sandwiches$9.99

About Dickey’s Barbecue

Picture Dallas, Texas, circa 1941. The smell of smoked meats wafts through the air, an irresistible siren call to all barbecue lovers. This is where Travis Dickey planted the seeds of what would become a national culinary phenomenon – Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.

The original location was humble, serving as much a community gathering place as it did a restaurant. Yet from this modest beginning, a titan of Texas barbecue was born.

Dickey’s trademark was, and remains, its slow-smoked meats. From beef brisket to pulled pork, pork ribs, and Polish sausage, Dickey’s mastered the art of turning high-quality cuts into melt-in-your-mouth barbecue.

The secret? Patience. A lot of it. Their meats are smoked on-site, low and slow, in every location. This is a painstaking process, but one that’s absolutely critical to achieving that mouthwatering, smoky flavor you can’t get enough of.

The brilliance of Travis Dickey didn’t stop at the meats, though. He understood that a great barbecue experience is incomplete without perfect sidekicks. Thus, the Dickey’s menu also boasts a variety of side dishes, each as thoughtfully crafted as the main event.

Fast forward to the present day, and the once humble Dallas eatery has exploded onto the national scene. With over 457 locations spanning the U.S., Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is no longer just a Texas secret.

Despite its growth, the business remains family-owned, and the Dickey family continues to run the operations out of Dallas. So, next time you’re savoring that slow-smoked brisket or biting into a juicy Polish sausage, remember the rich history that made it all possible.

Dickey’s is not just about feeding your stomach; it’s about participating in a legacy of culinary excellence that’s been simmering since 1941. From Travis Dickey’s original Dallas eatery to your local outlet, this is a journey we’re all a part of – one delicious bite at a time.

FAQs On Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant

1.  How much does a meal at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit typically cost?

While prices may vary slightly by location, you can expect to spend around $10-$15 for a meal at Dickey’s, including a main dish and a side or two.

2.  Does Dickey’s Barbecue Pit offer family-sized meals, and what’s the price range for these?

Yes, Dickey’s offers Family Packs suitable for 4-6 people or even larger groups. The cost typically ranges from around $25 to $100 depending on the size and items included.

3.  Is Dickey’s Barbecue Pit more expensive than other barbecue restaurants?

Dickey’s is competitively priced, with cost comparable to other similar barbecue chains. The unique selling point of Dickey’s is their slow-smoked meats, which offers a unique taste experience.

4.  Does Dickey’s Barbecue Pit have special deals or discounts?

Yes, Dickey’s often offers deals like discounted Family Packs, deals on specific menu items, and more. They also have a loyalty program, ‘Big Yellow Cup Club’, for more offers.

5.  What is the price range for Dickey’s Barbecue Pit catering services?

Dickey’s catering prices can vary depending on the size of the event and the chosen menu, but generally, you can expect a range of $10-$20 per person.

6.  How much does Dickey’s signature slow-smoked beef brisket cost?

The price of their signature beef brisket can vary, but you can typically expect to pay around $6 for a sandwich and about $15 for a plate.

7.  Are there any low-cost options on Dickey’s Barbecue Pit menu?

Yes, Dickey’s offers a variety of options under $10, including sandwiches and individual sides.

8.  Do Dickey’s Barbecue Pit prices differ by location?

Prices may slightly vary depending on the location due to differences in operating costs and local market conditions.

9.  Does Dickey’s Barbecue Pit offer vegetarian options and what’s the price range for these?

While known for its meats, Dickey’s does offer some vegetarian side dishes. Prices typically range from around $2-$4.

10.  Are Dickey’s Barbecue Pit’s side dishes included in the price of the main dish?

At Dickey’s, main dishes and sides are usually priced separately, although combo meals are available where sides are included in the total price.

Final Words

In wrapping up our smoky exploration of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and their menu prices, it’s clear that the combination of quality and affordability is at the heart of their enduring appeal.

More than just a meal, it’s an invitation to experience authentic Texas-style barbecue, a culinary tradition painstakingly preserved since Travis Dickey’s days in 1941.

When you dine at Dickey’s, you’re not just filling your belly, you’re engaging with a slice of American heritage. The restaurant’s continued success is proof that top-notch barbecue doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

So whether you’re planning a family feast or just a solo outing, Dickey’s offers a well-rounded, wallet-friendly menu that keeps barbecue lovers coming back for more.

As you navigate your own Dickey’s experience, remember: at the end of the day, it’s about savoring the flavor, celebrating the tradition, and of course, enjoying every single bite without breaking the bank.

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