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Is your sweet tooth playing up, leaving you craving the indulgent, freshly baked delights of Crumbl Cookies? Then you’re in the right place! This article unravels the secrets of the Crumbl Cookies menu prices, providing insight that’s both tasty to your palate and kind to your pocket.

Whether you’re a cookie connoisseur or just someone who enjoys the occasional treat, understanding these prices can significantly enhance your cookie purchasing decisions.

Don’t let the mystery of menu prices keep you from enjoying your favorite sweet treats. Stick around, and let’s journey into the decadent world of Crumbl Cookies, unraveling the dollar signs one crumb at a time.

By the end, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make informed, cost-effective choices about your next cookie spree. Let’s uncover the value behind every bite, shall we?

Crumbl Cookies Menu Prices In 2024


Crumbl Water (Chilled)16 oz. – $2.18
Milk -2% (Chilled)16 oz. – $2.18
Milk – Chocolate (Chilled)16 oz. – $2.18

Crumbl Cream

Crumbl Cream$10.98


Party Box
12 large warm gourmet cookies
6-Pack Box
6 large warm gourmet cookies
4-Pack Box$10.48

About Crumbl Cookies

In 2017, in the heartland of Logan, Utah, a significant culinary event was shaping up. Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley, two individuals with a passion for sweet treats and entrepreneurship, decided to build a bridge between cravings and satisfaction. Crumbl Cookies, a haven for cookie lovers, was born.

What started as a small venture soon became a sensation, gaining traction as people discovered the sumptuous delights of Crumbl Cookies.

Nestled in the quaint town of Logan, the headquarters of Crumbl Cookies soon turned into a go-to dessert paradise for locals and visitors alike.

McGowan and Hemsley were not just founders but visionaries who believed in a simple yet profound philosophy – to make the best cookies in the world.

This philosophy steered their journey, guiding them in creating a menu that enticed the senses and captivated the hearts of their customers.

At Crumbl Cookies, they don’t just sell cookies; they deliver an experience. Each cookie you bite into is a labor of love, baked with attention to detail that’s indicative of their commitment to quality.

Their journey from a start-up to becoming a household name is a testament to their dedication to this mission. As we follow their growth trajectory, we’re reminded of the power of dreams, hard work, and the love of food.

Their success story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs, and their cookies, an absolute treat for the dessert enthusiasts among us. Through this article, we hope to give you a peek into their journey and, perhaps, make your next visit to Crumbl Cookies a bit more special.

So, whether you’re planning to taste their signature menu or indulge in their weekly rotating specials, you now have a better understanding of the history behind your favorite cookie store.

The next time you step into Crumbl Cookies, take a moment to appreciate the dedication, passion, and history baked into every single cookie.

FAQs On Crumbl Cookies Restaurant

1. How much do Crumbl Cookies cost?

The cost can vary, depending on your location and the type of cookie. Generally, individual cookies are priced around $3.50-$4.00 each. For the most accurate pricing, we recommend checking the local Crumbl Cookies store or their official website.

2. What is the price for a Crumbl Cookies box?

Crumbl Cookies offers a box of four cookies priced around $12-$15. However, prices may vary slightly based on your location.

3. Does Crumbl Cookies offer discounts for large orders?

For bulk orders, you might be eligible for discounts. It’s best to directly contact the Crumbl Cookies store in your area for specific pricing and discount information.

4. Are Crumbl Cookies’ menu prices the same across all locations?

While Crumbl Cookies strives to maintain consistent pricing, there may be slight variations depending on the location due to factors like local taxes and operational costs.

5. Do the prices change for Crumbl Cookies’ weekly rotating flavors?

Crumbl Cookies maintains consistent pricing for both their classic and weekly rotating flavors. The goal is to ensure you can indulge in any cookie without worrying about price differences.

6. Does Crumbl Cookies offer gift cards and what are their prices?

Yes, Crumbl Cookies offers gift cards. You can load them with any value you choose, making them a flexible gift option for any budget.

7. Is there a price difference between pick-up and delivery orders at Crumbl Cookies?

Generally, the menu prices are the same. However, delivery orders may incur additional charges like delivery fees or service charges.

8. Are there additional costs for customizing my Crumbl Cookies order?

Crumbl Cookies’ pricing typically includes their established menu items. For any customizations, it’s advised to check directly with the store as it might affect the final price.

9. Does the price for Crumbl Cookies’ catering service differ from the regular menu prices?

Catering services often include additional components like packaging and service charges. Therefore, the cost might differ from regular menu prices.

10. How often does Crumbl Cookies change its prices?

While there’s no set frequency for price changes, any adjustments would reflect factors like ingredient costs, operational expenses, or economic conditions. Rest assured, Crumbl Cookies aims to provide the best value for their delicious offerings.

Final Words

Navigating the delectable universe of Crumbl Cookies, we’ve uncovered the intricacies of their menu prices and more. We’ve unraveled the not-so-hidden value behind every crumb, enabling you to make informed, satisfying choices that delight your taste buds and respect your budget.

From the origins of this beloved brand to the cost of indulging in their rotating flavors, our exploration goes far beyond the price tags. It’s about appreciating the journey of every cookie from the oven to your palate.

It’s about savoring the tangible expression of founders Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley’s dream – a dream that has successfully transformed cookie cravings into a sweet, tangible reality.

As you step into a Crumbl Cookies store or place your next order, remember the blend of history, passion, and dedication that goes into every bite. Happy indulging, cookie lovers!

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