Cousins Subs Menu Prices

In the dynamic landscape of fast-food dining, affordability meets delectable taste with Cousins Subs Menu Prices. With skyrocketing costs of dining out, it’s no wonder that people are seeking value for their dollar without skimping on taste or quality.

A small fortune spent on a sandwich? No, thank you! Cousins Subs breaks the mold by serving up mouth-watering subs that are easy on the wallet and hard to forget.

Our expert team has sunk its teeth into the robust flavors, assessing the prices, and bringing you an all-encompassing guide to navigating the Cousins Subs menu.

We invite you to dive into our thorough analysis and let us illuminate why Cousins Subs is revolutionizing the fast-food world, one wallet-friendly sub at a time.

A feast for your palate needn’t be a famine for your pocket. Let’s journey together through the taste and thrift of Cousins Subs.

Cousins Subs Menu Prices In 2024

Sub in a Bowl

Cheese Steak$6.99
Bacon Cheddar$6.99
Bacon Mushroom Swiss$6.99
Italian Special$5.49
Pepperoni Melt$5.49
Meatball & Provolone$4.99
Ham & Provolone$4.99
Turkey Breast$4.99
Roast Beef & Cheddar$5.49
Chicken Cheddar Deluxe$5.49




Gourmet Garden$4.99


Fountain Drink$1.79 – $2.09
Bottled Drink$2.09
Wisconsin Root Beer$1.79 – $2.09


Fries$1.49 – $1.99
Wisconsin Cheese Curds$2.99
Fresh Baked Cookies$0.49 – $1.00

Kids Meals

Kids Meals$4.49


Make it a Meal$2.49


Double Portion$1.99
Double Portion Chicken or Steak Subs$2.49

Deli Fresh

Ham & Provolone7.5 – $4.99 15 – $9.49
Turkey Breast7.5 – $4.99 15 – $9.49
Veggie7.5 – $4.99 15 – $9.49
Roast Beef & Cheddar7.5 – $5.49 15 – $10.49
Chicken Cheddar Deluxe7.5 – $5.49 15 – $10.49


Club7.5 – $5.49 15 – $10.49
Italian Special7.5 – $5.49 15 – $10.49
Pepperoni Melt7.5 – $5.49 15 – $10.49
Meatball & Provolone7.5 – $4.99 15 – $9.49
Tuna7.5 – $4.99 15 – $9.49

Grilled to Order

Cheese Steak7.5 – $6.99 15- $13.49
Philly7.5 – $6.99 15- $13.49
Bacon Cheddar7.5 – $6.99 15- $13.49
Bacon Mushroom Swiss7.5 – $6.99 15- $13.49

About Cousins Subs

Bill Specht and James Sheppard, two entrepreneurial spirits with a shared vision, set out on a unique culinary mission in 1972. They had an appetite for authentic, quality subs and a burning desire to share this taste with the heart of America. Thus, Cousins Subs was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Nestled in the dynamic landscape of the Midwest, Specht and Sheppard began their journey with a simple yet revolutionary concept – a sandwich could be much more than just a quick bite.

They saw an opportunity to turn the humble sub into a full-fledged meal, packed with premium deli-fresh and grilled-to-order subs. A sub from Cousins was not just another sandwich; it was an experience.

Over the years, their vision grew into an empire, its foundation built on the undeniable appeal of their subs. With Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, as its headquarters, Cousins Subs started to cast a wider net, expanding its operations and enriching the taste buds of countless fast-food enthusiasts.

Today, we can find Cousins Subs in over 100 locations, each adhering to the founders’ principles of taste, quality, and value for money.

Aside from their signature sandwiches, Cousins Subs offers a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and dietary preferences. It’s not just about sandwiches anymore; they’ve added salads and other food products, offering something for everyone while maintaining the high standards set by Specht and Sheppard.

As we take you through this delicious journey, you’ll see why Cousins Subs stands tall in the fast-food industry. So, whether you’re seeking a sumptuous meal or simply looking for culinary inspiration, Cousins Subs is a testament to the art of sandwich making.

They’ve turned a simple idea into a successful fast-food venture, redefining the way we look at subs. Join us as we uncover more about this distinctive restaurant and its mouth-watering offerings.

FAQs On Cousins Subs Restaurant

1. What is the price range for sandwiches at Cousins Subs?

Cousins Subs offers a variety of sandwiches at different price points, ranging from $4 to $10, depending on the sandwich size and ingredients.

2. Are there any budget-friendly options on Cousins Subs menu?

Yes, Cousins Subs provides value meals that include a sub, side, and drink, offering a balanced and satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

3. How much do salads cost at Cousins Subs?

Salads at Cousins Subs typically range between $5 and $7, making them a fresh, nutritious, and affordable option.

4. Is the Cousins Subs menu the same at all locations?

The menu is generally consistent across all Cousins Subs locations, but there may be regional variations or specialty items based on local preferences and availability.

5. Does Cousins Subs have a kids’ menu, and what is the price range?

Yes, Cousins Subs has a kid-friendly menu with meals usually priced under $5, perfect for smaller appetites.

6. Does Cousins Subs offer any special deals or discounts?

Cousins Subs periodically offers special promotions and discounts. It’s recommended to check their official website or sign up for their newsletter to stay updated.

7. Are there vegetarian or vegan options at Cousins Subs, and what is the price range?

Cousins Subs does offer vegetarian options, but vegan choices might be limited. Prices are comparable to other menu items, generally falling between $4 and $10.

8. Does Cousins Subs cater, and what are the prices?

Yes, Cousins Subs does provide catering services. Prices can vary based on the order size and specific items chosen. It’s best to contact your local Cousins Subs for an accurate quote.

9. Are the prices at Cousins Subs competitive compared to other sub sandwich restaurants?

Cousins Subs is known for its value pricing, offering quality subs that are often priced competitively compared to other fast-food sandwich restaurants.

10. Can I customize my order at Cousins Subs, and will it affect the price?

Yes, you can customize your sandwich at Cousins Subs. Depending on the extras you add, it may slightly increase the overall price.

Final Words

In the fast-paced world of quick dining, Cousins Subs has established a name for itself with a diverse, wallet-friendly menu that refuses to compromise on quality.

The restaurant’s dynamic menu, with a wide array of delicious subs, fresh salads, and other food products, offers a value-for-money experience that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Our analysis of Cousins Subs menu prices underscores the balance this renowned eatery has achieved between cost and taste. Navigating the world of fast food doesn’t need to be a choice between budget and flavor.

Cousins Subs has debunked this myth, and we hope our deep dive into their menu prices serves as a helpful guide for your next culinary adventure.

So the next time your stomach growls, remember that a satisfying, delicious meal can be found at Cousins Subs – where your palate and pocket can happily coexist. Until then, keep exploring, keep tasting, and most importantly, keep enjoying!

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