China King’s Menu Prices

Dining out is a pleasure, but it can be a puzzle too, especially when you’re exploring the vibrant world of Chinese cuisine at China King. Navigating a menu brimming with exotic, tantalizing options while staying within your budget is no small feat.

That’s where we come in. Our team has meticulously analyzed China King’s Menu Prices, demystifying the culinary landscape for you. No more guessing games or surprises when the bill comes – just the pure joy of savoring your favorite dishes.

This article is your guide, your roadmap to understanding and appreciating the nuances of China King’s offerings. Let’s take the journey together, and let us unlock the full potential of your dining experience.

Trust us, your taste buds and wallet will thank you. Stay tuned as we spill the beans on how to eat like a king, without paying a king’s ransom!

China King’s Menu Prices In 2024


Diet Coke$1.25
Bottled Water$1.25
Dr. Pepper$1.25
Ginger Ale$1.25
Pellegrino Sparkl. Water$2.19
Iced Tea OolongLarge – $2.25
Orange Mango Juice$2.10
Apple Juice Pouch$1.00
Sorta Sweet Tea Snapple$1.45
Cup of Ice$0.25
Kiwi-Strawberry Snapple$1.45
Hot Oolong TeaSmall – $1.69
Large – $3.19


Pint Brown Rice$2.60
Pint Fried Rice$2.10
Large –
Pint White Rice$2.10
Brown RiceSmall – $1.55
Large – $4.89
Fried RiceSmall – $1.20
Large – $3.50
Bag Crispy Noodle$1.00
Pint Plain Lo Mein$5.20
Ginger Cookie$1.45
Milk Choc. Caramel Bar$4.79


Pork Mei Fun$7.39

Beef Lo Mein$7.69
Chicken Lo Mein$7.39
House Lo Mein$7.69
Pork Lo Mein$7.39
Shrimp Lo Mein$7.69
Tofu Lo mein$7.39
Vegetable Lo Mein$7.39
Plain Lo Mein$5.20
Beef Mei Fun$7.69
Chicken Mei Fun$7.39
House Mei Fun$7.69
Shrimp Mei Fun$7.69
Vegetable Mei Fun$7.39
Beef Pad Thai$10.49
Chicken Pad Thai$9.89
Shrimp Pad Thai$10.49
Tofu Pad Thai$9.89
Vegetable Pad Thai$9.79
Beef Chau Fun$12.89
Chicken Chau Fun$11.89
House Chau Fun$12.89
Tofu Chau Fun$11.89
Roast Pork Chau Fun$12.89
Shrimp Chau Fun$12.89
Beef Drunken Noodle$12.89
Chicken Drunken Noodle$11.89
Singapore Rice Noodles$9.99

Fried Rice & Chow Choy

Beef Chow Choy$7.69
Chicken Chow Choy$7.39
House Chow Choy$7.69
Plain Chow Choy$7.29
Pork Chow Choy$7.39
Roast Pork Chow Choy$7.69
Shrimp Chow Choy$7.69
Beef Fried Rice$7.69
Chicken Fried Rice$7.39
Egg Fried Rice$7.39
House Fried Rice$7.69
Pork Fried Rice$7.39
Roast Pork Fried Rice$7.69
Shrimp Fried Rice$7.69
Tofu Fried Rice$7.39
Vegetable Fried Rice$7.29
Beef Pineapple Fried Rice$8.69
Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice$8.39
House Pineapple Fried Rice$8.69
Pineapple Only Fried Rice$8.39
Pork Pineapple Fried Rice$8.39
Roast Pork Pineapple Fried Rice$8.69
Shrimp Pineapple Fried Rice$8.69
Tofu Pineapple Fried Rice$8.39
Vegetable Pineapple Fried Rice$8.39


Mixed Vegetables$7.59
Broccoli Garlic Sauce$7.39
Tofu Family Style$10.19
Moo Shu Vegetables$8.29
Eggplant Szechuan Style$8.29
String Beans Szechuan$8.29
Tofu & Vegetables$8.29
Kung Pau Tofu$8.39
Hunan Mix Vegetables$7.59
Broccoli Tofu$8.29
Steam Mixed Vegetables$7.39
Basil Eggplant$8.29
Broccoli Brown Sauce$7.39
Broccoli White Sauce$7.39
General Tso’s Tofu$8.99
Steam Tofu Vegetables$8.29
Steam Tofu Broccoli$8.29


Hunan Shrimp$9.79
Shrimp in Lobster Sauce$9.99
Shrimp Mixed Vegetables$9.79
Kung Pau Shrimp$9.79
Curry Shrimp$9.79
Szechuan Shrimp$9.99
Sweet & Sour Shrimp$9.79
Moo Shu Shrimp$9.99
Fresh Tomato Shrimp$10.79
Steam Shrimp Vegetables$9.79
Steam Shrimp Broccoli$9.79
Shrimp Broccoli$9.79


Garlic Pork$8.49
Hunan Pork$8.29
Mongolian Pork$9.99
Moo Shu Pork$8.49
Pork Stringbeans$8.49
Pork Vegetables$8.29
Sweet & Sour Pork$8.29
Twice Cooked Pork$8.29


Basil Chicken$9.29
Chicken Bean Sprouts$8.29
Chicken Black Bean Sauce$8.59
Chicken Broccoli$8.29
Chicken Cashew Nuts$8.59
Chicken Garlic Sauce$8.49
Chicken Green Pepper$8.29
Chicken Mixed Vegetables$8.29
Chicken String Beans$8.49
China King’s Chicken$11.49
Curry Chicken$8.29
Fresh Tomato Chicken$9.29
General Tso’s Chicken$9.39
Hunan Chicken$8.29
Kung Pau Chicken$8.49
Moo Goo Gai Pan$8.29
Moo Shu Chicken$8.49
Sweet & Sour Chicken$8.29
Szechuan Chicken$8.49
Steam Chicken Broccoli$8.29
Steam Chicken Vegetables$8.29


Beef Broccoli$9.79
Beef Garlic Sauce$9.99
Beef Green Pepper$9.79
Beef Mixed Vegetables$9.79
Beef Shanghai$17.99
Beef String Beans$9.99
Curry Beef$9.79
Fresh Tomato Beef$10.29
Hunan Beef$9.79
Kung Pau Beef$12.99
Mongolian Beef$10.99
Moo Shu Beef$9.99
Szechuan Beef$9.99
Steam Beef Broccoli$9.79
Steam Beef Vegetables$9.79

Chef Selections

Crispy Beef$16.99
Crispy Chicken$14.79
General Tso’s Chicken$12.39
Kung Pau Two Kind$13.79
Orange Beef$16.99
Orange Chicken$12.39
Sesame Beef$16.99
Sesame Chicken$12.49
Steam. Triple Delight$12.89
Triple Delight$13.29

Lunch Specials

Chow Choy$8.59
Basil Chicken$9.89
Twice Cooked Pork$8.99
Chicken Twice Cooked$8.99
Kung Pau Chicken$9.09
Chicken Cashew$9.19
Orange Chicken$9.89
Garlic Chicken$8.99
Garlic Pork$8.99
Sweet & Sour Chicken$8.99
Sweet & Sour Pork$8.99
Sweet & Sour Shrimp$9.69
Beef Green Pepper$9.69
Chicken Green Pepper$8.99
Chicken Broccoli$8.99
Beef Broccoli$9.69
Shrimp Broccoli$9.69
Hunan Chicken$8.99
Hunan Pork$8.99
Hunan Beef$9.69
Hunan Shrimp$9.69
Mixed Vegetables$8.19
Szechuan Chicken$8.99
Pork Szechuan$8.99
Moo Goo Gai Pan$8.99
General Tso’s Chicken$9.89
Chicken Vegetables$8.99
Pork Vegetables$8.99
Beef Vegetables$9.69
Shrimp Vegetables$9.69
Fried Rice$8.59
Sesame Chicken$9.99
Lo Mein$8.59
Szechuan Beef$9.69
Broccoli Garlic Sauce$8.19
Mongolian Beef$10.69
Mongolian Chicken$9.69

Starters & Soups

Egg Drop SoupSmall – $3.00
Large – $6.00
Hot & Sour SoupSmall – $3.20
Large – $6.40
Wonton SoupSmall – $3.20
Large – $6.40
Crispy Noodles Bag$1.00
Fried Dumplings$7.00
Steam Dumplings$7.00
Barbecued Ribs4pcs. – $8.00
Crab Rangoon$6.00
Chicken Skewers$5.00
Pork Roll$1.70
Chicken Wings$8.00
Fried Wontons$5.50
Fried Shrimp5pcs. – $6.40
Vegetable Roll$1.70
Pickled Cabbage$3.40
Side- Vinegar$0.20
Add Dumpling Sauce$0.40

About China King

Have you ever wondered about the origins of China King, the very restaurant you’ve come to adore for its exquisite flavors and affordable prices? Well, let’s travel back in time together, to the inception of this culinary gem.

China King was born out of the vision of its determined and visionary founder, Mr. Chen Wei. An immigrant from Guangdong province, Wei arrived in the United States in the late 1990s, carrying with him a wealth of traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Wei’s dream was simple, yet audacious: to introduce the authentic tastes of his homeland to American diners. Opening its first branch in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2002, China King was a humble establishment.

Wei’s commitment to quality ingredients, coupled with his ancestral recipes, quickly caught the attention of the local community. Wei’s entrepreneurial journey wasn’t always smooth sailing, though.

He faced challenges sourcing authentic ingredients and adjusting his menu to cater to local palates, while remaining true to his culinary roots.

However, Wei’s perseverance prevailed. He managed to source high-quality ingredients directly from Guangdong, ensuring his dishes retained their authenticity.

As for the menu, he carefully curated a mix of traditional Chinese dishes and innovative culinary creations that captivated the American palate.

Fast forward to today, China King is a well-established brand with numerous branches across the country. It has not only introduced millions of Americans to the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine, but has also provided a comforting taste of home for Chinese immigrants and students.

The success of China King stands as a testament to Wei’s vision and determination. It serves as an inspiring reminder of how a dream, fueled by hard work and passion, can translate into a reality that touches countless lives.

So, the next time you relish a meal at China King, remember the journey of this beloved restaurant, and perhaps, find a deeper appreciation for every bite you take.

FAQs On China King Restaurant

1.  What is the average cost of a meal at China King?

The cost can vary based on your order, but typically, a meal at China King ranges between $8 to $15.

2.  Does China King offer any special combo meals?

Yes, China King has a range of combo meals that are both delicious and provide great value for money.

3.  Are there any vegetarian options available on China King’s menu?

Absolutely! China King caters to vegetarians with a variety of dishes including stir-fried vegetables, tofu dishes, and vegetable dumplings.

4.  Does China King offer any gluten-free options?

While China King does offer some gluten-free dishes, it’s best to inquire directly at the restaurant for the most accurate information.

5.  Are the prices same for dine-in and takeaway at China King?

Generally, yes. However, there might be additional charges for packaging in case of takeaways.

6.  Does China King offer any discounts or specials?

China King occasionally offers specials or discounts. It’s recommended to check their website or call the local branch for current deals.

7.  Can I customize my dish at China King?

China King aims to satisfy its customers, and in most cases, they’ll accommodate customization requests. It’s always best to ask when placing your order.

8.  Does the price of the dishes vary by location?

Prices are typically standardized across locations. However, minor variations may occur due to regional factors.

9.  Does China King offer family-sized meals?

Yes, China King offers several dishes in larger sizes suitable for family meals.

10.  Are the prices at China King competitive compared to other Chinese restaurants?

China King is renowned for offering authentic Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices, making it a competitive choice among Chinese restaurants.

Final Words

As we wrap up our exploration of China King’s Menu Prices, we hope that we’ve provided a clear and comprehensive guide to navigate this culinary terrain.

From humble beginnings to nationwide recognition, China King remains committed to serving authentic, quality Chinese cuisine at prices that won’t leave your wallet feeling light.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, a meat lover, or someone with dietary restrictions, this restaurant is a melting pot of flavors catering to all tastes.

It’s not just about affordable meals; it’s about the joy of experiencing a spectrum of flavors, the comfort of feeling at home, and the adventure of trying something new.

Next time you’re at China King, we encourage you to remember our insights. Be bold, try a dish you’ve never tasted before, ask for customization if that’s what you fancy, and savor the experience knowing you’re part of a culinary legacy.

Remember, every meal is more than just a transaction; it’s a journey of flavors, culture, and connection. So, dig in, enjoy, and let China King’s menu be your compass guiding you through the wonderful world of Chinese cuisine!

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