Abuelo’s Menu Prices

Dining out shouldn’t require a calculator, but with ever-increasing menu prices, you might find yourself feeling the pinch. So, what if you could savor authentic Mexican cuisine without worrying about breaking the bank?

That’s where Abuelo’s comes in! Famous for its delectable dishes and wallet-friendly prices, this family-owned gem continues to win hearts with its unique fusion of flavors and inviting atmosphere.

In a world where quality often comes at a high cost, Abuelo’s defies the odds, giving you the ultimate gastronomic experience without compromising on affordability.

Curious about how they make it possible? Buckle up, as we take you on a journey through Abuelo’s menu prices that will leave you craving for more, while keeping your budget intact.

So, join us as we delve into the secrets behind this culinary phenomenon, and learn how you can indulge in the rich Mexican heritage without leaving your wallet empty.

Abuelo’s Menu Prices In 2024

Tex-Mex – Combos & Enchiladas

Enchilada Platter$14.09
Two Enchiladas$11.99
Four Enchiladas$15.19
The Grande$21.69
Mi Abuelo’s Manjar$16.99
Chile Rellenos Dinner$16.99
Steak Quesadilla$15.19
Chicken Quesadilla$14.09

Tex-Mex – Burritos, Chimis & Tacos

Durango Burrito$13.29
Fajita Steak Chimichanga$18.39
Fajita Chicken Chimichanga$16.99
Fajita Steak Tacos$14.69
Fajita Chicken Tacos$13.69

Sides, Extras & Bulk Dips

Papas Con Chile$2.89
Mexican Rice$2.89
Refried Beans$2.89
Charro Bean$2.89
Chile con Queso- Pint$2.89
Chile con Queso- Quart$2.89
Queso Diable- Pint$10.79
Queso Diable- Quart$20.39
Hatch Green Chile Queso – Pint$10.79
Hatch Green Chile Queso -Quart$3.09
Guacamole – Pint$24.99
Guacamole – Quart$1.50
Salsa Roja Half Pint$3.59
Salsa Roja – Pint$5.79
Salsa Roja – Quart$1.50
Salsa Tropical – Pint$3.59
Salsa Tropical – Quart$5.79
12 Flour Tortillas$2.99
12 Corn Tortillas$2.99
Shredded Cheese$0.75
Sour Cream$0.59

Kids Meals

Kid’s Bean and Cheese Burrito$7.40
Kid’s Cheese Quesadilla$7.40
Kid’s Chicken Nuggets$7.40
Kid’s Soft Taco$7.40
Kid’s Crispy Taco$7.40
Kid’s Grilled Chicken$7.40
Kid’s Enchilada with Queso$7.40
Kid’s Cheese Enchilada with Meat Sauce$7.40
Kid’s Cheese Nachos$7.40
Kid’s Tamale$7.40


Traditional Flan$7.49
Dulca de Leche Cheesecake$7.49
Tres Leche Cake$7.49


2 Liter Soda$4.29
20 oz. Bottle Soda$2.59
Bottled Water$1.79
24 oz. Sports Bottled Water$2.49
Bag of Ice$2.99 – $5.99
Red Bull$3.79
Gatorade$2.99 – $3.99

House Specialties

Los Mejores de la Casa$27.39
Steak and Enchiladas$24.69
Pork Tenderloin Abrigada$19.39
Pechuga Con Calabaza$18.79
Australian Sea Bass$20.09

Fabulous Fajitas

Steak Fajitas$19.79
Chicken Fajitas$17.59
Fajita Combo for 1$19.89
Fajita Trio$24.19
Shrimp Fajitas$19.89
Vegetable Fajitas$15.59

Salads & Soups

Grilled Chicken Salad$13.69
Reynosa Salad$11.99
Fajita Salad$13.39
Tortilla Soup$6.89


Chile Con Queso$8.49
Queso Diablo$9.29
Guacamole – Regular$9.39
Guacamole – Large$11.19
Abeulo’s Dip Sampler$10.59
Bacon- Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp$9.89
Green Chile Quesadilla$8.99

Seasonal Menu

Hatch Green Chile Queso$8.49
Fajita Enchiladas – Chicken$12.29
Fajita Enchiladas – Steak$13.29
Fajita Enchiladas – Combinations$12.79

About Abuelo’s

Let’s step back in time to 1988, when Abuelo’s story began. It all started with an ambitious man named James Young. Young was not just another restaurateur; he was a man with a vision, a man who dreamt of sharing the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine with his fellow Americans.

And so, Abuelo’s was born, right in the heart of Lubbock, Texas. Young was determined to create a dining experience that went beyond just food.

He wanted his guests to feel at home, just as one would at their Abuelo’s house – the Spanish word for ‘grandfather’. The restaurant was designed to reflect the warm, inviting ambiance of a Mexican family home, with an emphasis on hospitality and quality food.

Young believed in the magic of a shared meal, and his menu was a testament to this belief. Every dish was crafted with love, using authentic recipes passed down through generations.

The aim was to offer customers the most genuine Mexican dining experience possible, right in the United States. Under Young’s stewardship, Abuelo’s grew from a single restaurant to a national sensation, gaining acclaim for its high-quality, affordable Mexican cuisine.

The restaurant’s success was not an overnight phenomenon, but the result of years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to maintaining authenticity.

Today, we invite you to be part of this amazing journey, to taste the legacy that Young has built. As you savor the flavors of Abuelo’s, remember that every bite you take is a piece of history, a story of a man who dared to dream and turned that dream into a reality.

Enjoy the culinary journey that Abuelo’s offers, knowing that it’s not just about the food, but also about the love, passion, and dedication that went into creating it.

After all, Abuelo’s is more than just a restaurant – it’s a tribute to the rich culinary heritage of Mexico, and a testament to James Young’s enduring legacy.

FAQs On Abuelo’s Restaurant

1. What is the price range for meals at Abuelo’s?

Abuelo’s menu prices typically range from $10 to $20 per dish, depending on the complexity and ingredients of the dish. This makes it an affordable option for those seeking authentic Mexican cuisine.

2. Does Abuelo’s offer any special deals or discounts?

Yes, Abuelo’s frequently offers special deals and discounts. It’s recommended to check their official website or contact your local Abuelo’s for the most current offers.

3. Are there vegetarian options on Abuelo’s menu?

Yes, Abuelo’s menu includes several vegetarian-friendly dishes, allowing everyone to enjoy their authentic Mexican cuisine.

4. Does Abuelo’s provide options for people with dietary restrictions?

Yes, Abuelo’s aims to accommodate all guests. If you have specific dietary restrictions, we recommend speaking with your server who can guide you to suitable options on the menu.

5. Is the children’s menu at Abuelo’s reasonably priced?

Yes, Abuelo’s offers a children’s menu with pricing that is generally less than the main menu, making it a family-friendly dining option.

6. Does the price of the dishes at Abuelo’s include side dishes?

Many of Abuelo’s main dishes include side dishes in the price. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm with your server when ordering.

7. Does Abuelo’s offer a happy hour or discounted menu prices at certain times?

Abuelo’s often has a happy hour with discounted prices. Check with your local restaurant for specific times and offerings.

8. How does Abuelo’s menu prices compare with other similar restaurants?

Generally, Abuelo’s prices are competitive, offering a balance between quality and affordability compared to other similar Mexican dining establishments.

9. Does Abuelo’s offer any specialty dishes that are unique to their menu?

Yes, Abuelo’s prides itself on a range of unique, authentic Mexican dishes that you may not find at other restaurants. Prices for these specialty dishes can vary.

10. Are the portion sizes at Abuelo’s worth the price?

Customers often mention that the portion sizes at Abuelo’s are generous, providing good value for the price paid.

Final Words

Navigating the world of dining out can often feel like traversing a maze, with the twin challenges of finding a meal that satiates your palate and doesn’t empty your wallet.

Abuelo’s, with its unique blend of authentic Mexican cuisine and affordable pricing, emerges as a beacon in this maze. A testament to the vision of its founder, James Young, Abuelo’s continues to uphold the tradition of offering quality meals at pocket-friendly prices.

As we’ve walked you through the history, menu, and prices of Abuelo’s, we hope you’ve gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the ethos that drives this beloved restaurant chain.

So, next time you’re yearning for a Mexican feast that won’t break the bank, remember Abuelo’s is there to satiate your cravings. After all, good food is a universal language, and Abuelo’s speaks it fluently, ensuring every dining experience is an affordable celebration of Mexican culinary heritage.

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