Burger King Menu Prices (Updated: September 2023)

This article covers Burger King Menu Prices 2023 in depth. We’ve gathered all of the most up-to-date and complete menus prices with the official websites.

If you’re in the mood for a burger, but don’t want to cook, then Burger King is the place for you. With an extensive menu of burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, sides, and desserts, there’s something for everyone at Burger King.

And because all of our food is made fresh to order, you can be sure that you’re getting a delicious meal every time. So come on in and enjoy a burger at Burger King today! Burger King is a fast food restaurant that serves hamburgers, french fries, and soft drinks.

Burger King’s menu offers a variety of items including the Whopper, a sandwich made with beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions; the Chicken sandwich, made with chicken breast; the Bacon Cheeseburger; and the Veggie Burger.

The original menu consisted of burgers, French fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, and desserts. In 1957, the “Whopper” was introduced. The company has since expanded its menu to include items such as chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, salads, breakfast items, and wraps.

If you’re in the mood for a burger, Burger King is the place to go. With a variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. From the classic Whopper to the new Impossible Burger, there’s something for everyone. Check out Burger King Menu Prices.

Burger King Menu Prices In 2023

Chicken & More

BK Royal Crispy Chicken$6.09
Spicy BK Royal Crispy Chicken$6.09
Bacon & Swiss BK Royal Crispy Chicken$6.79
Original Chicken Sandwich$6.79
Chicken Fries$4.99
16 Pcs Chicken Nuggets$4.98
8 Pcs Chicken Nuggets$2.49
4 Pcs Chicken Nuggets$1.49
Big Fish$7.39
Chicken Jr.$1.99


Classic Fries$3.79
Onion Rings$3.79
Mozzarella Sticks$2.09
MOTTS Applesauce$2.29

Sauces & Condiments

Barbecue Dipping Sauce$0.10 – $ 0.25
Buffalo Dipping Sauce$0.10 – $ 0.25
Sweet and Sour Sauce$0.10 –  $ 0.25
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce$0.10 – $ 0.25
Ranch Dipping Sauce$0.10 – $ 0.25
Zesty Dipping Sauce$0.10 – $ 0.25
Grape Jam$0.00
Strawberry Jam$0.00

Drinks & Coffee

Diet Coke$3.19
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar$3.19
Bottled Nestle Pure Life Purified Water$2.19
5Sweetened Iced Tea$3.19
Unsweetened Iced Tea$3.19
Sprite Zero$3.19
Diet Barq’s$3.19
Dr. Pepper$3.19
Mello Yello$3.19
Powerade Zero$3.19
HI-C Fruit Punch$3.19
Capri Sun Apple Juice$1.99
Frozen Coke$1.00
Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry$1.00
Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry$1.00
BK Cafe$1.99
BK Cafe Decaf$1.99
BK Cafe Iced Coffee$2.99
Fat-Free Milk$2.59
Simply Orange Juice$2.59


Hershey’s Sundae Pie$3.29
OREO Cookie Shake$4.99
Chocolate OREO Cookie Shake$4.99
Chocolate Shake$4.79
Vanilla Shake$4.79
Strawberry Shake$4.79
Soft Serve Cup$2.79
Soft Serve Cone$2.79
2 Chocolate Chip Cookies$1.00

King Jr. Options

Cheeseburger King Jr. Meal$4.99
4 Pcs. Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal$4.99
6 Pieces Chicken Nuggets King Jr. Meal$5.59
Hamburger King Jr. Meal$4.99

Flame Grilled Burgers

Double BK Stacker$4.39
Triple BK Stacker$5.39
Quad BK Stacker$6.39
Double Whopper$9.19
Triple Whopper$10.09
Bacon King$9.29
Single Impossible King$8.99
Impossible Whopper$8.49
Whopper Jr.$4.19
Big King$5.99
Single Quarter Pound King$8.39
Double Cheeseburger$2.99
Bacon Cheeseburger$2.39
Bacon Double Cheeseburger$4.39
Rodeo Burger$1.99
Texas Double Whopper$10.29

Featured Menu Items

Double BK Stacker$4.39
Triple BK Stacker$5.39
Quad BK Stacker$6.39
American Original Chicken Sandwich$5.29
Italian Original Chicken Sandwich$5.29
Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich$5.29
Your Way Meal (Whopper Jr., Chicken Jr., or Bacon Cheeseburger)$6.00
Mix n’ Match$7.00
Mix n’ Match Meals$12.00

Breakfast Kids’ Meal

Maple Flavor Oatmeal, Milk & Apple Slices$4.49

Breakfast Value

Sausage Burrito$1.19
Sausage Biscuit$1.00
Sausage & Cheese Muffin Sandwich$1.19
French Toast Sticks (3 Pieces)$1.00
Milk (Fat-Free Or Low Fat Chocolate)$1.49
Hash Browns (Small)$1.00
Hash Browns (Medium)$1.69
Hash Browns (Large)$1.89

Breakfast Oatmeal

Fruit Topped Maple Flavor$1.99

Breakfast Platters

Pancake & Sausage Platter$ 3.69

Breakfast Combo Meals With Prices ( Meal Includes Small Hash Brown and Small Coffee, Any meal can be upgraded to medium for $ 0.69 and to large for $ 1)

Croissan’wich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham$4.79
Biscuit Sandwich with Egg & Cheese with Sausage, Bacon, or Ham$4.79
French Toast Sticks (5 pieces)$1.99
Maple Flavor Oatmeal$3.99
Impossible Croissan’wich Meal$6.89
Impossible Biscuit Meal$6.89
Egg-normous Burrito Meal$6.39
2 Breakfast Burrito Jr. Meal$5.49
Bacon, Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit$5.59

About Burger King

In conclusion, the Burger King restaurant company has a long and successful history. The company was founded in 1954 by James McLamore and David Edgerton, and it has been headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida,  And it now has locations all over the world.

Burger King is a trusted and well-known brand, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Thanks for reading! Burger King is one of the largest fast food chains in the world.

In 1955, the company was purchased by two Miami-based franchisees, James McLamore and David Edgerton. Burger King is an American fast food restaurant chain. Its headquarters are in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Under their ownership, the company began expanding to other countries. In the early 1970s, the company struggled due to competition from McDonald’s. In 1954, two men in Jacksonville, Florida had a vision.

They wanted to create a restaurant that would serve delicious burgers and fries in a fun and friendly environment. That vision became a reality when they opened the first Burger King restaurant.

Since then, Burger King has become a global brand with over 11,000 restaurants in more than 70 countries. People from all over the world enjoy our flame-grilled burgers and crave our one-of-a-kind Whopper sandwich.

The company began expanding rapidly and by the early 1960s, Burger King had restaurants in nearly every state in the United States. The company continued to grow throughout the 1970s and 1980s, becoming one of the largest fast food chains in the world.

The Whopper is the signature sandwich product sold by Burger King.

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