Bush’s Chicken Menu Prices (Updated: March 2023)

This article covers Bush’s Chicken Menu Prices 2023 in depth. We’ve gathered all of the most up-to-date and complete menus prices with the official websites.

My name is Claude Bush Jr. and I am the owner of Bush’s Chicken restaurant in California, and I would like to give you a preview of our food menu. We offer barbecue sauce that tastes just like it was always on the grill, with an option for mild or spicy.

Our fried pie dessert is a Southern favorite that no one can resist! We are also proud to have breakfast available all day and we offer our BBQ Lean sandwich to balance out your diet during the weekdays.

This is the world’s most famous chicken restaurant and we are now offering breakfast dishes like our BBQ Steak & Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy or an omelet featuring ham, cheese and veggies.

We also have great lunch specials like Spinach Dip, Fried Chicken Salad or our BBB Sandwich. And if you really love something sweet then check out our Apple Brown Betty dessert.

We have just added a whole new thing to our menu. Bush’s Fried Chicken is on the menu! We offer this original dish with fresh cut fries, creamy coleslaw and traditional BBQ sauce.

It has become a customer favorite and in the very near future we will be offering this item all day long. If you have not tried Bush’s Chicken then you are missing out on some of the best food in the world.

We are open daily from 10AM to 9PM, so why not come on by and see us soon. We are happy to see guests from all walks of life join us for a delicious meal. Just walk in and tell them Claude sent you! Check out Bush’s Chicken Menu Prices.

Bush’s Chicken Menu Prices In 2023


Bush’s Famous Ice Tea$0.69
Bottled Water$1.49
Soft Drink$0.99


Fried Pie$0.99
Ice Cream Float$1.99

Kid’s Meals

Kid’s 2 Tenders$5.29
Kid’s 1 Leg$5.29
Kid’s Mac and Cheese$5.29

Tender Rolls

Tender Roll$1.39
2 Tender Rolls Meal$5.59

Livers and Gizzards

Livers and Gizzards2 Pieces – $1.29
8 Pieces – $5.29
12 Pieces – $6.79
Meal Livers and Gizzards8 Pieces – $6.79
12 Pieces – $8.29


Chicken2 Pieces – $4.29
3 Pieces – $5.89
8 Pieces – $14.99
10 Pieces – $17.99
15 Pieces – $25.99

Chicken Family Meals

Mix Chicken Family Meal10 Pieces – $24.94
15 Pieces – $32.99

Chicken Individual Meals

Chicken Individual Meals1 Piece Chicken Individual Meal – $5.59
Mix Chicken Individual Meal2 Pieces – $6.69
3 Pieces – $8.89


Tenders4 Tenders – $5.39
6 Tenders – $7.29
16 Tenders – $19.99
20 Tenders – $23.99

Tenders Family Meals

Tenders Family Meal12 Tenders – $18.49
20 Tenders – $26.99
30 Tenders – $38.99

Tenders Individual Meals

Tenders Individual Meal$5.59

About Bush’s Chicken

The history of Bush’s Chicken restaurant company includes the story of how it was founded in 1996. Keith Bush is founder and the company was founded in Waco, Texas, United States.

The first head chef was former NFL player Chuck Williams and since then it has expanded to more than 100 locations with a menu that includes chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, curly fries and fried mushrooms.

The story of Bush’s Chicken begins in the late 1990s when Keith Bush was a college student. He was trying to decide on his career path and wanted to explore a business venture that he could soon enter into.

He came up with the idea for pizza, but didn’t think it would work. He considered his next idea, which he thought had potential. Bush’s Chicken was born, which would later become a top restaurant company.

After completing a business plan, Keith decided to take his idea to market by introducing a franchise of Bush’s Chicken restaurants in 1996. The franchising was successful because it combined excellent chicken with fun and friendly service.

The following year found the first stand-alone Bush’s Chicken location open in Waco, Texas. Bush’s Chicken is located in more than 100 locations and it still serves the same recipe chicken that was created in 1996.

The other menu items that are available include mozzarella sticks, a variety of fried foods, and chicken tenders. Bush’s Chicken has received recognition for its fried foods and has even been named one of the top 10 chicken restaurants in the United States.

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