Chili’s Menu Prices

Spice up your life! Dive into the sizzling hot world of Chili’s, the destination that elevates casual dining to an enticing, flavor-filled journey.

With its competitive pricing structure, Chili’s delivers an unparalleled bang-for-your-buck experience, satisfying both your palate and wallet.

It’s not just a restaurant—it’s an expedition into the heart of culinary delight, where every meal is a testament to vibrant flavors and quality ingredients.

As inflation hits and food prices skyrocket, Chili’s maintains a sweet spot in the market, offering valued patrons an affordable gateway to global cuisine.

A smart choice for both budget-conscious and food lovers alike, it’s an essential talking point in the current dining discourse. It’s not simply about comparing Chili’s menu prices—it’s about understanding the remarkable balance between cost and quality that Chili’s has mastered, a secret recipe many restaurants yearn to decipher.

With each sentence you consume in this article, you’ll savor the significance of Chili’s cost-effective gastronomic offerings in today’s demanding food industry.

Chili’s Menu With Prices In 2024

Tacos & Quesadillas

Brisket Quesadillas$12.89
Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas$12.49
Spicy Shrimp Tacos$12.79

Smokehouse Combos

Smokehouse Combo$18.39
Ultimate Smokehouse Combo$20.49

Lunch Specials

Lunch Combo – Double Burger$10.00
Lunch Combo – Spicy Shrimp Tacos$10.00
Lunch Combo – Half Order Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas$10.00
Lunch Combo – Boneless Wings$10.00
Lunch Combo – Bacon Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich$10.00
Lunch Combo – Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl$10.00
Mini Chocolate Molten$3.19

3 For Me

Just Bacon Burger$13.99
Chili’s Secret Sauce Burger$10.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas$13.99
Cilantro-Lime Carne Asada$15.99
Classic Sirloin (6oz)$15.99
Oldtimer With Cheese$10.99
Big Mouth Crispy Chicken Sandwich$10.99
Cajun Shrimp Pasta$15.99
Crispy Chicken Crispers$13.99
Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers$13.99

Sides & Sauces

Sauce Options (4oz)$1.00
Ranch (4oz)$1.00
Ranch (8oz)$2.00


Molten Chocolate Cake$8.69
Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie$8.19


Diet Coke$2.99
Coke Zero$2.99
Dr. Pepper$2.99
Minute Maid Lemonade$2.99
Unsweetened Tea$2.99
Strawberry Lemonade$3.39
Half Tea | Half Lemonade$3.39
Blackberry Iced Tea$3.39
Mango Iced Tea$3.39
Gallon Of Iced Tea$6.89
Gallon Of Blackberry Iced Tea$7.69
Gallon Of Strawberry Lemonade$7.69
Gallon Of Mango Iced Tea$7.69
Gallon Of Lemonade$6.89


Pepper Pals Cheese Burger Bites$5.65
Pepper Pals Burger Bites$5.65
Pepper Pals Grilled Chicken Bites$5.65
Pepper Pals Cheese Quesadilla$5.25
Pepper Pals Crispy Crispers$5.75
Pepper Pals Grilled Chicken Dippers$5.75
Pepper Pals Cheesy Chicken Pasta$5.75
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese$5.25
Pepper Pals Cheese Pizza$5.75
Pepper Pals Pepperoni Pizza$5.75
Mini Chocolate Molten$2.49

Party Platter Add Ons

Party Platter Chocolate Chip Cookies$30.00
Party Platter Mini-Molten Cakes$30.00
Party Platter Dessert Trio$35.00
Party Platter Dessert Combo$30.00
Party Platter Side – Large Cadillac Style (Mexican Rice & Beans)$11.99
Party Platter Side – Small Cadillac Style (Mexican Rice & Beans)$5.99
Party Platter Side – Mexican Rice$8.99
Party Platter Side – Roasted Asparagus$13.99
Party Platter Side – Roasted Street Corn$13.99
Party Platter Side – Loaded Mash Potatoes$8.99
Party Platter Side – Steamed Broccoli$8.99
Party Platter Side – Sweet Corn On The Cob$8.99
Party Platter Side – Black Beans$8.99
Party Platter Side – Coleslaw$8.99
Party Platter Classic Side & Small House Salad$10.00
Party Platter Signature Side & Small House Salad$15.00
Party Platter Classic Side & Small Caesar Salad$10.00
Party Platter Signature Side & Small Caesar Salad$15.00
Gallon Of Iced Tea$6.89
Gallon Of Blackberry Iced Tea$7.69
Gallon Of Mango Iced Tea$7.69
Gallon Of Strawberry Lemonade$7.69
Gallon Of Lemonade$6.89

Guiltless Grill

Classic Sirloin With Avocado (10oz)$20.59
Classic Sirloin With Grilled Avocado (6oz)$15.49
Ancho Salmon$17.19
Margarita Grilled Chicken$14.19
Santa Fe Chicken Salad$13.39

Chicken Crispers

Crispy Chicken Crispers$12.39
Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers$12.39


Big Mouth Crispy Chicken Sandwich$ 11.49
Bacon Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich$ 12.89
Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich$ 11.49

Chicken & Seafood

Baked Seafood Pasta$19.69
Cajun Chicken Pasta$14.19
Cajun Shrimp Pasta$14.99
Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex bowl$12.39
Chipotle Shrimp Fresh Mex Bowl$12.79
Ancho Salmon$17.19
Margarita Grilled Chicken$14.19
Spicy Shrimp Tacos$12.79

Salads, Soups & Chili

Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad$12.69
Quesadilla Explosion Salad$13.19
Santa Fe Crispers Salad$13.39
Santa Fe Chicken Salad$13.39
Chili’s House Salad$8.99
Chicken House Salad$11.89
Shrimp House Salad$12.99
Ancho Salmon House Salad$14.79
Chili’s Caesar Salad$8.99
Chicken Caesar Salad$11.89
Shrimp Caesar Salad$12.99
Ancho Salmon Caesar Salad$14.79
Soup & House Salad$8.89
Soup & Caesar Salad$8.89
Chili & House Salad$9.89
Chili & Caesar Salad$9.89
Side Caesar Salad$5.19
Side House Salad$5.39
Bowl Of The Original Chili$6.19
Cup Of The Original Chili$4.69
Bowl Of Soup$5.59
Cup Of Soup$4.39


Mix & Match Fajitas$18.39
Mix & Match Fajitas Trio$19.89
Chicken Fajitas$16.39
Steak Fajitas$18.39
Shrimp Fajitas$18.39
Black Bean & Veggie Fajitas (With Avocado)$16.39

Ribs & Steaks

Mix & Match Ribs$22.29
Texas Dry Rub Full Order Ribs$22.29
House BBQ Full Order Ribs$22.29
House BBQ Half Order Ribs$17.19
Texas Dry Rub Half Order Ribs$17.19
Honey-Chipotle Full Order Ribs$22.29
Honey-Chipotle Half Order Ribs$17.19
Classic Ribeye$22.19
Classic Sirloin (10oz)$20.59
Classic Sirloin (6oz)$14.99
10oz Classic Sirloin With Avocado$20.59
6oz Classic Sirloin With Avocado$15.49

Big Mouth Burgers

Bacon Rancher$16.79
Big Bacon BBQ Burger$16.79
BBQ Brisket Burger$13.89
Chili’s Secret Sauce Burger$10.99
Mushroom Swiss Burger$11.59
Queso Burger$10.99
Alex’s Santa Fe Burger$12.49
Just Bacon Burger$11.99
Oldtimer W/Cheese$10.99
Big Mouth Bites$12.19


Triple Dipper$14.59
Fried Mozzarella$9.19
Drip Trio$9.19
Southwestern Eggrolls$10.59
Skillet Queso$8.69
White Spinach Queso$9.69
Fresh Guacamole$8.19
Chips & Salsa$5.59
Boneless Wings$11.89
Bone-In Wings$12.89
Fried Pickles$7.79
Texas Cheese Fries – Full$9.99
Texas Cheese Fries – Half$6.59

Featured Items

Bacon Rancher$16.79
Mix & Match Fajita Trio$19.89
Crispy Chicken Crispers$12.39
Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers$12.39
Classic Sirloin$20.59
Tripple Dipper$14.59
Cajun Chicken Pasta$14.19
Molten Chocolate Cake$8.69

About Chili’s

Lend me your ears, foodies and history buffs alike! We’re spinning a flavorful tale of an American culinary institution—Chili’s. Pioneered by Larry Lavine, this compelling story unfolds on the 13th of March, 1975.

Lavine’s vision for a casual, full-service dining locale with a unique twist was born out of the desire to craft a space where quality food meets heartwarming service.

Fast forward a few decades, and Chili’s headquarters stand tall in Dallas, Texas, a testament to their journey towards becoming a beacon of American cuisine.

Now, picture this, a whopping 1,610 locations serving millions of customers globally—a veritable celebration of food and fellowship. What sets Chili’s apart isn’t just its ubiquity, but its dedication to embodying the true essence of American cuisine.

Each dish on the menu is a homage to the melting pot of flavors that America represents. Chili’s has indeed redefined casual dining. A visit to Chili’s isn’t just about eating—it’s a journey, a step back into its rich history, a peek into the relentless pursuit of culinary excellence that started in the 70s.

Here’s to Chili’s, a food empire crafted with passion, purpose, and a whole lot of spice! So, as we delve deeper into the heart of Chili’s, remember, every bite you take is a piece of history, a part of Larry Lavine’s dream brought to life. Stay tuned as we spice up your knowledge of this global food titan.

FAQs On Chili’s

1. What makes Chili’s menu prices distinctive in the competitive food market?

Chili’s manages to offer a unique blend of affordability and culinary delight. They craft dishes that infuse diverse flavors, presenting quality American cuisine that doesn’t break the bank—a rare find in the culinary landscape.

2. How does Chili’s maintain affordable prices without compromising on food quality?

Chili’s embraces a smart business strategy, balancing sourcing high-quality ingredients and efficient operational practices. This winning combination allows them to deliver exceptional dishes at reasonable prices, staying true to their commitment to their customers.

3. Are there seasonal or location-based variations in Chili’s menu prices?

Yes, Chili’s menu prices may fluctuate based on factors like seasonal availability of ingredients and regional variations. However, they strive to ensure their pricing remains competitive, offering exceptional value to their patrons.

4. Does Chili’s provide cost-effective options for large groups or special events?

Absolutely! Chili’s is a go-to for many seeking cost-effective dining options for large gatherings. Their menu offers a variety of dishes, catering to diverse tastes and dietary requirements, making it an ideal choice for events.

5. How often does Chili’s update its menu prices?

Chili’s periodically reviews its menu prices, factoring in aspects like inflation and cost of ingredients. However, their focus remains unwavering—to offer high-quality, flavorful dishes at prices that resonate with their wide customer base.

Final Words

In the ceaseless tide of the restaurant industry, Chili’s stands tall, marking its territory with a balanced blend of affordable pricing and exceptional taste.

They’ve struck the golden balance, a testament to the ethos Larry Lavine envisaged back in 1975. Indeed, Chili’s menu prices echo this commitment, serving as a perfect example of culinary excellence and economic savvy.

As we wrap up this flavor-filled journey, we hope you have developed a newfound appreciation for Chili’s menu strategy. Their formula, based on robust taste profiles, quality ingredients, and cost-effective pricing, is truly noteworthy in the competitive food industry.

Chili’s—unquestionably a beacon of strategic pricing and tantalizing flavors—proves that the right balance can indeed turn a restaurant into a beloved food empire.

With this deeper understanding, your next visit to Chili’s will surely be a richer, more meaningful dining experience.

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