China Star Menu Prices

Dive fork-first into the captivating world of China Star’s menu, an exquisite blend of culinary tradition and innovation, where affordability meets luxury.

This isn’t just about price listings; it’s your personalized guide to deciphering a menu rich in diversity, brimming with the magic of authentic Chinese cuisine.

With each dish skillfully handcrafted to perfection, China Star transforms your ordinary meal into an extraordinary gastronomic adventure.

It’s a narrative of flavor, with the potential to impact your everyday dining decisions, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Our deep dive into the China Star’s menu prices is an explorative journey, revealing the secrets behind its affordable yet delectable offerings, using insights gleaned from industry expertise.

You’re not just another customer, but a well-informed patron, making confident dining choices that bring joy to your palate and peace to your pocket. So gear up, food enthusiasts! The intriguing tale of China Star’s pricing awaits your discerning read.

China Star Menu Prices In 2024

China Star Specialties

Pad Thai
Choice of chicken, flank steak or jumbo shrimp. Bold Thai spices and sauteed noodles.
Teriyaki Chick
Hibachi flavor
Teriyaki Flank Streak
Hibachi flavor
Teriyaki Jumbo Shrimp
Hibachi flavor


Homemade Ice Tea$3.25
Can Soda$1.50
Bottled Soda
Flavors: Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Pink Lemonade, Orange
2-Liter Soda
Flavors: Coke +$0.50, Sprite, Diet Coke, Orange, Lemon Tea

Side Orders

White RicePint – $2.40
Quart – $4.20
Brown RicePint – $3.25
Quart – $5.10
Crispy Noodles$1.50
Fortune Cookies3 Piece – $1.00
Almond Cookies$1.50

Party Tray

30 Half Piece Egg Roll Party Tray$28.00
48 Piece Fried Wonton Party Tray$25.00
40 Piece Chicken Wings Party Tray
Cut 1/2.
Boneless Ribs Party Tray$58.00
32 Piece Fried Dumplings Party Tray$35.00
32 Piece Steamed Dumplings Party Tray$35.00
40 Piece Crab Rangoon Party Tray$35.00
Pork Fried Rice Party Tray$35.00
Chicken Fried Rice Party Tray$35.00
Shrimp Fried Rice Party Tray$35.00
Beef Fried Rice Party Tray$35.00
Vegetable Fried Rice Party Tray$30.00
Pork Lo Mein Party Tray$40.00
Chicken Lo Mein Party Tray$40.00
Shrimp Lo Mein Party Tray$50.00
Beef Lo Mein Party Tray$50.00
Vegetable Lo Mein Party Tray$35.00
Chicken Mai Fun Party Tray$38.00
Pork Mai Fun Party Tray$38.00
Shrimp Mai Fun Party Tray$40.00
Beef Mai Fun Party Tray$40.00
Vegetable Mai Fun Party Tray$35.00
Chicken Entree Party Tray
Serves 8–10
Vegetable Entree Party Tray
Serves 8–10
Beef Entree Party Tray
Serves 8–10
Seafood Entree Party Tray
Serves 8–10

Super Value Family Meals

Family Meal No. 1
General (spicy) or sesame chicken, pork lo mein, pork fried rice, 2 egg roll or soda.
Family Meal No. 2
Chicken broccoli, sweet and sour chicken, steamed dumplings, 2 egg roll or soda.
Family Meal No. 3
Chicken broccoli, pork fried rice, vegetable lo mein, 2 egg roll or soda.
Family Meal No. 4
Boneless ribs, general chicken (spicy), pork fried rice, 2 egg roll or soda.

Szechuan and Hunan Dishes

Served with white rice. Spicy.
Tai Chien Chicken$11.95
Szechuan Shrimp$13.50
Hunan Beef$12.95
Hunan Pork$11.95
Szechuan Pork$11.95
Hunan Chicken$11.95
Chicken Eggplant with Garlic Sauce$11.95
Pork with Garlic Sauce$11.95
Scallops with Garlic Sauce$13.50
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce$10.50
Mixed Vegetable with Garlic Sauce$10.50

Combination Platters

Each plate served with pork fried rice and can soda or egg roll.
Chicken Chow Mein Combo Plate$11.95
Shrimp Chow Mein Combo Plate$12.50
Roast Pork Egg Foo Young Combo Plate$12.50
Roast Pork with Chinese Vegetables Combo Plate$11.95
Pepper Steak Combo Plate$11.95
Moo Goo Gai Pan Combo Plate$11.95
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce Combo Plate$11.95
Sweet and Sour Pork Combo Plate$11.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken Combo Plate$11.95
Roast Pork Lo Mein Combo Plate$11.50
Chicken Lo Mein Combo Plate$11.50
Shrimp Lo Mein Combo Plate$11.95
Beef Lo Mein Combo Plate$11.95
Shrimp with Broccoli Combo Plate$11.95
Chicken with Broccoli Combo Plate$11.50
Beef with Broccoli Combo Plate$11.95
Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables Combo Plate$11.95
Beef with Chinese Vegetables Combo Plate$11.95
Shrimp Egg Foo Young Combo Plate$12.50
Chicken with Cashew Nuts Combo Plate$11.95
Boneless Spare Ribs Combo Plate$12.95
Hunan Chicken Combo Plate$11.95
Hunan Beef Combo Plate$11.25
Szechuan Chicken Combo Plate$11.95
Szechuan Beef Combo Plate$11.25
Chicken with Garlic Sauce Combo Plate$11.95
Beef with Garlic Sauce Combo Plate$11.25
General Tso’s Chicken Combo Plate$11.25
Sesame Chicken Combo Plate$11.25
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables Combo Plate$11.95
Beef with Mixed Vegetables Combo Plate$11.95
Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables Combo Plate$11.95
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce Combo Plate$11.95

Chef’s Specialties

Triple Delight
Chicken, beef and shrimp Chinese vegetable.
General Tso’s Shrimp
Fresh jumbo shrimp and fresh vegetable deep fried w. special sauce
General Tso’s Chicken
Chunky chicken sauteed in spicy house sauce. Hot and spicy.
Scallop Hunan Style
Fresh scallops w. seasonal vegetable and hot & black bean sauce
Dragon & Phoenix
General Tso’s chicken & hot & spicy sauce
Beef, Shrimp Szechuan Style
Shrimp, peas, carrots w. Szechuan sauce on side, beef, broccoli, pepper, baby corn, Szechuan sauce
Happy Family
Jumbo shrimp, slices of chicken, beef, and pork with Assorted Chinese vegetables in brown sauce.
Subgum Wonton
King crabmeat, sliced chicken, roast pork, shrimps, imported straw mushroom, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and Chinese vegetables, baby corn served with crispy wonton
Sesame Chicken
Dark chicken meat specially prepared and blended with a mouth watering brown sauce covered with sesame seed
Sesame Beef
Chunks of flank steak marinated w. garlic wine, brown beans & hot pepper, surrounded by broccoli & showered w. sesame seed
Seafood Delight
Jumbo shrimp, scallop, and crab meat, asst. Chinese vegetables in white sauce.
Chicken with Orange Flavor
Tender fillets of marinated chicken, delicately sauteed & seasoned w. imported orange peels
Crispy Orange Flavor Beef
Tender fillets of marinated beef, delicately sauteed & seasoned w. imported orange peels
Sliced Shrimp Versus Chicken Hunan Style
Sauteed shrimp w. chili sauce on one side & shredded chicken with garlic sauce
Double Delight with Garlic Sauce
Chicken & shrimp with garlic sauce
Sesame Shrimp$12.50
General Tso’s Bean Curd$10.25
Four Seasons$12.25
Beef & Scallops$13.50
Honey Chicken$14.95
Szechuan Triple Crown
Chicken, beef, shrimp with mixed vegetables in szechuan sauce. Hot and spicy.
Hunan Triple Crown
Scallops, chicken and jumbo shrimp stir fried with assorted Chinese vegetable and broccoli in spicy brown sauce. Hot and spicy.
Triple Crown in Garlic Sauce
Hot and spicy.
Scallop & Shrimp in Garlic Sauce
Scallop and shrimp with mixed vegetable in garlic sauce. Hot and spicy.
Golden Crispy Shrimp$13.95
Beef with Orange Peel
Sliced beef sauteed in spicy brown sauce with mandarin orange peel flavor. Hot and spicy.
Chicken with Orange Peel
Chunky chicken sauteed in spicy brown sauce with mandarin orange peel flavor. Hot and spicy.
Walnut Shrimps
Jumbo shrimp with crispy walnut in a special mayonnaise sauce.
Seven Star around the Moon
Beef, chicken and pork sauteed with vegetable on the shrimp and egg pan cake base.
Kung Pao 3
Shrimp, chicken and beef with spicy sauce. Hot and spicy.
Hot Braised Chicken
Hot and spicy.
Moo Shu Vegetable Chef’s Special
Served with 4 pancakes.
Moo Shu Pork Chef’s Special
Served with 4 pancakes.
Moo Shu Beef Chef’s Special
Served with 4 pancakes.
Moo Shu Shrimp Chef’s Special
Served with 4 pancakes.
Moo Shu Chicken Chef’s Special
Served with 4 pancakes.
Hot Spiced Shredded Beef Chef’s Special$15.95
Hot Spiced Shredded Pork Chef’s Special$13.95
Beef with String Beans Chef’s Special$15.95
Hot Spiced Shrimp Chef’s Special
Beef with Scallion Chef’s Special
Pork with Scallion Chef’s Special$13.95
Double Cooked Pork Chef’s Special$14.95
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce Chef’s Special$13.95
Chicken with String Beans Chef’s Special$13.95
Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce Chef’s Special$13.50
Scallops, Shrimps with Snow Peas Chef’s Special$15.95
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables Chef’s Special$13.95
Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables Chef’s Special$14.95

Moo Shu

With 4 Pancakes
Moo Shu Beef$10.25
Moo Shu Shrimp$10.25
Moo Shu Pork$10.25
Moo Shu Chicken$10.25


Served with white rice.
Buddhist Delight$11.95
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables$11.45
Sauteed Broccoli$11.45
Sauteed Broccoli with Snow Peas$11.45
Ma Po Bean Curd$11.45
Bean Curd with Garlic Sauce$11.45
Bean Curd with Oyster Sauce$11.45
Sauteed String Beans$11.45
Eggplant with Garlic Sauce$11.45
Garden Vegetable Delight$6.25+

Chow Fun or Mei Fun

Roast Pork Chow Fun$12.95
Chicken Chow Fun$12.95
Beef Chow Fun$13.95
Beef Mei Fun$12.95
Shrimp Chow Fun$13.95
Shrimp Mei Fun$12.95
House Special Chow Fun$14.95
House Special Mei Fun$13.95
Seafood Chow Fun$6.25+
Seafood Mei Fun$6.25+
Singapore Mei Fun$11.95
Vegetable Chow Fun$12.95
Vegetable Mei Fun$11.45

Special Diet Dishes

Steamed without salt and oil, sauce on the side.
Steamed Mixed Vegetable Diet$8.95
Steamed Chicken with Broccoli Diet$10.95
Steamed Chicken with Mixed Vegetable Diet$10.95
Steamed Shrimp with Mixed Vegetable Diet$11.95
Steamed Scallop, Shrimp, and Chicken with Mixed Vegetable Diet$13.95


With white rice
Jumbo Shrimp with Lobster SaucePint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Plain Lobster Sauce$6.25+
Shrimp with Chinese VegetablePint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Shrimp with Bean SproutsPint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Shrimp with Pepper and TomatoesPint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Shrimp with Cashew NutsPint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Shrimp with BroccoliSmall – $8.25
Large – $14.95
Shrimp with Green PepperSmall – $8.25
Large – $14.95
Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce$10.25+
Butterfly Shrimp$10.25+
Hunan ShrimpQuart – $12.95
Scallops with Hot Garlic Sauce$10.25+
Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables$6.25+
Scallop Szechuan Style$10.25+
Hot & Spicy ShrimpQuart – $12.95
Shrimp with Garlic SauceQuart – $12.95
Kung Po Shrimp$10.25+
Shrimp with Bean CurdPint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Shrimp with Snow PeasPint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Shrimp with MushroomsPint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Scallops with BroccoliSmall – $8.25
Large – $14.95

Sweet & Sour

With white rice
Sweet & Sour Pork$12.95
Sweet & Sour Shrimp$15.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken$12.95


With white Rice
Moo Goo Gai PanPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Chicken with Bean SproutsPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Chicken with Cashew NutsPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Chicken with BroccoliPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Chicken with Oyster SaucePint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Chicken with Green Pepper$6.25+
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce$10.25+
Pineapple Chicken$10.25+
Chicken with Chinese VegetablePint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Lemon Chicken$10.25+
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$6.25+
Chicken with String Bean$6.25+
Hot Spicy Chicken$10.25+
Kung Po Chicken$10.25+
Chicken with Garlic Sauce$10.25+
Szechuan Chicken$10.25+
Chicken with Scallion$10.25+
Roast Pork Chow Fun$0.00+
Chicken with Snow PeasPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Chicken with Pepper and TomatoesPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Chicken with MushroomsPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Chicken with Bean CurdPint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50


with white rice
Beef with Sprouts$6.25+
Pepper Steak$6.25+
Pepper with Onions$6.25+
Beef with Oyster Sauce$6.25+
Beef with Tomato$6.25+
Beef with Chinese Vegetables$6.25+
Beef with Mushrooms$6.25+
Beef with Broccoli$6.25+
Beef with Tomato & Pepper$6.25+
Beef with Snow Peas$6.25+
Beef with Black Bean Sauce$10.25+
Beef with String Bean$10.25+
Hot & Spicy Beef$10.25+
Kung Po Beef$10.25+
Beef with Garlic Sauce$10.25+
Szechuan Beef$10.25+
Beef with Scallion$10.25+


Served with white rice
Roast Pork with Snow PeasPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Roast Pork with MushroomPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Roast Pork with Chinese VegetablesPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Roast Pork with Pepper and TomatoesPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Roast Pork with Bean SproutsPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Roast Pork with BroccoliPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Roast Pork with Green PepperPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Roast Pork with Bean CurdPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Roast Pork with Black Bean SaucePint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Roast Pork with String BeansPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75

Egg Foo Young

With White Rice
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$9.25
Beef Egg Foo Young$9.25
Pork Egg Foo Young$9.25
Chicken Egg Foo Young$9.25
Crab Meat Egg Foo Young$9.25
Vegetable Egg Foo Young$9.25
House Special Egg Foo Young$9.25

Curry Dishes

Served with white rice.
Curry Beef with Onion
Curry Pork with Onion
Curry Chicken with Onion
Curry Shrimp with Onion

Lo Mein

Soft Noodle
Plain Lo Mein
No meat, no vegs.
Pint – $6.50
Quart – $10.95
Roast Pork Lo MeinPlain – $6.50
With French Fries – $7.95
With Pork Fried Rice – $8.75
With Shrimp Fried Rice – $10.75
Chicken Lo MeinPlain – $6.50
With French Fries – $7.95
With Pork Fried Rice – $8.75
With Shrimp Fried Rice – $10.75
Vegetable Lo MeinPlain – $6.50
With French Fries – $7.95
With Pork Fried Rice – $8.75
With Shrimp Fried Rice – $10.75
Beef Lo MeinPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Shrimp Lo MeinPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
House Special Lo MeinPint – $7.35
Quart – $12.75
Lobster Lo MeinPint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50

Chop Suey

Onion, Bok Choy, Bean Sprouts, Mushroom, Water Chestnuts, Bamboo Shoots, Broccoli, w. White Rice
Chicken Chop SueyPint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Shrimp Chop SueyPint – $7.25
Quart – $12.35
Beef Chop SueyPint – $7.25
Quart – $12.35
Roast Pork Chop SueyPint – $6.75
Quart – $11.75
Vegetable Chop SueyPint – $5.85
Quart – $9.75
Lobster Chop SueyPint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50

Chow Mein

w. White Rice & Fried Noodle, Onion, Bok Choy, Bean Sprouts, Celery
Chicken Chow MeinPint – $5.85
Quart – $10.55
Shrimp Chow MeinPint – $6.50
Quart – $11.25
Roast Pork Chow MeinPint – $5.75
Quart – $9.60
Beef Chow MeinPint – $6.50
Quart – $11.25
Vegetable Chow MeinPint – $5.30
Quart – $8.95
House Special Chow MeinPint – $6.75
Quart – $12.50
Crab Meat Chow Mein$6.25+

Fried Rice

Plain Fried Rice
Pint – $5.25
Quart – $9.10
Roast Pork Fried RicePint – $6.50
Quart – $10.95
Shrimp Fried RicePint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Chicken Fried RicePint – $6.50
Quart – $10.95
Beef Fried RicePint – $6.95
Quart – $11.75
Vegetable Fried RicePint – $5.70
Quart – $9.80
House Special Fried RicePint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Lobster Fried RicePint – $7.95
Quart – $13.50
Young Chow Fried Rice$6.25+
Crab Meat Fried Rice$6.25+


Spring Roll2 Rolls – $2.95
Egg Roll$1.65+
Shrimp Roll$1.75
Crab Meat Stick2 Sticks – $2.95
B.B.Q Spare Ribs4 Ribs – $8.25
8 Ribs – $15.95
Fantail Shrimp20 pcs – $4.45
Roast Pork Ends$3.95+
Fried Wonton w/ Sauce12 pcs – $6.50
Boneless Spare RibsSmall – $8.25
Large – $14.95
Shrimp Toast4 pcs – $6.75
Fried Dumpling$6.50
Steam Dumpling$6.50
Shrimp Dumpling8 pcs – $6.50
Beef Stick3 pcs – $5.95
Pan Fried Wonton12 pcs – $6.50
Scallion Pancake$4.95
Pu Pu Platter
(2 shrimp toast, 2 fantail shrimp, 2 fried wonton, 2 chicken wings, 2 egg roll & beef on stick)
Fried Crab Rangoon$3.95+
Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce$7.95


Wonton SoupPint – $3.25
Quart – $5.10
Egg Drop SoupPint – $3.25
Quart – $5.10
Chicken Noodle SoupPint – $3.25
Quart – $5.10
Chicken Rice SoupPint – $3.25
Quart – $5.10
Bean Curd Vegetable SoupQuart – $6.95
House Special Wonton SoupQuart – $8.95
Shrimp SoupPint – $3.25
Quart – $5.10
Hot and Sour SoupPint – $4.95
Quart – $8.35
Egg Drop w/ Wonton SoupPint – $4.95
Quart – $8.35
Chicken Yat Gaw Mein$6.25
Roast Pork Yat Gaw Mein$6.25
Beef Yat Gaw Mein$6.25
Shrimp Yat Gaw Mein$0.00+
Seafood SoupQuart – $9.95
Shredded Pork with Cabbage SoupQuart – $7.95

American Food

Fried Scallops$13.20+
Boneless Fried Chicken$14.50+
Chicken Nuggets$13.20+
Fried Whiting Fish$14.20+
Fried Jumbo Shrimp5 pcs – $14.50+
Fried ChickenHalf – $15.20+
Fried Chicken Wings4 pcs – $14.75+
Buffalo Wings8 pcs – $14.75+
B.B.Q Rib Tips$14.50+
Fried Baby Shrimp$14.20+
Teriyaki Chicken$14.75+
Green Plantain$4.25
French Fries$3.95+

About China Star

China Star, a culinary gem, owes its roots to its passionate founder, who charted a gastronomic journey years ago that redefined Chinese cuisine in the United States.

This epicurean adventure commenced at a time when authenticity in Chinese dining was a far-flung concept. The visionary behind China Star didn’t just bring a restaurant to the States; they gifted a culinary experience, ensconced in rich tradition and an innovative spirit.

Every dish on the China Star menu is a testament to this grand vision – a dream that sparked off in the founder’s kitchen, travelled through time, and now resides in the hearts of countless satisfied diners.

As the founder envisioned, the restaurant’s essence is rooted in two core principles: serving authentic Chinese food at affordable prices while providing an extraordinary dining experience.

Strategically located across the United States, each China Star outpost is a piece of Chinese culinary history, echoing with stories of culinary traditions and recipes passed down through generations.

It’s a narrative painted with the flavors of oriental spices, each hue reflecting a chapter from its rich historical tapestry. China Star is not just a restaurant; it’s a journey through time and taste.

Its roots, established firmly in its founder’s dream, have grown to span the United States, serving countless palates and creating culinary memories. Every bite at China Star is a celebration of its cherished history, a tale of tradition, and a testament to the power of dreams.

FAQs On China Star

1. What sets China Star’s menu prices apart from its competitors?

China Star prioritizes affordability without compromising on culinary quality. Each dish is thoughtfully priced, reflecting the careful balance of traditional Chinese culinary craft and the use of premium ingredients. Their pricing strategy reflects their commitment to providing excellent value for money, setting them apart in the competitive dining landscape.

2. Does China Star offer meal options for varying budgets?

Absolutely, China Star’s menu boasts a diverse price range to cater to all budget types. Whether you’re looking for a sumptuous feast or a light, affordable meal, their menu promises a dining experience that respects your wallet while tantalizing your taste buds.

3. How often does China Star revise its menu prices?

China Star periodically reviews its pricing strategy to maintain its commitment to affordability while ensuring sustainable business practices. They expertly navigate the fluctuating market dynamics and ingredient costs to offer the best value to their customers.

4. Are the higher-priced dishes at China Star worth the cost?

Every dish on China Star’s menu, regardless of the price, represents a culinary experience steeped in tradition and innovation. The higher-priced dishes often feature premium ingredients and complex cooking techniques, thus justifying their cost. Each plate is a testament to the value and quality China Star consistently delivers.

5. Does China Star’s menu prices reflect the quality of their food?

Indeed, each price point on the China Star menu mirrors not only the quality of ingredients used but also the expert craftsmanship involved in creating each dish. It’s a transparent pricing strategy that ensures customers pay for the excellence they receive, underscoring China Star’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Final Words

In our exploration of China Star Menu Prices, we’ve uncovered the unique fusion of affordability, tradition, and culinary artistry. Each dish tells a tale – one of carefully selected ingredients, honed skill, and deep respect for Chinese culinary traditions.

What sets China Star apart is not merely the affordability of their offerings, but the value they present, a testament to their commitment to delivering quality.

The dynamic range of prices accommodates various budgets, each price point a promise of a gastronomic journey worth every penny. Ultimately, China Star Menu Prices represent more than just the cost of a meal; they serve as an invitation to an authentic, value-laden dining experience.

Here’s to embracing this invite, savoring the delectable tastes of China Star, and making every dining choice an informed, delightful decision.

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