Corelife Eatery Menu Prices

Navigating the world of healthy eating can be a daunting task, but not when you have CoreLife Eatery at your fingertips. Known for their wholesome, fresh ingredients and customizable options, CoreLife Eatery has taken the health food industry by storm.

But what about the cost of keeping your diet on track? Fear not, we’ve got the inside scoop on the CoreLife Eatery menu prices. Whether you’re a seasoned health guru or just starting your wellness journey, understanding the cost-to-value ratio at CoreLife is essential.

Our expert team has invested time and effort to dissect their menu, ensuring you get the most nutritious bang for your buck. Keep reading to unlock the secrets of CoreLife Eatery menu prices and make informed decisions that don’t compromise your health or wallet.

Unearth the potential of healthy dining and discover how CoreLife Eatery can become your go-to destination for guilt-free indulgence. Your wellness journey starts here, and it’s more affordable than you think.

Corelife Eatery Menu Prices In 2024


Craft Made Beverage$2.95
BAI Clementine$3.45
BAI Blueberry$3.45
BAI Coconut Water$3.45
BAI Dragonfruit$3.45
BAI Peach$3.45
BAI Pomegranate$3.45
BAI Watermelon$3.45
Spindrift Sparkling Raspberry Lime$2.65
Spindrift Sparkling Lemon$2.65
Fiji Water$2.65
San Pellegrino$2.65
Bottled Water$1.85


Coconut Curry Chicken SoupCup$3.00
Coconut Curry Chicken SoupBowl$4.00


GF Mac And Cheese$3.00
Sweet Potato$3.00
Brussels Sprouts$3.00

Power Plates

Plate Choose 1 Side$3.00
Plate Choose 2 Sides$5.50
Plate Choose 3 Sides$7.00

Kids Power Menu

Kids Cukes and Carrots Salad$3.95
Kids Chicken Noodle Soup$3.95
Kids Power Plate$4.95
Kids Power Drink$1.45

Warm Rice Bowls

Ranch Steak Warm Rice BowlBig Bowl$10.95
Ranch Steak Warm Rice BowlSmall Bowl$8.95
Spicy Chicken Warm Rice BowlBig Bowl$10.45
Spicy Chicken Warm Rice BowlSmall Bowl$8.45
BBQ Ranch Chicken Warm Rice BowlBig Bowl$9.95
BBQ Ranch Chicken Warm Rice BowlSmall Bowl$8.45
Tuna Poke Fire Warm Rice BowlBig Bowl$11.45
Tuna Poke Fire Warm Rice BowlSmall Bowl$9.45
Korean BBQ Pork Warm Rice BowlBig Bowl$10.95
Korean BBQ Pork Warm Rice BowlSmall Bowl$8.95

Broth Bowls

Chicken Tortilla And ChipotleBig Bowl$9.95
Chicken Tortilla And ChipotleSmall Bowl$8.45
Spicy Ginger Steak And Rice NoodlesBig Bowl$10.95
Spicy Ginger Steak And Rice NoodlesSmall Bowl$8.45
Beef Bone BrothCup Beef Bone Broth$3.45
Beef Bone BrothContainer Beef Bone Broth$9.45
Chicken Bone BrothCup Chicken Bone Broth$3.45
Chicken Bone BrothContainer Chicken Bone Broth$7.45
Vegetable BrothCup Vegetable Broth$3.45
Vegetable BrothContainer Vegetable Broth$6.45
Chicken Chipotle BrothCup Chipotle Chicken Broth$3.45
Chicken Chipotle BrothContainer Chipotle Chicken Broth$7.45

Green And Grain Bowls

Southwest Grilled ChickenBig Bowl$9.95
Southwest Grilled ChickenSmall Bowl$8.45
Steak Bacon And BleuBig Bowl$10.45
Steak Bacon And BleuSmall Bowl$8.45
Spicy Thai Chicken And Rice NoodlesBig Bowl$9.95
Spicy Thai Chicken And Rice NoodlesSmall Bowl$7.95
Caesar ChickenBig Bowl$9.95
Caesar ChickenSmall Bowl$8.45
Chicken CobbBig Bowl$9.95
Chicken CobbSmall Bowl$8.45
MediterraneanBig Bowl$9.95
MediterraneanSmall Bowl$7.95
Tuna Poke And Nappa CabbageBig Bowl$11.45
Tuna Poke And Nappa CabbageSmall Bowl$9.95
Sriracha Ginger Tofu And Ancient GrainsBig Bowl$8.95
Sriracha Ginger Tofu And Ancient GrainsSmall Bowl$7.45

Choose Two Combo

Any Small Bowl and a Soup Side or Beverage$8.95

About Corelife Eatery

As you delve into the world of healthy dining, it’s hard to overlook CoreLife Eatery, a remarkable success story in the restaurant industry. Founded in 2015 in Syracuse, New York, CoreLife Eatery has rapidly become a beacon of healthy, nutritious eating, now boasting over 50 locations across the United States.

The brainchild of co-founder Todd Mansfield, a wellness enthusiast, CoreLife Eatery is more than just a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of a philosophy.

Todd, along with his partners, sought to counter the fast-food culture with nutrient-packed, clean, and tasty offerings. It was this vision that led to the creation of a place where food transparency, wellness, and flavor coalesce – a truly unique dining experience.

Todd’s background in health and wellness played a pivotal role in CoreLife’s journey. Realizing the significant impact of food on overall well-being, he yearned to make a difference.

He knew that the journey to a healthier life could be enjoyable, and that’s exactly what he wanted to share with the world. Under Todd’s leadership, CoreLife Eatery has made a commitment to sourcing ingredients free of GMOs, trans fats, and artificial colors.

This commitment is reflected in the vibrant bowls brimming with proteins, grains, and fresh vegetables that have become synonymous with the CoreLife brand.

Each dish is crafted to fuel the body and mind, reflecting the restaurant’s belief that good health starts with good food. CoreLife Eatery’s headquarters in New York serve as the epicenter of this culinary revolution.

It’s where innovation meets tradition, and where the team works tirelessly to perfect the menu, striking a balance between nutritional value and taste.

As we explore CoreLife Eatery’s history, it’s clear that this isn’t just about food; it’s about nurturing a community of health-conscious individuals. It’s a testament to how a vision, coupled with dedication, can reshape our eating habits.

Through CoreLife Eatery, Todd Mansfield has given us a blueprint for healthier living, one bowl at a time.

FAQs On CoreLife Eatery Restaurant

1. What is the price range of CoreLife Eatery’s menu items?

CoreLife Eatery offers a diverse menu with prices typically ranging from $8 to $15, depending on the size and the ingredients of your dish.

2. Are there any cost-effective options on CoreLife Eatery’s menu?

Yes, CoreLife Eatery offers a range of items to suit different budgets. Their grain bowls and broths are generally more cost-effective, while still providing high-quality, nutritious meals.

3. Does CoreLife Eatery offer any special discounts or promotions?

CoreLife Eatery occasionally offers promotions and discounts. We recommend checking their official website or subscribing to their newsletter for the latest deals.

4. How much does a typical meal cost at CoreLife Eatery?

A typical meal, including a main dish and a drink, at CoreLife Eatery costs around $12 to $20.

5. Are the prices at CoreLife Eatery comparable to other health food restaurants?

Yes, the prices at CoreLife Eatery are competitive with other health-conscious dining options, considering the high quality of ingredients and the nutritional value they provide.

6. Does the price of a meal at CoreLife Eatery reflect its quality?

Absolutely. CoreLife Eatery is committed to using only fresh, high-quality ingredients. The prices reflect this commitment to providing healthy, nutritious meals.

7. Does CoreLife Eatery offer any family or group packages?

CoreLife Eatery offers Catering services which can be a cost-effective option for larger groups or families. You can find more details on their official website.

8. Does CoreLife Eatery have a kids’ menu, and what are its prices?

Yes, CoreLife Eatery does offer a kids’ menu. The prices are generally lower, around $5 to $7.

9. Is CoreLife Eatery’s menu cost-effective for regular dining?

If you value nutritious, high-quality food, CoreLife Eatery offers a good cost-to-value ratio. Regular dining at CoreLife can be an investment in your health.

10. Do the prices at CoreLife Eatery vary by location?

While CoreLife Eatery tries to maintain consistency, prices can slightly vary based on the location due to differing operational costs.

Final Words

CoreLife Eatery has made a significant impact in the realm of healthy dining by offering nutritious, flavorful, and customizable options for a wide range of dietary preferences.

Their menu prices reflect a commitment to quality ingredients and a focus on supporting your wellness journey. While the cost of dining at CoreLife Eatery may be slightly higher than traditional fast-food options, the benefits of investing in your health and well-being are invaluable.

As a team of experts passionate about health and wellness, we believe that understanding CoreLife Eatery menu prices is essential for making informed dining choices that align with your lifestyle and budget.

By empowering yourself with this knowledge, you can enjoy guilt-free indulgence at CoreLife Eatery, knowing that your nutritional needs are met without breaking the bank.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a delicious and nourishing meal at CoreLife Eatery, where you’ll discover that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is both enjoyable and accessible.

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