Buona Beef Menu Prices

As you step into the bustling world of Italian cuisine, the aroma of slow-roasted beef and fresh-baked bread from Buona Beef hits your senses.

But how can you indulge in these mouthwatering delicacies without breaking the bank? That’s where we come in! Our team, composed of food-loving aficionados, has poured over the labyrinth of Buona Beef menu prices to help you make the most of your dining experience.

Your hard-earned money should be spent wisely, and understanding the menu prices is as crucial as picking the right dishes. With us by your side, you’ll navigate the diverse culinary landscape of Buona Beef with ease and assurance.

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of Buona Beef menu prices, setting you on the path to delicious, budget-friendly feasting. Your culinary adventure starts here!

Buona Beef Menu Prices In 2024


Classic (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)Reg – $3.75
Large – $4.75
Sweet Treat ShakesReg – $4.25
Large – $5.25


MinestroneBowl – $4.75
Quart – $9.75
Chicken VeggieBowl – $4.75
Quart – $9.75
Cheddar BroccoliBowl – $4.75
Quart – $9.75
Soup & Salad$8.25

Beer & Wine



Pepsi Fountain Drink$2.25
Fresh Brewed Teas$2.25
Bottle Water$1.60
Apple Juice$.99


Large Fries$3.25
Cheese Fries$2.95
Kettle Chips$1.65
Potato Salad$2.25
Italian Pasta Salad$2.25
House Salad$3.50
Caesar Salad$3.50
Sliced Fruit$3.50


Chocolate chip Cannoli with Nuts$2.50
Fresh Baked Cookie$1.25
Ghirardelli Fudge Brownie$2.50
Original Rainbow Cone Ice Cream Cake Roll$3.49

Kids Meals

Buona Beef$5.25
Hot Dog$5.25
Chicken Tenders$5.25


Buona’s Original Chopped$7.50
Strawberry Avocado Chicken$9.25
Pomegranate Acai$7.95
Buffalo Ranch Chicken$8.95
Crispy Chicken$8.95
Tuscan Harvest$7.95
Classic Caesar$6.25
Old Neighborhood House$6.25
The Meatball Salad$7.75

Meatless Sandwiches

Tuna Genovese$6.25
Grilled Salmon$7.49
Pepper & Egg$5.75


Quattro Formaggi$7.95
Roasted Vegetable$8.25
BBQ Chicken$8.25
Beef & Giardiniera$8.25
Arugula Verduro$8.25


Char-Grilled Chicken$5.49
Crispy Breaded Chicken$5.49
Parmesan Chicken$6.25
Buffalo Chicken$6.25
Char-Grilled Avocado Jack$7.19
Chicken Tenders$5.49

Burgers &Dogs

Bacon Cheddar Burger$7.19
Avocado Jack Burger$7.19
Chicago-Style Dog$3.15
Double Dog$4.65

Protein Bowls

Beef Bowl$7.50
Beef & Sausage Bowl$8.25
Meatball & Sausage Bowl$7.95
Chicken & Avocado Bowl$7.25


Signature Rigatoni Marinara$8.95
Jumbo Cheese Ravioli Marinara$8.95
Fettuccine Alfredo$9.50
Rigatoni Pesto Cream$9.50

Buona Classics

Buona Beef5 – $5.49
7 – $6.49
10 – $8.49
The Anthony Rizzo #44$7.19
Beef & Cheddar Croissant$7.19
Combo Buona Beef & Sausage$7.49
Charbroiled Italian Sausage$5.29
Meatballs Marinara$6.49
Turkey Pesto$6.49
Chicken Pomodoro$6.49
Gravy Bread$1.69
Pepper & Egg (Fridays only)$5.75
Pepper & Egg with Sausage (Fridays only)$6.25

About Buona Beef

Imagine stepping back in time to 1981 in the heart of Berwyn, Illinois. There, amidst the vibrant hustle and bustle, a culinary dream was unfolding. Joe Buonavolanto Sr. and his wife, Peggy, were ready to introduce a taste of Italy to their beloved community.

Their brainchild, Buona Beef Restaurant, was more than just a dining establishment; it was a testament to their passion for authentic Italian cuisine.

At the core of Buona Beef was Joe and Peggy’s unwavering commitment to quality. From the freshest ingredients to the family’s secret recipes, everything was meticulously chosen. Each sandwich, each dish, told a story – a narrative of love, heritage, and dedication to craft.

The Buonavolanto family’s labor of love did not go unnoticed. As they served up their sumptuous, slow-roasted Italian beef and other delights, word spread. Locals couldn’t get enough of their mouthwatering menu, and the reputation of Buona Beef grew.

Fast forward to the present day, and Buona Beef is a name known far beyond Berwyn. The once humble eatery now boasts 25 restaurants and 2 dedicated catering facilities.

From a single location, Buona Beef has spread across Illinois, a testament to the enduring appeal of their food and the heartfelt service that Joe and Peggy instilled in their brand.

So, when you step into a Buona Beef restaurant, you’re not just walking into an eatery. You’re becoming part of a legacy, a tradition that has thrived for over four decades.

Through their growth, the Buonavolanto family has remained true to their roots, ensuring that every meal you enjoy at Buona Beef feels like a heartwarming trip to the Italian countryside.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a lifelong fan, Buona Beef welcomes you into their family, promising a culinary journey that you won’t forget.

FAQs On Buona Beef Restaurant

1.What is the price range for Buona Beef menu items?

Buona Beef offers a wide array of menu items with prices typically ranging from $5 to $15. However, prices may vary slightly based on location and special offerings.

2.Is there a separate menu for Buona Beef catering services?

Yes, Buona Beef offers a separate catering menu, which includes different pricing and package options designed to accommodate larger groups.

3.Are there any discounts or special deals available at Buona Beef?

Buona Beef often runs promotions and special deals, especially during holidays or special events. It’s best to check their official website or your local Buona Beef restaurant for the most current offers.

4.Does Buona Beef offer combo meals?

Yes, Buona Beef offers combo meals which can provide a more cost-effective way to enjoy a variety of their offerings. These typically include a main dish, side, and a drink.

5.Do the menu prices at Buona Beef differ by location?

While Buona Beef strives for consistency, there may be slight variations in menu prices depending on the location due to factors such as operating costs.

6.Does Buona Beef have a kids’ menu? If so, what is the price range?

Yes, Buona Beef does offer a kids’ menu. The prices are typically lower than the regular menu, usually ranging between $4 and $7.

7.Does the price of Buona Beef sandwiches vary based on size?

Yes, the price of Buona Beef sandwiches can vary depending on the size you choose. Larger sizes typically cost more.

8.Are there vegetarian options available at Buona Beef, and what are their prices?

Buona Beef does offer vegetarian options. The prices are comparable to their non-vegetarian counterparts, typically falling within the range of $5 to $10.

9.Do Buona Beef menu prices include tax?

No, the prices listed on the Buona Beef menu do not include tax. Tax is added based on local tax rates at the point of purchase.

10.Does Buona Beef offer seasonal menu items, and how are they priced?

Yes, Buona Beef often introduces seasonal menu items. The pricing for these items can vary, so it’s recommended to check the menu or inquire in-store for the most accurate pricing.

Final Words

Navigating the culinary map of Buona Beef can be both exciting and daunting. With our in-depth look at the Buona Beef menu prices, we hope to have made your gastronomic journey a tad simpler.

Remember, understanding the menu prices is not just about budgeting; it’s about making informed choices that allow you to savor the richness of Italian cuisine that Buona Beef has passionately crafted.

From the succulent slow-roasted beef to the comforting warmth of their fresh-baked bread, every dish offers an experience worth every penny.

We encourage you to explore, experiment, and indulge. After all, dining at Buona Beef is not merely about filling your stomach; it’s about celebrating the legacy of a family that has tirelessly served quality Italian fare for over four decades.

So the next time you step into a Buona Beef restaurant, relish not only the food but also the heritage that comes with it.

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