Chicken Salad Chick Menu Prices

In the bustling culinary landscape where taste and value intersect, the Chicken Salad Chick menu stands as a triumphant testament to flavorful perfection and budget-friendly dining.

Savoring the Chicken Salad Chick experience isn’t merely about indulging in a meal; it’s a culinary exploration that speaks to the essence of home-cooked perfection, artistically crafted for the modern palate.

Whether you find comfort in the Classic Carol or yearn for the spicy allure of the Jalapeno Holly, this menu bridges the generation gap, connecting traditions with contemporary cravings.

Nestled in an ambiance reminiscent of a chic salon, the setting marries elegance with an everyday appeal, echoing a harmony that resonates with both the gourmet enthusiast and the casual diner.

It’s not just about answering your hunger; it’s a gastronomic journey that emphasizes fresh ingredients, creative flair, and prices that don’t just speak to your wallet – they sing.

Let’s embark on this journey together, unraveling flavors that have charmed families and culinary critics alike, while offering insights into a menu that’s not merely a list but a living, breathing testament to culinary artistry.

Chicken Salad Chick Menu Prices In 2024


Fountain Drink (24 oz.)$2.19
Fountain Drink (32 oz.)$2.19
Ice Tea$2.19
Natural Lemonade$2.19
Strawberry Lemonade$2.19
Bottled Water (20 oz.)$2.19
Honest Juice Box$2.19

Sweet Treats

Chocolate Marshmallow Crispy Bar$2.99
Key Lime Pie Slice$2.45
Mini Round Buttercream Frosted Cream (Dozen)$9.99
Key Lime Pie Whole$34.00

Pimento Cheese & More (A la Carte)

Pimento Cheese$12.79
Spicy Pimento Cheese$12.79

Fresh Sides, Soups & Salads

Broccoli Salad$2.49
Grape Salad$2.99$8.99
Pasta Salad$8.99$8.99
Fresh Fruit$2.49$8.99
Mac N’ Cheese$2.99$13.99
Classic Salad$8.99
Seasonal Strawberry Side Salad$3.49$5.49
Loaded Potato Soup$3.49$5.49
Chicken & Artichoke Florentine Soup$3.49$5.49
Regular Chips$1.79
BBQ Chips$1.79
Salt & Vinegar Chips$1.79
Jalapeno Chips$1.79
Nacho Cheese Doritos$1.79
Baked Lays Original$1.79
Bread Optional$2.00


The Chick$99.19
Chicken Salad BLT$10.19
Classic Salad$8.99
Turkey Club$10.19
Pimento Cheese BLT$10.19
Turkey Pesto$10.19
Half Sandwich and Cup of Soup$7.99
Family Pack$44.99

About Chicken Salad Chick

In the heart of Auburn, Alabama, a culinary revelation emerged in 2008 that has since shaped the way you, the discerning diner, perceive and savor chicken salad.

Fifteen years ago, Stacy and Kevin Brown embarked on a gastronomic mission, driven by passion and a desire to connect communities through flavors that evoke both nostalgia and innovation.

Their creation, Chicken Salad Chick, transcended ordinary dining expectations, offering an array of chicken salads, sandwiches, side dishes, and desserts that resonate with comfort, creativity, and culinary excellence.

With its headquarters still firmly rooted in Auburn, Chicken Salad Chick has blossomed into a sprawling network of 286 locations across the United States.

The growth is not merely numerical; it’s a testament to a brand that embodies love, family, and an unwavering commitment to quality. You’ll find in every bite a piece of history, a dash of Southern charm, and the promise of a meal that’s as unique as your own taste preferences.

This isn’t just about food; it’s about an experience that’s been carefully crafted for you, tailored to meet your cravings, and refined to please your palate.

The essence of Chicken Salad Chick goes beyond the plate; it’s in the laughter shared over a meal, the warmth of hospitality, and the assurance that with each visit, you’re not just a customer but a cherished part of a tradition that continues to evolve, enrich, and engage.

Come and partake in a culinary history that’s seasoned with care, simmered in tradition, and served with the kind of passion that transforms mere dining into a memorable feast.

FAQs On Chicken Salad Chick

1. What Defines the Pricing Strategy of Chicken Salad Chick Menu?

The pricing strategy at Chicken Salad Chick hinges on a delicate balance between quality and affordability. With an extensive selection of chicken salads, sandwiches, side dishes, and desserts, the brand maintains competitive prices without compromising on taste or freshness. Leveraging locally sourced ingredients and a commitment to culinary excellence, Chicken Salad Chick ensures that every dish represents both value and flavor, catering to a wide range of budgets and preferences.

2. How Often Does Chicken Salad Chick Update Its Menu and Prices?

Chicken Salad Chick is dedicated to maintaining a dynamic menu that reflects seasonal changes, customer feedback, and culinary trends. Menu updates, including price adjustments, are carefully considered and implemented to enhance the overall dining experience. While core offerings remain consistent, customers can expect occasional innovations and refinements to align with the brand’s commitment to freshness and creativity.

3. Are There Special Offers or Discounts Available on Chicken Salad Chick Menu?

Yes, Chicken Salad Chick frequently introduces special offers, discounts, and promotions that align with holidays, seasonal changes, or exclusive events. These offers are designed to provide additional value and allow patrons to explore various menu items at reduced prices, without sacrificing the quality that defines the brand.

4. Can Customers Customize Menu Items, and How Does It Affect the Prices?

Chicken Salad Chick values individual preferences and offers options for customization within its menu. While certain customizations may be accommodated at no additional cost, others might incur extra charges. Such charges are transparently communicated, ensuring that customers have complete information about the final pricing as they tailor their dining experience to their unique tastes.

5. Is the Chicken Salad Chick Menu Pricing Consistent Across Different Locations?

While Chicken Salad Chick strives to maintain consistency in its menu offerings and pricing, variations may occur based on regional ingredients’ availability, local preferences, and other location-specific factors. It reinforces the brand’s commitment to aligning its menu with community tastes, providing a personalized dining experience that is both locally relevant and globally recognized for its quality.

Final Words

Navigating the Chicken Salad Chick Menu Prices reveals a vibrant symphony of flavors and value that resonates with both the gourmet seeker and the budget-conscious diner.

It’s a tale woven with culinary craftsmanship, a commitment to quality, and a resonant understanding of what it means to dine with joy. The meticulous balance of taste, variety, and affordability is not merely a pricing strategy; it’s a culinary philosophy that embraces the essence of community dining.

Every dish is an invitation to a rich gastronomic experience that transcends mere sustenance, offering a pathway to culinary delight without breaking the bank.

In a world where dining choices abound, Chicken Salad Chick Menu Prices stand as a beacon for those who seek not just a meal but a memory, not just flavor but a philosophy.

It’s an enduring testament to how passion, creativity, and an understanding of the modern diner’s needs can craft an experience that nourishes both the body and the soul.

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