Chicken Shack Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

This article covers Chicken Shack Menu Prices 2023 in depth. We’ve gathered all of the most up-to-date and complete menus prices with the official websites. Do you have a favorite restaurant for chicken?

Some might say that the place where they got their first bite of fried chicken was in their team colors, with a slice on the side. Chicken Shack is one of those restaurants with long lines and good food so people keep coming back.

It’s almost like it has a built in business plan to keep money coming out the door on any given day. It’s your go-to spot for when you’re in the mood for some fantastic southern food.

It’s a great place to come when you want to taste a little bit of everything. So what is your favorite dish at Chicken Shack? Write about it and include the signature sauce.

Chicken Shack’s chicken is a favorite of many, but what would you describe as the most delicious dish? Chicken Shack’s Crispy Chicken is a hit, so describe how it is prepared and include the sauce.

Write about chicken that you like, not your favorite restaurant. Write about chicken that tastes good, not why you like it. Write about chicken that makes you hungry, not why you are hungry. Good luck.

Chicken Shack’s chicken is a favorite of many, but what would you describe as the most delicious dish?  Chicken Shack’s Crispy Chicken is a hit, so describe how it is prepared and include the sauce. Check out Chicken Shack Menu Prices.

Chicken Shack Menu Prices In 2023


DrinkSmall – $2.25
Medium – $2.55
Large – $2.75
Bottled Water$1.65
Coke2-Liter – $2.95
Diet Coke2-Liter – $2.95
Sprite2-Liter – $2.95

Sandwiches & Wraps

Chicken Sandwich$6.99
Fish Fillet Sandwich$6.99
Shack WrapOne – $3.25
Two – $9.00


Shack PotatoesIndividual – $2.99
Small – $4.99
Large – $6.99
French FriesIndividual – $2.99
Small – $4.29
Large – $6.29
ColeSlawSmall – $1.99
Large – $4.99
CornSmall – $1.99
Large – $4.99
Green BeansSmall – $1.99
Large – $4.99
Onion RingsIndividual – $2.99
Small – $4.99
Large – $6.99
MushroomsSmall – $2.99
Large – $4.00
Dinner RollOne – $0.40
Six – $2.40
Dozen – $3.99
Bottles Of Sauce$4.25
Gallon – $26.00
Frank’s Hot Sauce5oz – $2.00

Dinner Combos

Combo Dinner$16.99
Junior Super Combo$27.99
Super Combo$45.99
Seafood Platter$34.99


Cod Snack English Style3pc – $9.39
Cod Snack Fillet1pc – $9.39
Fish Nuggets Snack4pc – $9.39
Shrimp Snack5pc – $9.39
Catfish Only2pc – $9.49
Cod Only English Style3pc – $6.89
5pc – $9.49
Shrimp Only5pc – $6.89
9pc – $10.49
Cod Only Fillet1pc – $6.89
2pc – $9.49
Fish Nuggets4pc – $6.89
7pc – $9.49
Cod Special English Style16-18pc – $29.99
Cod Dinner English Style5pc – $11.99
Cod Dinner Fillet2pc – $11.99
Fish Nuggets Dinner7pc – $11.99
Shrimp Dinner9pc – $12.99
Catfish Dinner2pc – $11.99
Fish Nuggets Basket21pc – $33.99
Seafood Platter$34.99

Ribs & Pork Chops

Ribs Snack4 Bones – $11.99
Ribs Dinner8 Bones – $17.99
Ribs Only4 Bones – $9.49
8 Bones – $15.49
Whole Slab – $23.49
Ribs MealWhole Slab- $32.49
Pork Chop Snack1pc – $9.39
Pork Chop Dinner3pc – $13.99
Pork Chop Only1pc – $6.89
3pc – $11.49

Chicken Only

Chicken2pc – $6.29
4pc – $9.99
6pc – $12.59
8pc – $14.69
12pc – 20.99
16pc – $26.99
24pc – $38.99
Chicken Tender3pc – $6.89
16pc – $25.99
Chicken Bites6pc- $6.89
Wing Dings4pc – $7.29
8pc – $9.99
30pc – $26.99
Chicken Tender5pc – $9.99
Chicken Bites10pc – $9.99
40pc – $25.99
Whole Wing$1.89

Chicken Meals

Chicken Snack2pc -$8.79
Chicken Bite Snack6pc – $9.39
Tender Snack3pc – $9.39
Wing Ding Snack4pc – $9.79
Dark Meat Value2pc – $5.00
Dark Meat Meal8pc – $14.69
Dark Meat Meal12pc – $19.89
Chicken Shack Pack8pc – $26.29
Chicken Tub12pc – $28.99
Chicken Family16pc – $35.99
Chicken Dinner4pc – $12.49
Chicken Bite Dinner10pc – $12.49
Tender Dinner5pc – $12.49
Wing Ding Dinner8pc – $12.49
Chicken Barrel24pc – $47.99
Chicken Bite Bucket40pc – $34.99
Tender Bucket16pc – $34.99
Wings Bucket30pc – $35.99

About Chicken Shack

This is a company history of Chicken Shack restaurant company where Iola Sobeck, John Sobeck, founders and company was founded in 1956 Michigan, United States.

The history of the company can be seen by looking at the historical timeline back to 1956. The early days of the business show how it grew and was introduced to various countries around the world.

Now that they have a few hundred restaurants around they’ve been able to expand into international markets as well as introduce more food types and flavors. Chicken Shack company founded in 1956 by Iola and John Sobeck along with their son.

The first fast food restaurant they opened was located in Flint, Michigan which was the central point of the city and the population there needed a change which they had with this new branch of food.

The restaurant provided chicken, fries, and coleslaw at a lower cost to allow it to be easily available to everyone. In 1957 the Chicken Shack restaurant opened their second branch in Lansing, Michigan which was again located in the center of the city.

Lansing had a population of about 400 thousand people and by that time the population was becoming more urbanized and researching this branch of food at that time would help keep people in one place.

As they progressed through the 1970s and 1980s they realized they had a lot of potential to expand to different areas around the world which is what they have done since then.

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